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i cant believe i met my favorite band!!! and they were so lovely, all of them! Brandon and i had a really good conversation like he asked me about my photography and my life in Austria and he said he liked ‘picking my brain’ haha and Zac, Joe, and Tim were all super nice, we talked about previous shows and i told them im seeing them twice again this summer and i mentioned that my dream would be to photograph them from the stage and Brandon literally said that maybe they can arrange that and Tim and i talked about a mutual friend we have and yeah it was just so nice and they said they are excited to see my photos and thanked me for taking photos and omg!! and i met so many nice other fans too! since i had a photopass i didnt need my ticket (and the show was sold out within minutes since there were only 600 tickets and also they were personalized with the name of the ticket buyer on them to avoid resales) and i was able to get her in even tho the ticket was in my name and she was so happy and it made me so happy too! and the show was just…so amazing! it was hot as hell in the venue (Brandon mentioned almost passing out on stage) but the atmosphere and crowd was amazing and their set was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 they played People Live Here and its one of my favorite songs and i never heard it live before and i got emotional and they played a couple of new songs (Brandon said they fucked them up a bit bc they only played them twice but i said i couldnt tell and also it makes it more real bc its not perfect and i like that) and yeah, just a crazy good show and one of the best nights ive ever had and im so grateful to Ashley and Rise Against!!!


Compton native Brandon Jennings really wanted to show out in his return to L.A on Sunday, and he did just that, scoring 15 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter and making this sweet-as-hell fast-break fake-out feed to Courtney Lee to help the Knicks knock off the Lakers.

Happy 22nd birthday to one of my best friends, Brandon! He passed away in my senior year of high school, but he will forever be in my thoughts. Can’t wait to talk to my future children about you, hope you’re doing well in Heaven ☺️

written by Brandon Snider

With the passing of Chester Bennington, I have seen quite a few people who disgust me. How do you feel the need to judge someone for something you have, and probably never will, experience? If someone’s car broke down, and that person had never fixed a car in their life, and you take it upon yourself to tell them to fix it and the continuously berate them when they can not figure it out. The when that person sees no other option but to give up, you call them weak and pathetic. That argument is not as valid when you put it that way. Mental disorders are not something you just fix like a car, it is something you live with for your entire life. You do not get to judge someone when you have never felt what it feels like to be drowning in your own body and not being able to swim to the top. You do not get to judge someone who finally drowns because they can not hold their breath anymore. Society deemed them to be something that you can just “suck up and deal with”. Just even thinking that makes you the pathetic one. Scientific studies have shown that people with mental disorders have a completely different brain chemistry the ones without. Is suicide the answer? No, there is definitely other options that can certainly help someone, but you do not get to judge someone on a concept you will never grasp. You do not get to judge someone’s mechanic skills when you have never even touched a car. You can have your opinion, that’s fine everyone is entitled to one, but I’m entitled to tell you to go fuck yourself, you garbage human being.

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Can I request a fic prompt of Old Nan telling stories to Brandon, Ned, Lyanna and Benjen?

Brandon was too big for Old Nan’s stories. He was all of 12 years old, almost a man grown, had lived away from home in Barrowtown, was the heir to Winterfell, and he buried his mother just the day before. He had three younger siblings to take care of and look after, as he’d promised his mother as she lay dying. He had no time for tall tales and the clacking of Old Nan’s knitting needles.

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“I’ve known Brian [Haven - a former member of The Killers] forever…And I knew Ronnie [Vanucci, Jr.] pretty well; I knew Mark [Stoermer], and I sort of in passing knew Brandon [Flowers]. I met David [Kuening] later on…they were signed to whatever label they’re on – I believe its Island Records – the same exact month that I got this part in a Wes Anderson movie called The Life Aquatic. And I remember it was kinda funny; I saw them at a cafe and we were talking about everything that was going on and a month later the two of us were like "Wow!” We went to a Christmas party in Brians house and we were talking to Ronnie about how ironic it was that [on] the same exact week, we had this very fortunate week in our career. I’m honored to be parallel with them in anyway. I love those guys.“  - Mattew Gray Gubler