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1. Favourite Berry? Strawberry

2. Favourite NHL player. ( I’m sorry. ) I don’t know probably Henrik Lundqvist he’s always been my favorite

3. Do you remember what was your first reblog/post on tumblr? That was such a long time ago I have no idea 

4. Origin of URL. When Brandon Dubinsky kissed Derek Stepan

5. Any other fandoms? A little bit of Hetalia and Vocaloid 

6. Favourite goal of all time. I don’t know 

7. What time is it there? 6:42pm

8. Who from your team do you never want to be traded? Callahan or Lundqvist

9. If your favourite player got traded, who would you want to replace him with? ( Hah I’m evil I know. ) No one could replace him 

10. How was your day? (: Pretty amazing thanks for asking 

My Questions

1. Is there a band you liked that you no longer like now.

2. Least favorite player on your favorite team. 

3. If you could learn any language, what would it be.

4. One of your favorite followers.

5. One thing you really hate about the NHL.

6. Who do you thing has the better team? USA, Canada, Sweden or Russia.

7. Favorite goaltender in the NHL.

8. Swimming or Ice Skating?

9. One of your favorite shows.

10. What team do you thing has a good chance at winning the cup.