Lucifer Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer


LUCIFER Comic-Con 2016 Highlight Reel & Season 2 First Look

ok this one is for @spnxbookworm​ bc she saw my other posts and said they reminded her for ethanwill, and also bc i haven’t written ethanwill in a while, so here have some high school au

  • holding hands in the hallways as they walk to classes like the dorks in love that they are
  • ethan staring at will in class bc he is ridiculously attractive when he’s concentrating on work, he’s got the end of his pencil between his teeth and he’s so intent
  • will staring at ethan on the basketball court (bc ofc ethan is a jock no one will convince me otherwise) all like HEART EYES MOTHERFUCKER he is so Proud of him
  • both of them being the smallest, saltiest gays in existence
  • making out under the bleachers during free periods!!! they get caught by teachers like thrice but ethan sweet-talks and charms his way out of trouble every time
  • doing homework together and like racing each other to see who finishes first and has more correct answers; winner gets to take ethan’s motorcycle out for a spin
  • SPEAKING OF BIKE RIDES skipping classes on good days to go out for a ride, racing against the wind, screaming and whooping bc they’re young and life is good
  • doing stupid dangerous shit like riding skateboards down the hills, racing each other on their bikes, climbing the school building (ethan is always the one who starts it and will always complains and bitches but he always follows bc someone has to keep ethan’s dumb ass alive)
  • going for long drives on the weekends without any set destination, nothing but some food and music and each other
  • just
  • superspies as teens in high school
  • being dumb and cute
  • fuck me up

Day 16: Brandt’s-the Little Café

Late Dinner January 17th, 2012

After finally maybe finding a place that will hopefully be suitable to live in, and will not leave me broke I needed my victory burger. After a quick search Brandt’s seemed like the place to get it. Showing up kind of late and being in a bit of a hurry our server was more than accommodating, walked us through the options (No cheese , cheese (American, Swiss, Bleu) patty melt) and we ordered.
Brandt’s is a tiny neighborhood place that is in a converted house, the people watching is pretty good, and if you have a date you don’t want to see in full light I suspect this place is perfect.
The wait and 12 wings went by fairly quickly, it was burger time. The burger came out on toasted sesame seed bun (I was already surprised since this was their “burger night”), grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, 2 slices American cheese topped this ½ lb patty. Impressive I said to myself, I dressed it with a bit of catsup, and took a bite. This burger was sloppy; nothing really wanted to stay on the bun. The taste, not too shabby, but also nothing to write home about, it could have surely benefitted from a bit of char. I was impressed with the size and the quality of meat. The meat comes pre-formed, but is not –frozen, a little more seasoning, and the already said char would make this burger almost worth the $9.50 price tag.
I don’t know if I would ever go back to Brant’s for a burger again it was no better or worse than average. But I would certainly consider them for a few drinks and some of the other fair that they have on their menu.

P.S. The sweet and spicy wings Rock my Socks.