brash shoes

askfloweyxfrisk  asked:

ok this question is for both flowey and UF flowey, did you know our flowey is dating frisk in our dimension? :3 the ship has been sailing for awhile now.

(Undertale Flowey is unavailable to answer questions on this blog, being an underfell blog. However, I think UF! Flowey would be glad to answer your question! >:3)

Flowey: “What. What in the world? Why would I ever see anything in that irresponsible, brash, sassy, goody-two-shoes? And more importantly… WHAT COULD THEY EVER SEE IN ME?! I’m sure my counterpart is a little different but me?

 I’m a complete mess with no friends and nobody! I have nothing to my name, and nobody would miss me if I was even gone! I’m whiny, I yell too much, I cry all the time, I’ve got terrible mood swings, I’m a bad person, I smell like an old withered buttercup, and I’m just a dumb-”

Frisk: “… Please don’t talk about yourself so terribly. I don’t like it when you do that…”

Flowey: “Frisk come on, don’t do this. You know how I feel about hugs…. You’re just being too sensitive, c’mon you know I was just kidding right? See heeheehee, I’m laughing. *sign* Frisk? c’mon… don’t do this…Frisk…”

((This turned angsty o-o’))

Hello Big Beautiful Black Girls,

 just want to start off by saying, I LOVE THIS BLOG/PAGE. You have inspired so many people like me. I’ve always been plus size and it hasn’t been easy. I remember as a child people always telling me, I have a pretty face as if everything else was ugly. Over the years, I’ve learn how to ignore ignorant people and believe in myself. After losing 150lbs, I feel great and I’m still representing the BBBG’s.

Antoinena, 32, Pennsylvania

Outfit: Thick Chic Boutique

Shoes: Brash