brandon pass


Compton native Brandon Jennings really wanted to show out in his return to L.A on Sunday, and he did just that, scoring 15 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter and making this sweet-as-hell fast-break fake-out feed to Courtney Lee to help the Knicks knock off the Lakers.


ok but can i just say that i think the MOST underrated emrey moment was episode 4 in season 2 when it was kieran’s 30th birthday party and everyone was doped up and hallucinating and when sheriff acosta came to question them and emma kept telling him that she was attacked and NO ONE believed her, sheriff asked everyone else in the room “did you see the person who attacked emma” and they all went around saying no EXCEPT audrey !! audrey said “if emma says someone in a brandon james mask attacked her, than someone in a brandon james mask attacked her” audrey was the ONLY one who actually believed emma and had her back and stood up for her when everyone else just thought she was crazy or hallucinating and i think this scene doesnt get talked about enough .

“I’ve known Brian [Haven - a former member of The Killers] forever…And I knew Ronnie [Vanucci, Jr.] pretty well; I knew Mark [Stoermer], and I sort of in passing knew Brandon [Flowers]. I met David [Kuening] later on…they were signed to whatever label they’re on – I believe its Island Records – the same exact month that I got this part in a Wes Anderson movie called The Life Aquatic. And I remember it was kinda funny; I saw them at a cafe and we were talking about everything that was going on and a month later the two of us were like "Wow!” We went to a Christmas party in Brians house and we were talking to Ronnie about how ironic it was that [on] the same exact week, we had this very fortunate week in our career. I’m honored to be parallel with them in anyway. I love those guys.“  - Mattew Gray Gubler

“two loves passed by you somewhere and you don’t want the third one to be like that” are lyrics of a russian song and I feel like they describe me perfectly.

I have been hurt really badly twice in a row and I don’t want this one to be like that. So I try to be careful and slow myself down from opening up too much or getting too attached but he makes that so hard. He is very understanding and always cheers me up. It’s funny how before whenever I would get mad at my exes they would just make me more and more mad with what they would say, however this time it seems that whenever I am mad he somehow makes me smile and makes up for it. 

And even though I am afraid that it is going to end soon, it gives me comfort that he is not afraid to make plans with me for the future or tell me that he wants to have this or that with me. It makes me really happy to know that he actually sees a future with me contrary to my ex who did not know what the hell he wanted.

So even though I am scared to see how this turns out, for now he makes me hella happy and I would not trade him for anything.