brasil skate

OH, HELL YEAH! Pedro Barros does not F around! This winning Vans Park Series run is absolutely bananas! You’re a psycho, Pedro! 

Congrats to you, Karl Berglind's for 2nd & Tom Schaar for 3rd.🏆You all killed it. For full results & to rewatch the winning runs head to


If you missed any of Saturday’s Vans Park Series from Brazil you can rewatch it  On Demand on SPOILER ALERT! Here’s the Finals results:

1. Pedro Barros
2. Ivan Federico
3. Alex Sorgente
4. Tom Schaar
5. Cory Juneau
6. Murilo Peres
7. Willy Lara
8. Tristan Rennie

Was there ever any doubt who’d win Vans Park Series 🇧🇷Brazil? Pedro wasn’t competing for a trophy, he was competing for his country. Here’s Pedro’s winning run from Serra Negra, in case you missed it. 🏆You’re a beast, Pedro! Congrats! Rewatch the entire contest On Demand on or redbulltv.