My first follow forever ♥︎ I love all these blogs to the ends of the earth. A few don’t mutually follow, but a gal can hope, right? The lovely people that I know IRL, or have talked to at least a few times (wow much socialize), are bolded.

I love you all tho, everyone I follow is amazing so if you’re not on here you’re still the best.


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dioniysus  asked:

6, 10

6 - any tattoos you want? yes omg so i want to get the sign of the deathly hallows (probably behind my ear like by my hairline you know what i mean), and i also want to get outlines of hearts somewhere because feeling the love

10 - favorite bands? i feel like this calls for a bullet list

  • bastille
  • the killers
  • two door cinema club
  • muse
  • the kooks
  • the neighbourhood
  • vampire weekend
  • the beatles
  • arctic monkeys
  • bon iver
  • death cab for cutie
  • the smiths
  • oasis
  • yeah i’m bad at picking favorites omg

send me some numbers and i’ll answer the things!!!