brash and bold


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You’d never been good with shouting, growing up it had always terrified you, made you jump, made you uncomfortable, set off anxiety in your chest…and for Thor it took a lot to control his volume. He was so used to being loud and brash and bold that it took real thought to not be like that around you…but he also never wanted to scare you. So he was more than happy to talk quietly and softly whenever you were nearby.

RIP Carrie Fisher, a woman I not only admired as a celebrity I was a fan of but also for her mental health advocacy and willingness to take no crap whenever people tried to pull her down for who she was. She was a legitimate inspiration to me, and when we get tributes, we better see people acknowledging how fearless, brash and bold she was as well as just “she was in Star Wars”, not to mention her prolific work writing, performing elsewhere and script doctoring. What an incredibly talented, smart, amazing woman she really was. I say we all go into 2017 trying to embody the take-no-shit attitude she was so great at taking herself.

  • Aries: The trail-blazer. The pioneer. Me, myself, and I. Fire. Civilization. Self-growth. Self-improvement. Taking the next step. Entitlement. Moving forwards. Hating boredom. Needing excitement and goals in your life. The first sign of the zodiac. The infant. Eternally young. Egotistical. Experimental. Creative. Competitive. A little reckless, but brave, brash, and bold. Hiding your sensitivity. Hiding your feelings with aggression. Self-assertive. Self-directed. Action-oriented. Force of vitality, force of nature.
  • Taurus: Silk sheets, good food, long walks in nature, gardens in full bloom. Sensuality, stability, sturdiness. Wanting the good things in life. Wanting to take it easy. Wanting comfort in life. Earthy, laid-back, relaxed. Blue skies and light breeze. Level-headed. Reliable. Dependable. Averse to change. Averse to stress. Stubborn. Clinging to the past. Not willing to see other points of view. Need to decompress. Naturally attuned to music. Attuned to nature. Loving, caring, sweet.
  • Gemini: Duality. Having several personalities. Intellectualizing your emotions. Clever. Witty. Improvisation. Natural comedians, tricksters, storytellers. Going with the flow. Preferring to take life as it is. Sly eyes and smiles. Curious. Quick-witted. Sharp mind. Hard to keep up with, can blend in anywhere. Endless inner monologue. "I think, therefore I am." Learning how to speak up. Learning how to articulate. Learning how to learn. Astute, adaptable, flexible. Learning how to speak up.
  • Cancer: Empathy. The nurturer. Intuition. Just “knowing” things. Flash insights. Having hunches. Kindness. Showing your vulnerable side. Guarded, careful, shrewd. The rise and fall of the tides. Getting wrapped up in your feelings, feeling consumed by your emotions. Feeling drained by a lack of emotional support. Nourishing presence. Soulful eyes. Looking like an old soul. Learning how to let go. Learning how to deal with attachment in a healthy way. Your strength comes from your emotions, your sensitivity.
  • Leo: Big ego, big heart too. Glamorous, grandiose, good-hearted, and good intentions. Egotistical. Self-involved. Self-centered. Generous. Kind. Loyal. Looking for the brighter side in life. Focused on self-expression. Focused on expressing your creativity. Shining light. A little flashy. Effortlessly getting attention. Needing attention. Needing praise. Honorable, courageous, high-minded. Inner child. Innocent in a way. Always wanting to see the best in people. Hopeful. Inspiring.
  • Virgo: Observer. Focusing on the the details. Wanting to serve. Wanting to be helpful. Naturally intellectual and analytical. Critical, exacting, perfectionist. Down-to-earth. Au-natural. Hidden quirks. Witty, worldly, wise. Suave. The little things make your day. Self-criticism. Criticizing others. Nothing is ever good enough. Wanting to always improve yourself. Checking your work once, twice, three times. Piercing gaze. Delicate look. Hidden sensitivity. Modesty. Pure soul.
  • Libra: Charm. Pleasant appearance, pleasant voice, pleasant personality. Wanting to be well-liked. Wanting to be agreeable. Suppressing your own wishes in order to appease others. People-pleaser. Doormat. Loving beauty. Loving having an easy life. Naturally skilled with dealing with others. Natural eye for beauty. Natural eye for balance. Wanting to keep things on the lighter sides of things. Fashion-icons. Schmoozer. Tactful, diplomatic, likeable.
  • Scorpio: Hidden things. Secrets. Alluring in a dangerous way. Challenging yourself. Changing yourself. Feeling the fear and doing it anyways. Loved or hated, feared or revered. Lack of self control. Powering through. Leaving your old self behind. Provoking extreme reactions from other people. Being extreme, swinging 180 degrees- being very good or very bad. A mysterious aura. A dark appearance. Hidden strength. Hawk eyes. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Mother tiger. Remembers every slight and every bit of kindness, and will repay it tenfold.
  • Sagittarius: Wanting freedom. Naturally uninhibited. Feeling relaxed, feeling good. Big, cheesy grins. Laughing with your entire body. Seeing the bigger picture. Having a feeling that everything will be alright. Trying to look at the positive side of life. The philosopher, the explorer, the thinker, the optimist, the adventurer, the traveler. Hypocritical. Doing things in excess. Winging everything. Honest. Too blunt. Fantastic sense of humor. Enthusiastic, sincere, positive.
  • Capricorn: Calm, cool, collected. Composure. Serious faces that light up beautifully when they smile. Cold exterior, hidden empathy. Traditional values. Moral integrity. Principled. Old-fashioned. Timeless. Classy. Facing difficulties in early life. Not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Aging like a fine wine. Getting older suits you. Building something for yourself. Building up a new life for yourself. Starting with nothing and now having something.
  • Aquarius: Spaceman. Electricity. A lightening bolt. The wilderness, the bizarre, the future. Innovation. Technology. Everything new. Everything bizarre. The rebel without a cause. "Think different." Feeling misunderstood. The outcast. The outsider. Black sheep. Keeping people at a distance. Learning to become an individual. Unique. Creative. Wanting to be authentic. Unable to be conventional, unable to do what's expected. Iconoclast.
  • Pisces: Dreaming, surrealism, idealism. Glamour, Golden Age Hollywood. People who are larger than life. Myths, legends, archetypes. Wanting to live up to an image. Delusionment, confusion, disappointment. Imagining how you should live instead of actually living it. Getting lost at sea. A cloudy morning with the horizon shrouded in fog. Spirituality. Connecting with your higher self. Connecting with a higher purpose. Working for a bigger cause. Compassion. Enlightenment. Elusive, dreamy, imaginative.

This pic always kinda stuck out to me. We finally see the infamous moment of Moon blasting off Toffee’s finger. But this is one moment taken out of a whole battle we’ve yet to see. There’s probably more to this picture than we can see.

Toffee’s obviously in shock and Moon in rage. And judging by the way she’s riding Lil Chauncey it seems like she had just arrived to the battle.

If there’s a possibility of Moon and Toffee being friends at one point then something had to lead up to this moment. And I honestly think this moment is a misunderstanding.

Think about it. Toffee never seemed like the guy to run up to a princess with a weapon and try to straight up kill her. He seems poised, calm and collected. He takes his time and thinks his moves through before acting. Moon however in this picture seems brash and bold. She clearly didn’t think about her actions and make a plan, she just rode Lil Chauncey straight into battle and blasted her darkest spells at Toffee. And she still shows signs of rushing into battle in Starcrushed. And eventually she let her guard down off screen for Toffee to be able to control Ludo and drain her magic. And once she’s revived she jumps right back up and engages in battle.

Where am I going with all this? Maybe this tapestry isn’t the story we’ve been lead to believe. Toffee could have been on Moons side during this and actually fighting the other monsters. But seeing the skulls on his shoulders could lead to a misunderstanding. Those could be symbols of the Queens he serves, not slayed(Spades since his obvious connection to Eclipsa. Diamonds for Moon). Or he could have simply been a diplomat for the monsters and was working out an agreement with Mewni while meeting and possibly befriending Moon in the process. But anyway, Moon, quick to fight and defend her people, jumps to conclusions seeing the skulls and Toffee with the monsters and feels betrayed.

Leading to her lashing out unfairly at him

We still don’t know how she really feels torwards him or if she has any regret for severing his finger. But maybe it could explain Toffee’s motives, and more of his character.

Maybe he’s the true victim here. After all Moon could’ve started the fight between them. And this is just a plan of revenge that’s been in the works for a long time. He won’t be so civil from now on.