branflakes :(


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Theo: Hey Fawn! Hey Branson! Umm I was wondering if you’ve seen Meredith around?

Fawn: Hmmmm. Oh! The she is talking to Houda and Ryder!

Theo: Thanks.

Fawn: Theo…good luck!

Theo: Thanks Fawn.

Theo heads over to Meredith and a puzzled Branson turns to Fawn.

Branson: Why’d you do that? I thought she was mad at him or something.

Fawn: Awww Branflake sweetie no… I’ll catch you up if you dance with me.

Branson: You don’t need to sweeten the pot to make me want to dance with you Fawn.

Fawn: 😊 😊 😊

anonymous asked:

I feel like one of your characters when I'm walking home from the shop carrying a box of branflakes as big as me

i understand this message

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When you have a huge assignment worth a lot of your grade, or you have to get something done for a job, but it entails a lot of work and you don't know how to break it down and keep putting it off so you have pressure to help you focus. But you end up feeling like you are going to fail anyway, even if you work hard at it. So you don't do it at all because it feels easier/less damaging to choose to fail your way than to put in a lot of effort and fail anyway.

my stark predictions

sansa– she’s gonna kill petyr and take his place as master manipulater lookin’ fly af (wouldnt it be cool if she was hand of the king/queen)

arya– gonna be an assassin like a REAL assassin. she’s gonna kill cersei OR roose OR waler frey. and she’s gonna whisper in their ear(s) “THE NORTH REMEMBERS”

bran– my little branflake will be the heir to winterfell under jon but he’ll also be a cool ass warg and his greensight will be super important to whomever rules the 7 kingdoms

rickon– ramsey snow is gonna kill him imSORRY

jon– after waking from the dead he’s gonna kill ramsey snow, he’s gonna take the wildling army and the night’s watch, and absorb stannis’ army and he will be warden/king of the north

*personally i dont think there is going to be an iron throne anymore.kings landing is gonna be fricked the frack up. i think it is just gonna be 7 separate kingdoms tbh. with dany ruling the majority.