Tomorrow brandy Melville hawaii will be having a sale for all students that attend a private school!! High school or college just come!! Show your school ID and get 25% off your whole purchase! Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends that this sale is going to be awesome! We have a lot of cute things in right now! So come on dizzzzownnn! LOL, @smjoslyn @brandymelvilleusa #brandyhi #brandylovers #brandymelville #brandymelvillehi

Heeey Brandy lovers! We’re having a sale today for all you UH students! It’s 25% off your purchase just as long as you have a valid UH ID. So come come come!! I say this is a pretty good deal ! & come & say hi to me LOL. Shooooooots! See ya girls here 😘😘😘 #brandyhi #brandylovers #brandymelvillehawaii