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Owl and Oak Librarian’s Hex - Knowledge & Wisdom

Symbols Used
3 red & orange oak leaves - endurance to pursue path of wisdom
3 brown acorns - providing guidance to the young & ignorant
red rosettes - confidence in one’s self
red owl - keeper of wisdom; and ancient knowledge
3 outer bands - nurturing ideas, thoughts & creativity
color brown - mother earth, nurturing forces
color yellow - sun, spreading light
color green - growth, new ideas & progress


Grossular Garnet w/ Calcite, Epidote, and Vesuvianite
Coyote Front Range, Bishop, California

Just the very beginning of the many garnet specimens we brought back from our collecting trip to Bishop with our friend Jason. These were collected September 8 & 9, 2011, right before leaving for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show in Colorado.

The garnets form within the white calcite pods, that are located within the extremely hard, skarn matrix. The material is first blasted with a compressed air explosive device, to crack the matrix. The garnets are then worked from the wall with chisels and sledge hammers.

The calcite and excess matrix is further removed once we return home. Processing is completed with hand tools, power tools and acids. We have only just begun to process this material and prepare it for wholesale. These photos are of some of the smaller, gemmy pieces that are in the miniature, thumbnail, and jewelry supply lots.

Traditional German House Blessing - Good Fortune & Abundance

Symbols Used
double distelfink - double good luck and happiness
open heart - welcome and hospitality to family & friends
tulip trinity (3) - faith, hope, & charity
pair (2) flowers - household have many worthy achievements
raindrop & circle border - abundance and prosperity through life

Farmer’s Hex - Ease, Stability, and Productivity

Symbols Used
16 pointed star - sun; life & crops from light, male
moon cycles - moon; cycle of life & seasons, female
raindrop pairs - duality of the rain, respect for forces of nature
6 pt. yellow rosette - equilibrium & regularity of stars, planting
green & orange circles - crop growth, with extra to sell
number 3 - good luck
number 6 - unity & co-operation
number 16 - control over the material world

Double Rosette w/ internal Rosette, Oak, & Acorns - Prosperous Year

Symbols Used
yellow & green 12 pt. double rosette - health, good luck, & success every month of the coming year
blue & green scallop edges - growth & protection in all you do
blue & purple acorns - meeting one’s fullest potential
red & orange oak leaves - continued success, stability, and creativity in career
upside down tears - continued happiness and joy
white raindrops - positive intentions and pure thoughts
number 6 - unity, harmony, & equilibrium

Double Rosette - Youth, Vitality, & Happiness

Symbols Used
double red & orange rosette - vitality & youthfulness; happiness
red scalloped border - never ending passion for life
6 white hearts - surrounded by friends with true intentions
12 yellow circles - health each month of the year; virility
purple & red seeds - thoughts, ideas, passions, experience