brands engagement on twitter

hey voltron wyd bc the execs are directing the creators’ decisions based on “merchandising” but there’s no fucking merchandise, and frankly, not a lot of marketing. speaking as a professional here, WYD!! you could have:

1. gone full kids show, making action figures, selling lions and kids backpacks to the annoying extent that we see kylo ren sippy cups everywhere, which would sort of justify the weird storytelling decisions and heavy-handedness from higher ups

2. realized that your audience is mostly 

    a) fans of the old show in their late 20s and 30s who are watching for nostalgia or showing it their kids

    b) new fans in their teens and early 20s who are just big nerds who like animation and the show itself

and then done merchandising for that group - onesies, t-shirts, collectibles, posters, funko pops, lion sweatshirts, phone cases

instead, you have an extremely popular property that you’re doing NOTHING with - i mean you barely do anything with it on social media. do you know how many brands would die for the kind of engaged audience you have on twitter or tumblr, and you either don’t have a presence or barely post, let ALONE engage with fans.

you know you’re doing something wrong when most Voltron merchandise is fanmade. seriously if you want to treat the show itself like a cash cow, at least go full throttle with it. as a star wars fan, i know what i got myself into - i know at this point they are milking it for the money, and i accept that and they do a pretty good job of it. im not saying you would be star wars level but it’s an example.

basically i’m saying: don’t fuck with the show for reasons of branding and merchandising and then screw the pooch on both of them. it’s a slap in the face to the people you’re literally trying to sell to. seriously you could have sold us lion slippers the second that episode where lance wears them came out….

also, hire me to do your social media better, here’s my ongoing portfolio (x)