Marketing Keywords to Know: March 5, 2015

Marketing Keywords to Know: March 5, 2015


Definition:  The loss of sales or complete obliteration of a product due to the introduction of a new, better product made by the same brand.

In an attempt to find their next big hit, brands are constantly developing and testing their ideas and products. Cannibalization occurs when a new and improved product completely shadows an older classic, almost rendering it obsolete.


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So I made this illustration 4 years ago and I never used it the way I wanted. The original sketch was just a fun little doodle on a scrap piece of paper. I ended up liking it so much that I cleaned it up with some spiffy inking.

I eventually ended up calling this design Beast Mode and using it for a mixtape cover (see I never got around to printing shirt with this design like I originally intended.

Also coincidentally & unfortunately, Marshawn Lynch (the famous football player) started a clothing line with the name “Beast Mode. This kinda thing happens all of the time so its not that big a deal but obviously I can’t sell anything with “Beast Mode” on it.

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Bye bye Tumblr

I’ve been on tumblr for years but it’s time to branch out. The reason I haven’t been on much is because I’ve been wanting to take blogging more seriously and invest the time and money into it. I’ve set up on blogger where I will posting from now on only. I will keep this tumblr up for a month or so and then i’ll delete it as I no longer have use for it anymore.

The new blog will be very similar but will have more content, reviews, I will update more regularly and hopefully some exciting things in the future. I would love to work with some brands, up and coming or well known and host some giveaways so if you have a company in which you would like promoting or are looking for bloggers to work with, please email me at:

Thank you to everyone who’s followed this blog from day 1. I never thought people would really look at it but the 3000+ followers has proved me wrong. I hope some of you will continue to follow me on the new site otherwise i’ll be all alone! 

Milly Amy x