For some reason, I rewatching the scene in S3E1 where Branson and Sybil return to Downton. His look when Cora kisses Sybil breaks my heart. He just wants Sybil to be happy. And he’s trying so hard. But I don’t know if he can reconcile those two contradictions in his heart the stupid official descriptions keep talking about. Gah! When they get to that scene in the series three trailer where a tearful Branson and Sybil run to each other and kiss, I’ll just die.

Suffering from Branson and Sybil withdrawal again. I am on the verge of tears again. I miiiiiiiss them! I go through alternating periods of nearly crying because I haven’t seen them in so long and then being okay because it looks like they’ll have a good storyline this series. I’m trying to support myself by reading theories and looking at gifs and photos. It makes things either worse or better, depending.