Fool's Assassin Spoilers: Unlikely Predictions for the Fitz and Fool Trilogy

Okay so you know how there are theories you think of and you don’t think they’re likely at all, but they’re really fun? Or theories where you think of possibilities based on familiar story tropes even though it’s unlikely the author would ever go that way?

Yeah. Well. For a bit of fun, here are my Unlikely Predictions for the second two books in the Fitz and Fool trilogy:

  1. It’s all a ruse. Fool’s not actually injured. It’s all a big deception.
  2. Bee becomes a villain. This is her villain origin story, and it’s why she dreams of Fitz apologising to her. 
  3. Fitz ends up on the Farseer throne.
  4. Fitz gets “outed” as a Farseer.
  5. Bee gets taken across the sea to the south and is rescued by the Vivacia (I’d actually love to see this. Come on. Bee on the Vivacia. Wintrow and Etta dealing with Dutiful and Fitz)
  6. On a related note, Fitz meets the Paragon.
  7. On another related note, Fitz adjusts to Amber as a person and everything is hunky dory.
  8. Nettle has a child.
  9. Dutiful finds out about his conception (major awkward. Major)
  10. Alright, how about this: Bee deals with the Pale Isle and gets herself unkidnapped and safely home all by her bad ass little self.
  11. Ooo, we meet someone who is (distantly) related to Beloved.
  12. Prince Paragon turns out to be the new Catalyst? Ehh.
  13. Satrap Cosgo gets married.
  14. Carson shows up and solves everone’s interpersonal troubles (1boo and I did decide at one point that if you put Carson in a room for a couple of hours with virtually any other character, they’d improve their relationships with other people immensely)
  15. One or more of the current princes (Prosper, Integrity and Paragon) turns out to be not heterosexual. 
  16. Shun does a Malta in terms of character development. I wasn’t sure whether to put this down as unlikely or not, because I think it could go either way - she’s going to do a Malta, or a Starling. At the moment I think it’s more likely to be a Starling (ie she’ll stay herself but be accepted into the group).
  17. Kelsingra folks find out what happened to Hest.
  18. The dragons take an interest in what’s going on with the Pale Isle because they remember how important it once was or something.
  19. There’s a “[character], I am your father” moment (and yes I know that’s a misquote). With someone. I don’t know who. 
  20. Carson and Brashen hang out and have a drink together. It’s a nice night.
  21. Elliania and Etta meet. (pleaaaaaase).

Anyone got any more?

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