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Cordelia Chase

  • Why I like them: OMG how do you not love Cordelia?? She is strong, funny, kickass, she doesn’t take shit from anyone, she is a loyal and caring friend. We see her change so much over the course of the series from self obsessed rich girl to a warm loving woman.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Billy. We get to see that Cordelia is not a victim and she doesnt always need Angel to save her. She goes after Billy. It was because of him she was helpless and in pain, her life in the hands of others who didnt care. We see that vicious bitch again.
  • Favorite season/movie: season 3 of Angel
  • Favorite line: ““Harmony, shut up. You know what you are? You’re a sheep. A black sheep. All you ever do is what other people do, just so you can say you did it first. But i’m not a sheep. I do what I wanna do, I wear what I wanna wear, and you know what? I’ll date whoever the hell I wanna date. No matter how lame he is.-”
  • Favorite outfit: idk she has lots of great outfits. I’ll pick her outfit at the end of You’re Welcome.
  • Brotp: Wes/Cordy
  • Head Canon: She comes back to life and Angel shanshus and they live happily ever after.
  • Unpopular opinion: Idk um I think her relationship with angel wasnt forced?