brandy hearts

I told Damon “you should be in a band with me”, and then I told Alex “you should be in a band with me, and I told Dave "you should be in a band with me”
—  The greatest band story ever, Graham Coxon (the best interview ever, 1995)

i’ll give it to you. alex/maggie. summer vibes. {listen on spotify}

for late nights and early mornings, tangled limbs and fingers intertwined. for ice cream dates and falling asleep during movies and dancing under fairy lights at hipster bars. for bike rides to the beach and concerts on the lawn. for whispered i love yous and forehead kisses and day trips to quiet places. for summer sweetness, as much as they can get.

1. be your love - bishop briggs / 2. drive - glades / 3. cut to the feeling - carly rae jepsen / 4. latch - natalie taylor / 5. want you back - haim / 6. backbeat (acoustic) - dagny / 7. lost my mind - alice kristiansen / 8. know your name - mary lambert / 9. still the one - ingrid michaelson / 10. supercut - lorde / 11. weekends - amy shark / 12. ooh love - ria mae / 13. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko / 14. wild heart - bleachers feat. sara bareilles / 15. wherever is your heart - brandi carlile

All those other girls are cake…I’m Crème brûlée…Tiramisu, if you will. Just a few notches above

I’m sorry that I did absolutely nothing today but, in my defense, I was in acting class all day. Got to play some of Hollywood’s finest villains, including Freddy Krueger, Dracula, Mrs. Voorhees, and Pennywise the Clown. Funnest shit on the planet and I nailed them all, if I do say so myself. Wore me the fuck out.

Also, the teacher is a friend of B.enicio D.el fuckin’ T.oro and literally told me to my face that B.enicio would drop dead if he were to ever meet me. I asked him how he knew this. All he did was give me this all knowing look and a smirk and I nearly peed my pants.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think B.enicio D.el T.oro knows I exist, guys. I THINK HE KNOWS I EXIST.