But what I want to know is how did this happen? It seriously looks like Callie was sleeping and like Brandon comes in her room or something to come talk to her. WAIT WHAT ROOM? THE ONE AT RITAS OR SERIOUSLY WHERE?!?! I’m just super super excited to see how it starts I hope the buildup in the episode is amazing.


Gif credits to @damonqilbert


Okay, so there has been some skepticism about the person having sex with Brandon is not actually Callie.

People say that since Callie is wearing a white top (shown in the first photo) it can’t possibly be Callie. I believe that Callie is the one wearing the blue top. They could easily be pjs. Callie could have gotten changed in her pjs and was in whatever room they’re in. Then Brandon could have come in to talk to her. Clothes don’t prove anything. It could easily be Callie. People change clothes. Sorry that’s so hard of a concept to understand for some people.

Now another insane theory, some people actually believed that it would be Sophia that Brandon would sleep with. That’s just ridiculous on so many levels. Credit to justoutlawsbrallie for the last photo here. You can see the markings on Maia’s back in her individual photos. If you look closely, they are there on the girl who Brandon is kissing.

The person is Callie. Brandon and Callie are kissing and about to have sex in the promo. I can’t be certain that it’s not a dream (knowing the writers they’d screw with us like that) and I can’t be certain that sometime during this, one of the two doesn’t say to stop. But I am certain that this is Callie and Brandon.

  • Brallie:c'mon let's go tell Moms we love each other
  • Lena and steph:*enters room*
  • Brallie:Here goes nothin-
  • Lena and Steph:We have a surprise 4 u Callie
  • Brallie:We have something we would like to say too
  • Lena and Steph:No us first
  • Brallie:K
  • Lena and Steph:Callie u can finally get adopted!!!!
  • Brallie:.....
  • Lena and Steph:Now what did u want to tell us?
  • Brallie:....
  • Brallie:....
  • Brallie:....
  • Brallie:Nevermind
Things I would like to happen (in no particular order):

1)      Tony admitting to having a crush on Brandon because fuck it’s obvious

2)      Brandon getting to Disney Hall with some ridiculously risky piece that everyone loves (maybe Mariana can help him make the staging flashy with her coding skills. Idk, I feel like they should talk more)

3)      Jude apologising to Connor for shutting him out so often and maybe opening up a bit about his past

4)      Connor’s parent situation to be addressed (What’s up with his mum? Is his dad cool now?)

5)      Maybe the family can acknowledge Jesus’ existence? I mean I almost forgot he was ever a character

6)      Stef and Lena taking some time to just work through their stuff

7)      Rita being happy ‘cause she deserves it

8)      And of course for Callie to be OK and feel secure but honestly does it even matter if she gets adopted at this point ‘cause she’s not gonna get over Brandon anyway and she’s getting closer to becoming an adult every day. This storyline is b o r i n g (and I’m not even against Brallie)