brandon summers


The fact that Noah is wearing the shirt that Jake wore in the pilot episode….

predictions for tonight:

Nick kills Brandon (which is why he’s crying in the promo obvi)

Jesus and Emma go to Vegas to get married, but are stopped by Hayley who convinces Jesus to marry her instead, then makes out with Snapback Kid

Stef and Lena get divorced, Lena moves back to France

It turn out Mariana was actually Nick the whole time and she is in jail

Callie comes to bail Mariana out and gets shot by Stef

Noah asks Jude to call him Daddy, but Jude says “I don’t think I’m ready for that” and runs to find Stef having shot Callie and takes the opportunity to steal her gun and shoot Callie again

Cortney starts hitting on Noah now that Brandon is dead and Noah tricks her into selling him Mason so he can sell Mason to Mike who sells Mason to the black market, where he already sold Isabella months ago, explaining her absence, then Mike takes Ana on a nice date ignoring everything around them like the “this is fine” meme

Then Jude leaves on a school trip, which is the cliffhanger because we don’t know if he has a good time. 


I REALLY wanted to see this thing being animated and Brandon Turner made my dreams come true :D

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