brandon x callie

I’m sorry, but you can’t put two teenagers of the same age who aren’t related in one house with a love/hate relationship and NOT expect them to be shipped.

Brallie opinion, if you don’t like just ignore.

It means so much to my Brallie heart that Callie is singing the song that she was singing with Brandon when she was with that terrible man, because i think that she needs to hold on to something that give her hope, and i think that she find security in Brandon and in that song.

I can’t wait for the day Stef finally realizes that everything is NOT all good with Brandon and Callie. And everything being “okay” between them is simply what she wants and is projecting onto them. No matter how you feel about Brallie you know it’s true. In reality, you just can’t make people bend to your will. They were in love. They feel some type of way towards each other and she is forcing them into another because she believes it to be for the greater good. 

And she’s not even confident. 

This episode is not the first time she’s on edge with the two of them hanging out again. She thought Callie was pregnant with his baby for crying out loud. You know what they have to do for her to get knocked up? They have to FUCK! And her mind WENT THERE. Her mind is WANDERING with what the two of them could be doing. And that is her current state; worrying about the two of them falling back together because they don’t see each other the way she wants them too. And hopefully, she’ll tire herself out. But, until then, I hope she stays on edge and wonders WHY SHE’S ON EDGE WHEN THEY ARE SIBLINGS? WHY ARE YOU ON EDGE WHEN THEY ARE ALONE IF EVERYTHING IS PERFECT

All the Brallie Moments that the Fosters don’t know about*

*from the restraining order on 


Callie’s pure joy seeing Brandon and how TOGETHER they really were. 

even planning a future together (and had a hot hot HOT makeout session) 

or how painful their breakup really was 

How they were always there for each other. no matter what. 

What Outlaws really meant to each other 

How even after months and months, the feelings were still there 

How he wrote his Idyllwild piece about her 

How he wrote R&J about her 

 How close she was to choosing him 

How much that night meant to them 

How hard it was to say goodbye every. single. time 

But they did it because it was the right thing to do by the family. 


I feel like i would never get over Brandon and Callie as a couple. I mean even when i like Callie with Aaron (Also i liked her with Wyatt and for a while with AJ too) And Brandon and Courtney were so cute too, but i feel like none of this couples could be ever be like Brallie. They’re so good for each other, so meant to be. I mean, they show us three season where you truly can see how much they love each other, you truly can see how much they miss each other and how hard is for them get over each other.