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This was the last picture of my 1977 Chevrolet Opala with the Iron Duke 2.5 liters 4 ctlinder 90 hp engine, Now its engine bay is empty to receive the Inline 6 cylinder 4.1 liters rated with 170 hp.

Dont seems like much, but despite the size 4.707m (185 inches), the model of my Opala (1975-79) are light for today size standarts: 1.100 Kgs (2.400 pounds). 

If the 6 cylinders was just the entry level engine in many Chevrolet cars of US during the 60s and 70s, here in Brazil were our  equivalent of the “Big Block”. Its was one of the biggest engine ever put in a brazilian car, behind only the V8s from Ford (Maverick and Galaxie) and Chrysler (Dart).

General Motors from Brazil almost produced a V8 for the Opala, but that never happened, which is a shame. My dream is to put a V8 small block, but those engines in Brazil, even used and with tons of miles cost a lot. A GM V8 small block crate engine cost around US$ 8.4K. 

The advantage of the I6 is that was mass produced from 1969 until 1992 on Opalas and later on from 1994 to 1998 on the Chevrolet Omega. So there are a resanable number of parts avaliable.

Later on I will post pictures of the Swap.

Daniel Sanchez.