I wanna draw many people (ex, blood elves or night elves.. other dragons..) but I’m tired to draw somthing O<-< so I’ll slow down

I’d like to draw all characters I know but that’s so hard. I love many characters in warcraft /sob 

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic for my old WoW days after having a conversation about where the MMO industry might go next and how to innovate the MMO genre in general.
From the stupid things like Molten Core and Gnomeregan being generally terrible instances, to the hillarious things like Gamon and Tempest Keep being merely setback, to the amazing things like exploring Northrend for the first time or playing with all those fantastic friends I met in Azeroth. I kind of want to waste all those years playing WoW again.

So have some Brann Bronzebeard on your dash, manly dwarf time.

I like Brann Bronzebeard and Lorewalker Cho, I really do...

… but it feels like their only purpose in an instance or raid is to run around pushing all the buttons, activating all the Titan constructs and/or traps, and then demanding that a band of 5-25 adventurers clean up the mess they just made.

I mean … don’t we already have gnomes for that?

Infinite Azeroths: Dark Iron

Infinite Azeroths: Dark Iron #Warcraft

Timeline: Azeroth-34
Character: Moira Thaurissan, queen consort of the Dark Iron Clan, wife of Thane Dagran Thaurissan

The ram-driven cart drove quickly up the snowy slope leading up to Ironforge City. Moira, once a daughter of the local thane, hasn’t seen the city in years. In the interest of mending the fences between their clans, her father Magni gave her hand in marriage to the Thane of Dark…

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Mists of Pandaria Bete - Brann In Pandaria (by Daesvail)