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Now I'm stuck imagining the SS sitting there messily wrapping duct tape around their weapon while Danse is gazing over at them fondly. Their scope's askew, and the knife they've rigged to the bottom of their rifle's in danger of falling off, but it's still the best thing ever, darn it.

‘What’s she doing?’ ‘HER BEST.’

Little do they both know she’s deliberately fudging it because Danse fixing SS’s mistakes and teaching her the proper way to mod and leaning around her and guiding her and whoops did our hands just touch as we both reached for the same part is a quality way to spend quiet evenings in Sanctuary Hills.


The other doodles I mentioned in the tags back when I drew farmer!Lux. Apparently purple-black hair attracts her like a moth to a flame D:


Some hastily scribbled outfits for Matt that I thought would look cute on him. I’ve had these lying around for a long time - I had planned to draw more and to line and colour them all, but isn’t that always the way?

In order: casual at home, warm casual at home, every day, ‘demure’ dressy, flashy dressy.

How was I supposed to know that MI6 would end up offering me asylum just so they could pair me up with one of their operatives? I mean, Asha and I got along great, but now I had to work with the government instead of against it. Not usually my cup of tea. - Matt Miller