I love Stef and Lena. They are wonderful mothers and I love their respective relationships with Callie and Jude. They did a wonderful thing by giving them (and the twins) a forever home.

But they handled Brallie wrong.

The minute they realized Callie and Brandon had feelings for each other, they should have stopped the adoption. Forcing them apart lead to SO many issues. They may have broken up but did they not forsee how awkward it would be for exes to be siblings?

I get it, Jude shouldn’t have to suffer because Callie fell in love. But it just made no sense for them to push on them being adopted, not thinking about how it would affect all of them. 

Now, they are teenagers. They may not have worked out anyway. But regardless, they put their family through unnecessary hell. Honestly, as soon as Robert started saying he wanted custody of Callie, they should have just let it happen. I’m not even saying this as a Brallie shipper, I’m saying for the health of the family. 

Isn’t it like the oldest thing in the book? If you just dismiss your child’s romantic feelings, it’ll backfire? That’s what it did. They realized their mistake, but it was just too late. 

I’ve talked to people who foster kids and asked what they would do in such a situation. They said there is no way they would’ve adopted Callie and Jude. Does it make for good T.V? No, but it’s also realistic.

fosters character summaries
  • Stef: I'd know because I'm a cop.
  • Lena: I just think everybody needs to calm down.
  • Callie: *runs in front of a bus* *gets hit by a bus* Of course this would happen to me.
  • Brandon: Don't let anybody ruin your life. It's your life. So you should ruin it.
  • Jesus: I can't help it if everyone wants to have sex with me.
  • Mariana: You can be smart and sexy. I'd know. I'm both.
  • Jude: *on a school trip*

brandon and callie + protecting each other from gunmen since day one (1x01/4x01)