Can I just say how happy I am to be a Giants fan right now. GIANTS FINALLY FOUND THEIR RUNNING GAME. Oh, Defense finally remembered how to play defense too. Defense was on pointtttt today! Time after time defense has failed in previous games but today that wasn’t the case. I think the fact that Giants are the healthiest they have been all season was a major impact. Eli deserves a standing O for not throwing an interception today. Giants play Green Bay next Sunday. I’m hoping they go out there with the same intensity and tear Green Bay up :).
Brandon Jacobs Takes Fan To A Bounce House

Remember the kid who sent Brandon Jacobs a letter with $3.36 enclosed so he’d stay with the Giants? Jacobs took the kid and his brother to a bounce house in New Jersey, and then gave the kid a five-dollar bill and signed helmet. Maybe if Tom Coughlin had included more bounce house field trips in the off-season conditioning program, Jacobs never would have left in the first place.

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