brandon x kelly

aradira  asked:

Brandon/Kelly ♥________________♥

Well headcanon for them goes like this:

After Donna&David’s wedding Dylan/Kelly dated for a while but something was missing, Kelly couldn’t put her finger on what it was till she stumbled upon a picture of her and Brandon from Spring Prom and she put the pieces together.

She ended things with Dylan quite nicely and she took a trip to beach location to keep her mind off things. Of course during this trip she runs into Brandon who’s there for work.

They have a drink, followed by a nice, casual dinner, half of which is spent playing footies and remembering the good old days.

At the end of her vacation, they spent the night and Brandon asks her a way to make it work.

In the beginning they did the long distance for a while but after a few months Brandon flew home to propose, once and for all.

Since they’ve learned from their mistakes they went on a quick trip to LA and they elope, the only guests are Donna, David, Steve and his family and a shot appearance from Brenda.

After the wedding, they decided to go back to BH where Brandon got his old job back.

They had their first baby, a girl, an year later and in the following years they had 4 more children, much to Brendon’s delight and Kelly’s convincing.

and I realized I actually just wrote a fic.