brandy snifters

Me, yesterday: *is low class buffoon*
Me, today after reading a single book: *Runs hand along a mahogany bookshelf* Ah yes… *Gazes around my study, gently puffing on a pipe* Many classical scholars agree with me that Bella’s journey from human to vampire- *Gingerly swirls chocolate milk around the rim of my brandy snifter* mirrors the Orpheus’ descent down to the underworld and back out. Truly, the masters never cease to amaze us. Link

Did someone (aka  @kassandra-lorelei) ask for smutty St. Valentine’s CC/Niles fics written at 2am?

As always set between Dummy Twins and The Finale, because… listen… listen…

This one is M-Rated (sexually explicit to be more exact) so y’know, tread carefully.

This is bad. Positively naughty. Maybe even worse than doing it on top of Maxwell’s desk, though they did ruin that one contract, and CC had to rush halfway across town to get it re-signed before Maxwell found out. It’s long since she realized the risk of being found out is more than worth it for these little escapades with Niles.

The moment is absolutely heavenly, there’s hardly any other way to describe it. Warm bubbling water around her, Niles’ chest against her back, a snifter of brandy in one hand and one of Maxwell’s cigars on the other. She’s extremely glad Niles had approached her earlier that day, grinning like a kid at Christmas morning, and convinced her to take a little break from work with him in Maxwell’s jacuzzi.

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Lust’s Passionate Response

The hearth’s embers crackled and jumped, but its heat was not needed by the owner.  Regina Mills sat, cross-legged, on her sofa, gently swirling brandy in her snifter glass.  She was surprised to be drinking the cognac since she was already feeling very warm and unable to sleep.  Thoughts of Emma Swan were pervading her mind.

She thought of Robin’s parting words when they had mutually ended their relationship.  “I hope you and Emma figure things out, Regina.”  She had asked him sharply what he had meant by that and he had the audacity to pin her with a ridiculous look and tell her not to be so “clueless”! He had actually told her not to be clueless!  The man wore clueless everyday like a comfortable shirt.

Snorting into her brandy, she took a hearty sip and let the amber liquid slide down her throat and warm her belly.  As if she needed Mr.-I-wipe-my-ass-with-leaves-and-like-it to tell her that she found Emma Swan attractive.  Of course she found the woman attractive.  She had always found Emma Swan attractive.

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I’m only anticipating attachment. 

When I made this set of Will and whisky moments, I didn’t include this scene because I assumed they were drinking brandy, because it’s Hannibal’s office and I like to joke that Will gets irritated because Hannibal never gives him what he actually wants to drink. 

Then I noticed they’re drinking out of rocks glasses. Hannibal serves brandy in snifters. It’s almost certainly whisky.

Which gives this scene that already kills me with feels another layer of feel. Because for once, Hannibal is serving Will what will wants to drink. 

Then I remember Hannibal is also deciding to warn Mason about Margot being pregnant with Will’s child because Will is already anticipating being a good father and not telling an obviously stricken Will that Abigail is actually alive and well back at the house. 

Serving Will whisky for once is NOT ENOUGH HANNIBAL.

Truthful whateverday

So, I drink alcoholic beverages. Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Here’s the thing though. I don’t movie drink. Like, have a beer with dinner or a snifter of brandy after dinner; I drink a whole bottle of wine or a six pack of beer or several cocktails because I intend to alter my reality. I like the alcohol buzz and have seldom suffered from massive regret due to actions on my part when intoxicated.

I like drinking. Sometimes on a random Wednesday. Sometimes pink champagne. Sometimes I internet.

Yeah. That’s the stuff.