brandon's not a happy fosters

Brandon is of course extremely heartbroken over the loss of Juilliard. He will struggle and come to terms with next steps after making a last minute call and plea to Juilliard. I can tell you that Brandon really grows this season, he comes to terms with several of the mistakes he’s made as a young man trying to figure out who he is in this world. He’s a more open and honest Brandon in some ways. That’s not to say that there won’t be secrets this season, but I believe that Brandon makes moves during these next ten episodes from a very good and open-hearted place. Brandon has always been a caretaker, but that need has often led him down some pretty precarious paths. But now, I do believe that Brandon is on a better and more self-less path this season.
—  Bradley Bredeweg

Brandon and Callie love scene to their duet.

There better be a time jump coming to ABC Family’s The Fosters. One year minimum

Stef and Lena already worked their marriage problems, because honestly I don’t want to see the best relationship that holds the show being dragged and destroyed.

Jude and Connor are finally around 14/15 because they can no longer pass as 13yo boys.

The whole drama around AJ and his adoption is settled and we see more of him. And his brother. And learn more and more about him, his family, background, talents, dreams, etc.

Mariana being flawless as usual and does great things to empower young girls around her.

Brallie is officially over and Callie is adopted. Brandon is in school somewhere far, far away and everything is good.

Oh, and, recast or not, bring Jesus back.

This all better happen or else