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cynicalclassicist  asked:

Any thoughts on Jon's name being Jaehaerys or do you not really care as it just feels like another twist for the sake of it? Is it the writers trying to push in a Jaehaerys II?

Yeah to be perfectly honest I’ve always found the idea of a secret Targ name for Jon on a sliding scale of “really, why would I care?” to utter incomprehensibility. It’s not like how The Night’s King is quite likely Brandon Stark because themes. For this it’d just be like, “oh I guess it’s nice that Rhaegar and Lyanna chatted about this, and apparently she was super fine with their first born having a name from his family.”

And then you begin thinking about just how many assumptions go into that… no really, what would it do for anyone? Plus this was sooo important to a half-dead Lyanna that she felt the need to share the info?

If one exists, one exists, but I think it’s a ton less interesting than how Jon would react to his parentage, as well as those around him.

This is about ASOIAF, btw. For whatever D&D do, there’s an above average chance they choose a name to troll book readers, because they’re stunning and brave.


And we’re caught up in the crossfire of Heaven and Hell
And we’re searching for shelter

Lay your body down
Lay your body down
Lay your body down

Based from this music vid or that AU where sukeban!Haruka keeps having to save her boyfriends from evil organizations. Sousuke’s not here cause she went to the wrong warehouse. 

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Graceland Insider Webisode 6 (x

Best one ever.


This is the best Brallie video I’ve ever seen.

So much emotion, chemistry

This song is perfect, Brandon and Callie’s theme song.