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Cosmere cross-stitch update #12: December 2016

Well, I made it. It has been a year since I began my cross stitch of @rynezion‘s beautiful Vin poster. It is kinda crazy seeing how far it’s come, and very daunting realizing how much is left to do yet. When I began I knew it was an insane project…I’m just hoping to be able to keep up the pace so I can finish by the end of 2020 as planned. 

Happy New Year!


The year is over, this is my favorite stuff that went down this year.


It seems almost like a joke to pick this considering how much mock hype I put on it over the years, but in all honesty- this is the perfect example of my kind of game: Single player in a captivating world, incredible characters, super emotional with a great story (for a video game… i.e., it’s a reward along the way rather than a roadblock). This is exactly the game I was waiting for. A lot of peoples’ playthroughs varied differently… but personally, I never had control issues (Either I lucked out or was just heavily in sync with my animal friend???) or framerate issues (Played on a PS4 Pro in 1080p, which I guess was the smoothest way to play it). Who knows. Either way- I left this game affected. Far and away my favorite game this year. 


I feel gross picking a phone game (one that honestly isn’t even technically, uh, good) but 3DS was asleep at the wheel this year. Pokemon Go was an experience unlike anything I have ever seen before. This past summer was insane– exploring strange places and sneaking into bizarre locations to catch rare stuff. It made me talk to tons of people (good and bad) that I never would have otherwise. It was just an insane thing and I think it was our biggest first step into an augmented reality future. I didn’t like a lot of portable games this year so I’m gonna pick this… more for the experience than the game itself, I guess. It’s still a crime they haven’t added trading yet. What happened?


I’m a sci fi boy at heart so I feel bad not picking 10 Cloverfield Lane or Arrival (which I loved both of tremendously), but I’m a huge sap and La La Land threw a spear through my heart. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. What a beautiful movie. I didn’t realize this was by the same guy who did Whiplash so I guess I have a new favorite director now, geez.


I’m relatively new to M83 (I thought their stuff for Oblivion was rad) and I guess a lot of their fans hate this album, but I dunno man it’s a bunch of 80′s synth ballads and Steve Vai shredding guitar so I’m fine with it


Okay this is the poster for the old movie and not the show but it was too good not to use. Anyway, I didn’t watch a lot of TV this year but this show was great, fun, mysterious sci fi. It dragged a little, but ended with one of the best season finale episodes ever. I really dug it. I hope future seasons make episodes stand on their own a little more, but it was still a fun ride.


This show sucks ass


A lot of our stuff was in transition this year, which made it hard to shine our best through 2016. From big videos being canceled to big projects still in early phases… it was a weird year! However, Mega64 Gamedays ruled. It has been great in the past, but this year- Great exhibitors, Buckwheat Groats performed (my favorite Gamedays guests… ever?), Funhaus did an awesome panel, WE did an awesome panel (am I allowed to think that?) and all along the way we had Brandon DiCamillo enchanting people through virtual space. And then the next day we went to Disneyland… could it get any better?

There are other things we worked on that I’m proud of but I can’t talk about them yet!


I was in San Francisco for a day in November, which coincidentally was the first day of crab season. I woke up early, went down to the wharf and paid a guy to kill one of those things and cram it into a sourdough roll and it was maybe the best moment of my entire life




Anyway, thanks to everyone for a great 2016. It was a rough year in many, many… many ways, but the support of everyone reading this and beyond made it stronger and better in every way. I can’t thank everyone enough for the kindness and warmth I have been shown. THANK YOU again and see you in 2017!