I drew a couple followers. ^^ This was meant to serve as 150+ followers benchmark thingy, but seeing as I am still at 148. I decided just to post them. :D

((In order of appearance)) ((He is a great Follower, and his reblogs are lawl inducing.)) ((She is 100% the reason why I now watch Doctor Who, Glee and Sherlock. :V Thank you)) ((FALLOUT FALLOUT FALLOUT FALLOUT!!! No, but really the mod behind this is great)) ((Her blog is fantastic and her art style is adorable. Blah blah blah, I could go on and on. Just check her out for yourself.)) ((He asked for a request long ago, and I felt like a jerk for never getting around to it. Mods have feels to.)) ((Love this blog. I still laugh every time I see the Pokemon duel question. xD))

And that’s all I got for tonight. 

Just cause you aren’t one of these six doesn’t mean I love you any less. I actually planned to do more, but I didn’t have nearly enough time. So maybe another time. ^^ Anyways, I bid you all a goodnight. Or good morning.