“Biovideo is a company heartfully built with the purpose of helping new parents live and enjoy the amazing experience of their baby’s first moments without having to worry about capturing them. After Biovideo’s friendly staff film the baby’s first days at the hospital, the movie is uploaded online ready to view and share with the world. The company believes that every baby should have his or her very own Biovideo so, thanks to alliances with partners such as Johnson’s Baby and New York Life, they provide this service for free at select partner hospitals around the Unites States and Mexico. Our branding proposal uses rounded type and a carefully chosen color palette to communicate the brand’s heartfelt friendliness. It is simple, clear and inspires warmth and trust. The icon ties emotion with technology, a symbol of Biovideo’s extraordinary storytelling venture. The predominantly white and baby blue color palette transmits baby vibes while the striking but limited use of red is enough to prevent it from falling into unremarkable cliché.” by Anagrama

There’s been a bit of Coke Confusion lately after Coke released holiday design that’s eerily similar to the Diet Coke can.

People have mistaken taken the wrong soda and I’ll admit I’ve fallen victim as well. My work offers a good selection of snacks in their kitchen including a nice variety of Cokes. Despite my discerning eyes, until a week or so ago I had been drinking the wrong soda. Oops.

Notes to Coke:

  1. Consumers make impulse buys without thinking. It’s impulsive. Without thought. Using the same color scheme will confuse and piss them off.
  2. Horizontal writing is hard to read on a curved surface. Consumers rely on color scheme more than the writing on it. This is esp. true when you can only see 1/3 of the writing at a time.

Source: Coke Confusion

Little Wings — Explains (Woodsist)

Kyle Field, now a couple of decades into Little Wings project, hides cleverness in soft, loosely strung country-folk songs that breeze by without friction. Considerable verbal dexterity and cultural reference gets drawled and murmured and wrapped in a soft humid haze of atmosphere, so that what you mostly perceive is the gentle pleasure of jangling guitars, front parlor piano and reticent brushes-on-snare percussion. Yet there’s a post-modern bite in the words. “Light Brang” rattles on in a spatter of words, flirting with pop literature (“Stella got that groove back”), the TV show Entourage (“Turtle’s got that smooth back”), and Santa mythology, in a rap-dense flow of imagery.

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I am seriously SO annoyed right now. This girl on my Facebook makes a public announcement that she has diabetes and can’t eat sugar anymore. Anyways, I make an attempt to educate her that sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, it’s the fat in our diets that’s the problem! And honestly I do this out of good intent because even last year I believed sugar caused diabetes and such. Of course she becomes super angry and defensive, as if I was doing anything other than TRYING TO HELP.

This is why it is VERY hard for me to feel bad for people when they get diabetes, cancer, become obese, when they come at me with this type of fucking shitty attitude. I almost want to say that they brang it upon themselves. If you make vegan jokes your entire life, and then die of a heart attack - I really would have a hard time feeling bad for you.

As someone who used to be overweight and weighed 30 pounds more at one point in my life, someone who used to have high blood sugar problems, and used to even microwave bacon and turkey sausages when I got home from school as a snack it just irks me beyond words when people drop the “it’s my genetics” bomb. It sure isn’t genetics preventing me from getting diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or becoming overweight again. There is SO much real science and evidence that a whole foods plant based diet is the healthiest for us, but people act as if your “preaching” is what’s killing them.

I’m fucking done. Remind me to never help save someone’s life again.

I don’t care how selfish this sounds, I don’t want to die waiting for a liver transplant while people who have brang the need for a transplant upon themselves (excessive drinking, drug abuse) are getting one, I think they should be last on the list and people who have illnesses should be at the top of the list since they shouldn’t be punished for actions they did not commit.