brandon x callie


there are over a trillion nerves in the central nervous system.
you get on every single one. you know you do.
but for some reason, that’s why i love you.

All the Brallie Moments that the Fosters don’t know about*

*from the restraining order on 


Callie’s pure joy seeing Brandon and how TOGETHER they really were. 

even planning a future together (and had a hot hot HOT makeout session) 

or how painful their breakup really was 

How they were always there for each other. no matter what. 

What Outlaws really meant to each other 

How even after months and months, the feelings were still there 

How he wrote his Idyllwild piece about her 

How he wrote R&J about her 

 How close she was to choosing him 

How much that night meant to them 

How hard it was to say goodbye every. single. time 

But they did it because it was the right thing to do by the family. 


Hey fosters fam I know we’re all waiting around for that 4B trailer but while we’re waiting for that my fellow brallie fans can enjoy my new video :) I’m still playing around with the features on Imovie so as always would love to hear from you guys!!


brandon and callie + protecting each other from gunmen since day one (1x01/4x01)