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tanger-catnip  asked:

psst ruby, what are those handles on the front of power armor even supposed to do? because whenever I see Dancer all I can think is "make-out support handles"

Seriously though. Like SS probably has to stand on his great big boots just to reach his mouth when he’s all suited up. She’s gotta stabilise herself somehow so she doesn’t topple backwards, and damn if those handles aren’t super convenient.

chyrstis  asked:

Now I'm stuck imagining the SS sitting there messily wrapping duct tape around their weapon while Danse is gazing over at them fondly. Their scope's askew, and the knife they've rigged to the bottom of their rifle's in danger of falling off, but it's still the best thing ever, darn it.

‘What’s she doing?’ ‘HER BEST.’

Little do they both know she’s deliberately fudging it because Danse fixing SS’s mistakes and teaching her the proper way to mod and leaning around her and guiding her and whoops did our hands just touch as we both reached for the same part is a quality way to spend quiet evenings in Sanctuary Hills.

anonymous asked:

Sooooo, what happened after Lux got her ample backside (your words, not mine ;P ) stuck in the entrance to Matt's little hidey-hole? Sorry, you got me curious! :D

Poor Matt. He just wanted a quiet place to kick back and now he’s going to die in a hole in the wall because of Lux’s ass.