Toni Branxton To Be Honored At 24th Annual NAACP Awards

Toni Branxton To Be Honored At 24th Annual NAACP Awards

The Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP branch and its partners Wells Fargo, The City of Los Angeles (Councilman Bernard Parks) and Rent-­A-­Center announced today that music superstar Toni Braxton will receive the prestigious Spirit Award, presented by life time friend, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds at the 24th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards. The show will take place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on…

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  • work today was so annoying
  • how come the last four weeks i have had to take prn seroquel on tuesdays and wednesdays (the days i work at branxton), but hardly any other regular day of the week?
  • oh thats right
  • me and the 65 year old lady at work started a game to tally who got into more trouble from my boss for the whole shift. today i got 8 or 9 times and she got 7 or 8. none of us can do any right and none of us get thanks when we do. ughhh power tripper who takes himself too serious
  • but then laughs at other co workers eg when he started laughing with a customer about how is mother was crazy and needed to be pumped full of lithium. im like, hello?? im right here?? you dispense my fucking script for it??
  • and also talks shit about his staff, rips them off (as a joke) and then never praises them
  • i want to so badly mouth off at him about it but i dont want to get in more trouble :’(
  • but guess who found out today that they are going to a conference overseas next week! my boss! all the staff cheered with me today for obvious reasons :’)
  • i didnt realise that this was such a big part of my anxiety, like i did, but i didnt realise i was having to medicate myself more because of this place/this person