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Lists and Facts:

Reported People Who Bullied Eric and Dylan:

Rocky Hoffschneider

Jordan Grimm

Evan Todd

Sabrina Cooley

Reported People who Eric and Dylan Bullied:

Adam Kyler

Keith Parkison

Amanda Paukune

Evan McClaughtery

Ms. Tommie Nykanem

Tara Zobjeck

Michelle Hartsough

Girls That Eric Liked/Asked Out/Took Out:

Katie Thompson

Kristen Quikien

Megan Minger

Sabrina Cooley

Brandi Tinkleburg

Tanya Worlock

Michelle (Last Name N/A)

Susan DeWitt

Sasha Jacobs

Valerie Lage

Jen Laufenberg

Veronica Griffith (with Katie Thompson)

Jessica Geurts (with Katie Thompson)

Kim Carlin

Alyssa Sechler

Rebecca Heins

Kristi Epling

Girls That Dylan Liked/Asked Out/Took Out:

Robyn Anderson (just as friends to Prom)

Joanne Matlock

Sarah Slater

Tobin Kennedy

Sasha Jacobs

Interesting Facts:

  • On Spirit Week, Dylan drew a swastika on his face
  • Eric’s father accused him of using LSD
  • Dylan and Eric went to a KMFDM concert on December 8th, 1997
  • After prom, Dylan drank schnapps then went to bed.
  • Dylan’s nickname in gym class was “Stretch”

(We Dem Girls!)

Yes you read that right 2hours and 30 minutes long.
Our longest episode to date and it’s jam packed with all the biggest headlines of the week from that shitstain of a human being Kevin Spacey to our precious preteen angels on Stranger Things 2, so pull up a chair and enjoy The Clownery begins! 

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Black actors in Wicked leading roles

Elphaba: Alexia Khadime (West End), Brandi Chavonne Massey (Broadway u/s), Dan'yelle Williamson (Chicago u/s), Lilli Cooper (2nd national tour u/s, Melbourne & Broadway s/b), Saycon Sengbloh (Broadway s/b)

Fiyero: Clifton Oliver (Broadway u/s), Derrick Williams (1st national tour, Broadway & Los Angeles), Taye Diggs (Broadway)

Madame Morrible: Celisse Henderson (1st national tour u/s), Dioni Michelle Collins (Chicago, Los Angeles & Broadway u/s), Myra Lucretia Taylor (1st national tour)

Wizard: Ben Vereen (Broadway), Jay Laga'aia (Australian tour)

Dr Dillamond: K Todd Freeman (1st national tour, Chicago & Broadway)

Draya didn’t appear in studio with the other ladies on the “Basketball Wives” reunion show. Nope, she was done with Jackie and Sundy (who does all her dirty work). One of the highlights of the evening was when Draya touched on Chantel. You remember Jackie’s daughter Chantel and Draya’s boyfriend was an issue this entire season. Well Draya admitted that her boyfriend Orlando met up with Chantel. Draya said you know love at first sight? Well when Orlando saw Chantel it was ugh at first sight? Wow!


Janelle Monáe, Brandy & Jidenna At Atlantic Records Party + Usher & Miguel Throw Post-BET Bash

After the 2015 BET Awards ended, the parties began.  See how Brandy, Usher and K. Michelle ended their evenings…

Sunday night at HYDE Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, Tidal Presents: The Atlantic Records BET After Party went down…

R&B songerstress, who’s currently starring on BET’s “The Game” celebrated a great evening and the launch of her new rom-com “Zoe Moon” (coming soon to BET).

Janelle Monae, who thrilled the audience with her performance of “Yoga” during the awards show, hit the red carpet in a tummy-baring top.

Cynthia Bailey dragged out alleged cheater hubby Peter Thomas.  We’re sure she kept a watchful eye on him.

Usher and Miguel hosted the 5th Annual Mark Pitts and Bystorm Entertainment Post BET Awards Party presented by JRose.

Usher and mentor Jermaine Dupri treated celebrity friends and guests to a surprise sing-along of classic throwbacks, spun by famed DJ, D-Nice.

Witnesses say Wildheart crooner Miguel showed off his dance moves too.

Janelle Monae loves to party……. After the Atlantic Records bash, she headed over to an event hosted by Legendary Damon at The Standard where she got her “Vogue” on.