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Seriously i don't even know what to say about chiam. Now we have liam's legal actions about the baby. Can at least someone remind them and simon that they're not brangeline, beyonce. Sorry but that kid won't bring any hype out of uk no matter what they'll do. Melly in your opinion even if chiam break up (which i doubt a wedding more possible i expect their statement to say something about their relationship too) we won't get a paternity denial, right? Damn those babygates😠

There’s a few things happening with this, and to be honest this was my face as I read through it:

I’m actually pretty grossed out by what’s happening here (when haven’t I been through this whole thing, let’s be real). They basically issued out a press release  to create an illusion of faux privacy, while simultaneously drumming up artificially high media interest and saying to the paps “THIS BABY HAS A BOUNTY ON ITS HEAD, GET THE PHOTOS”.  Its important to remind folks that Cheryl has a super injunction. She’s had it since 2011. Basically, Cheryl is ensuring that she gets papped every time she steps out of the house with a tram (and she had pap photos taken of the delivery of the tram to her house that she had already moved out of by that point MIGHT I ADD, so paps even know what sort of pram she bought). That statement isn’t about making sure they have privacy - privacy is the exact opposite of what’s wanted here. 

I’ve said it (lots) before, but I definitely do not think there will be any kind of paternity denial. What happened here, combined with how Liam fucked off to LA for pretty much her entire pregnancy,  looks pretty cut and dry to me: Cheryl got a famous father’s name for her IVF comeback baby. Judging by how they’ve seeded for months that Liam is leaving the UK shortly after the birth of the baby that’s been born already I would bet my boobs on it  and will be gone for a “long time” for “promotional obligations”, I’m guessing after this Liam will be seen rarely, if ever with this baby. 

Mostly though, the way this baby is going to be monetized in such a calculated way really bums me out in my heart boob. 

“Bran, que cara é essa?" – perguntou Evangeline, diante da cara de quem comeu e não gostou do namorado.

"Essa blusa… precisa ser tão curta?" – rebateu Brandon, encarando a barriga de Geline com o cenho franzido.

"Vai dizer que você não gostou?" – replicou a loira.

"Gostei, mas pra mim" – resmungou Brandon.

Evangeline riu.

"Tira logo a foto, bobo”

Tirada por Brandon, excitado e ciumento ao mesmo tempo.