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Four in the mornin’, and I’m zonin’
They say I’m possessed, it’s an omen

- (Black Skinhead, Kanye West) performed by Catfish and The Bottlemen

This photo on Madison’s Twitter just made my night! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before! She has Seth down, and I’m pretty sure that Jesse is just as sexy as Eiza.😂 it’s not at all shocking that Brandon is a little Zane. I love them!


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Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe Playlist

Oblivion - Bastille // Eye Of The Needle - Sia // Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine // A World Alone - Lorde // Lonely Town - Brandon Flowers // All This And Heaven Too - Florence + The Machine // Ribs - Lorde // Black Beauty - Lana Del Rey

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What I love about the show is that we’re not afraid to address racism. My character, Kate, admits to Scott she hated him. She hated him for being different. She hated him for being a person of color. She hated him, and she didn’t want to call him by his name, Jian Jun because he was different, and she didn’t want her life to change. We’re all afraid to be the bad guy, and we’re all afraid to admit that we have faults. I felt really honored to do that scene because even though I don’t have those feelings, I thought it was interesting to show that a little girl innocently hating someone for coming in and ruining her “ideal” of perfection.

Madison Davenport on Kate’s relationship with her adopted brother Scott (Brandon Soo Hoo) & the topic of racism in the series From Dusk Till Dawn.

At NYCC 2015 via Nerdophiles (x)

~ Reasons To Watch From Dusk Till Dawn: the Series



Brandon Flowers - 1981 * Chris Pratt - 1979 * Erica Durance - 1978 * Juliette Lewis - 1973 * Jussie Smollett - 1983 * Lana Del Rey - 1986 * Maggie Siff - 1974 * Max Schneider - 1992 * Michael Malarkey - 1983 * Prince William -1982