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A little bit about Berdon;

The pairing of Sam Brandon from the show ‘The Walking Dead’, and Chris Bergen from the movie ‘Camp X-Ray’.


1. Sam is played by Robin Lord Taylor while Chris is played by Cory Michael Smith. Both Sam and Chris are trying to survive through the apocalypse and end up sticking together after Chris saves Sam’s life. (I do not want to spoil anything to whoever didn’t watch the 4-5 seasons of the show where RLT appears for 2 episodes, so I’m not stating from what exactly Chris saved Sam from).

2. While in the show it was stated that Sam is originally from Atlana or somewhere near it, in the movie Chris is a PFC in the 'Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp’, he is described as a married man who has children and probably a wife, too, though they are dead after the world has gone to shit, and Chris tries to make it on his own. He is a lone wolf, but having Sam around means he is not by himself on the roads anymore. At first it takes him time to open up, and until he does he is harsh and and quiet towards the small blond, finding him clothes to cover his skin with since all that Sam was wearing all this time was a black tank top and long pants, the chances of him getting beaten by a walker were higher than a person who is covered by thick layers of clothes (like Chris. Who is wearing his army outfit.)

3. At some point Sam saves Chris’ life from a few walkers that closed in on them when they were searching for food. He then asks for Chris to teach him self defense and how to properly use a gun, which brings them closer a bit by bit. They grow protective of one another and start talking more often as they walk in a search of a place they could stay in for awhile. Sam tells Chris about the watch that was given to him by Rick Grimes and how he wishes to return it to him, and that a woman named Carol that was with him helped him with his sore shoulder by pulling it back into place. Chris is not so excited to meet new people but he is curious about the two, so they go searching for Rick’s group.

4. They eventaully settle down at a broken house, working hard on repairing it with the help of friends their friends from different AU’s and realities. 

Chris in civillian clothes and Sam in his black tight tank top :)

Height differences: Chris is way taller than Sam, who likes to cuddle in Chris’s military coat when he’s in need of comfort or just wants to get warm and cuddle in it like a kitty. Chris approves. 

(The gifs are not mine! I simply combined the Sam\Chris one. Please tell me who made them so I’ll credit them for their work!) 

Alpha\Beta\Omega verse: 

(According to this verse I thought about and created with the help of my dear friend @madhattey <3, we decided that we will re-define the Alphas, Betas, and Omagas in our story according to how we see it fitable to what we have planned): 

Alphas -  Are generally dominant (though there are submissive ones) and able to impregnate Omegas and Betas. 100% human, no knots or anything. The Alphas (may be male or female), will most likely decide on rules which their Beta\Omega partner(s) will act upon, though not all of the Alphas are strict, but it is an option if both sides agree on to have some basic rules they have to follow on a daily basis. the male Alphas are able to get pregnant from Betas and Omegas if their partner is not able to bring children then it is an option).

Betas - Move in between from being an Alpha to an Omega, both male and females alike. The make ones are able to impragnant Omegas, Alphas and Betas. Unlike Alphas and Omegas, which are easy to discover once the child is about 4 years old or so, the young Betas will not be discovered until their early teens or later. A pregnanat Beta is a very rare sight, but not impossible to create if both sides agree and want to have kids. 

Omegas -  Are generally lowest on the hierarchy. male and gay Omegas in this verse are considered as a ‘shame’ to their family since they are not very accepted in society if at all, and are considered pretty rare. These gay Omeags will often find an Alpha female to marry and live in a lie about their sexuality since they might get rejected or hurt by people they care about if not complely ignored and put down by society for things they obviously have no control over. Male Omegas are able to get pregnanate by either an Alpha male of an Alpha Beta. Female Omegas are accepted in society and even praised, though most of them, if not all, are fighting for equal rights for male Omegas. The female amd nale omegas will often work where there are more of one another so they will be surrounded in people who understand them and will most likely not mock them for who they are. Male Omegas are able to impregnant Alphas, Betas, and most likely other Omegas as well.

1. In this different story about them, the world has never gone to shit. Sam is working as a waiter at a local Cafe shop near the Atlanta area, which is near Chris’ base. (in this AU he is not a PFC in Guantanamo bay, he is a warrior) Sam meets Chris one day when he walks inside wearing his military outfit and carrying his bag with him, and the blond can’t get his eyes off him, but trying not to make his staring too obvious. 

2. Chris enjoyes the silence and the calm mood in the Cafe and returns on a weekly basis (he enjoys Sam too, wishing he was part of the menu lol) Sam even brings him free cookies on Valentine’s day! It takes awhile bu they start dating. At some point they get married and after awhile decide to bring children; they are future to be fathers to cute twins named Mary and Louis. When Sam’s pregnancy was confirmed, Chris quit the army in order to be with his husband and is cosidered a military veteran at that point :) 

3. After the birth, Chris stays home to take care of their children while Sam finds a job as a constsractor in a  building contractor team. Chris is very supportive of him, and although Sam is worn out at the end of every day, he spends a lot of his time with his family and he loves his new friends and his job. 

@madhattey and I are working on Panicking Criminals | Gobblepot at the moment, but we will most likey write both versions of Berdon in the future when we’ll be done with the current ones\have more time to put into new work. I am starting High school this Friday so I’m gonna be pretty busy, and she has a busy work schedule (I adore her for her passion and productivity I really do <3) BUT, we are looking forward into writing those babies! 


“Jitney” by August Wilson

Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, 2016

Starring Harvy Blanks, Anthony Chisholm, Brandon J. Dirden, Andre Holland, Carra Patterson, Michael Potts, Keith Randolph Smith, Ray Anthony Thomas & John Douglas Thompson