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Every murder is terrible, but there are some that really stick with you. That’s what happened to me with the horrific and pointless killing of Brandy Stevens-Rosine (pictured above), a 20 year old college student from Ohio.

On May 17, 2012, Brandy drove to Wayne Township in Pennsylvania to visit her ex girlfriend, Nichole Olmstead (pictured below, left), who was staying in a house in the woods that belonged to the parents of Ashley Barber, Nichole’s current girlfriend. Even though Nichole and Ashley had invited Brandy with the pretense of showing them a fort they had built, Brandy got a bad feeling once she arrived, and she told so to a friend through a text message.

Sadly, Brandy’s gut was right. Nichole and Ashley took her to the woods and beat her up and tortured her. Among some of the things they did, they stuffed a hat in her mouth, strangled her with a rope, hit her with a shovel and bashed her head against a tree. She was still alive when they put her in the shallow grave they had dug before, so to finish the job they poured water in her mouth and nose and hit her face with a rock before burying her.

Not happy with this display of sadism, Ashley Barber wrote in her journal that she was proud of what they’d done, and some lines dedicated to Brandy’s mother about murdering her “20 year old mistake.” Also that she didn’t think they would get caught and that their crime was perfect. Her arrogance was very misguided, since Brandy had told her friend the address she was going to, and when her family arrived with police, they were able to track her phone and find her car parked at Ashley’s house (a very perfect crime, as you can see). Brandy’s body was found on May 23rd.

At first Ashley pled not guilty, but after Nichole confessed everything she changed it to guilty. Both women were sentenced to life in prison.


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