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Operation Happy Jeff™ - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can I request an angsty/cute Jeff x Reader where he’s having a relly really crappy day and nothing seems to cheer him up so they do all these cute things to make him feel better. Can you also add the promt “There’s that smile” to it?”

A/N: Beware the grumpy Jeff. Sulky and adorable.

The room was so dimly lit that you were struggling to see. In fact, it took you a good few minutes to make out Jeff’s cocooned figure in the corner. You sighed. You knew something was up. He’d been acting strange over text and refused to let you call him when you asked. So, you did what any good friend would do and risked a speeding ticket driving over to his place as soon as you could. You did what any best friend helplessly in love would do.

The first step in what you were now calling; ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’, was to get some sunlight in. Jeff still hadn’t acknowledged your presence, but you swaggered over to the windows and violently pulled the curtains nevertheless.

“Ow fuck!” He squinted. “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” He remained curled in the corner shielding his eyes.

“I’m taking you to Disney-world.” You crossed your arms earnestly.

“Fuck off are you taking me to Disney-world.”

“Well, no. You know my monthly income wouldn’t even cover a day trip for one person, but that’s not the point! It’s metaphorical. The point is that by the end of the day you are going to be so ecstatic that you’ll feel like you’re in Disney-world.”

“I don’t think that’s-”

“Come on! Get up!” You yanked up the complaining Jeff and coaxed him downstairs.

“Your piece of shit car couldn’t get us to Disney-world anyway.” He muttered under his breath. You hit him round the head.

“Talk shit about Herman again and i’ll leave.” You crossed your arms, watching as he sat at the kitchen counter. Despite his protests, he didn’t really want his best friend to leave, he was grateful when you’d turned up.

“I’m not going to make you talk to me about it until you’re ready.” Your tone had softened now. Step two of  ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  was now ready to be set in motion. Wildlife Watching.


“No. No?” He protested after you’d told him the plan.

“Why not. It’s a great way to relax and the sun will release your endorphins.” You stomped out into Jeff’s garden, him dragging his heels behind you.

He rolled his eyes. “But it’s so boring!”

“That’s what a boring person would say.”

“We’re not going to see anything from my garden anyway.”

Half an hour later, you’d seen a few birds, and a worm- but Jeff was still not impressed. ‘Did you know the brown stuff in their bodies is their poop?’ he’d said with disgust. Time for Step Three you guessed.


“How is giving you a piggy back meant to make me feel better again?” Jeff grumbled, walking you around his coffee table.

“You’re helping others!”

“But you can walk.”


“No way-”

“GALLOP.” You pulled at his t shirt slightly as though it were reins.

He gritted his teeth and galloped lacklustredly round the table, warranting a loud cackle from you.

He put you down and turned to you. “You’re just making me feel like an idiot.”

“My favourite idiot.” You placed a hand on his cheek and wobbled it slightly. He rolled his eyes again.

“Look, Y/N, it’s pointless. You might as well give up now.” He threw your hand off of him.

“I’m not giving up on you Jeff.” Your eyes bore into his, more serious now.

“I wish you wouldn’t say crap like that.” He slumped on to the couch.

“Why? You know how much I care about you and how I hate seeing you like this?”

He shook his head, trying to prevent himself from saying something stupid. Sensing his discomfort, you flopped down on the couch next to him. Step Four.

“Guess it’s time to watch Mulan then.”

Mulan was Jeff’s favourite, he could never not sing along, and the funny bits sent him into fits of laughter. Not this time, though. You were growing more and more concerned the more stuff you tried that would usually cheer him straight up. Nothing was working. You stopped the film halfway through, it was useless.

‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  Step Five really had to pull it out of the bag. Making Cookies.


“Now, is the butter at room temperature?” You asked, mindlessly playing with the whisk.

“Uh, I don’t have a temperature stick thing…you know the…”

“Thermometer? You don’t need one, silly.” You chuckled. “Just tell me if it looks kind of soft.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jeff shrugged, handing you the tub of butter. He didn’t seem much happier, but he’d definitely put his focus into baking these cookies.

“Measure 125g on the scales.”

He scrunched his face up watching the numbers on the scales, causing your heart to lurch and uncontrollably smile. He was too cute.

“Okay.” He nodded, handing you the bowl. You poured the butter into the sugar.

“Hold the whisk at the top here.” You pointed to the spot above your own hand. “We’re whisking this bitch together.”

You thought you may have caught him in a small smile, but it was so fleeting you weren’t sure.

The whisk buzzed on and you and Jeff moved your hands together in circles, making sure the butter and sugar were creamed. Jeff was so close you could smell him, in all his minty-vanilla glory, and his big hand overlapped yours slightly. You added the eggs and vanilla with your spare hand, and continued to swirl the mixture. Jeff readjusted his grip, brushing your hand slightly.

“That’s done.” You stated, realising that had been a bad idea. “I’ll measure the flour, you can do the chocolate chips.”

He nodded, moving to the other counter to do the chocolate chips.

You poured the flour into the bowl. “Jeff?”


“Do you want to whisk it while i grease the trays?”

“Uh, yeah.” He nodded again.

It all happened pretty quick. The whisk was on full blast and you’d forgotten to tell Jeff to fold the flour in first, and he ended up spraying flour all over the room. All over himself. All over you.

“Oh my god!” You squealed, laughing. Jeff looked shell-shocked. You lobbed the lump of butter in your hand at him, hitting him in the nose.

“Fuck off.” He growled, wiping the butter from his face and lobbing it back at you. Your mouth fell open as the cool substance hit your neck. You shook your head in disbelief, immersing your hand in the bag of flour before running toward him and coating him in another handful. He blew through his mouth, creating a flour cloud, which hit you in the face. And, seeing you coated in flour and grinning at him, his mouth twisted up into a gorgeous beam, his teeth standing out white even against the flour.

“There’s that smile.” You bit through a grin. He looked down at you warmly.

“You did it, you cracked me.” You were so close that his voice was soft and quiet, but still audible. “It should be illegal for you to look so cute covered in flour.”

You scoffed. “I can’t believe Mulan didn’t work but throwing flour at me did.”

“It wasn’t just the flour, really. It was the whole day. I know I complained but I can’t believe you really did all this for me.” He shrugged.

“You know I would do anything for you, Jeff.” You urged.

“That’s part of the problem.” He backed away and leaned against the kitchen counter, wiping his hand down his face. The smile had gone.

“What? I’m sorry I’m… confused.”

“Well part of the reason I’ve been in such a funk today was that for some reason my baseball game was completely off, I really could not play. Realising why was the other reason.” He sighed.

“Why?” You edged closer to him.

“It’s been ever since I saw you and Zach yesterday, I can’t get it out of my head.” Admitted Jeff.

“What do you mean?”

“I couldn’t stand the thought of my best mate with the girl I love.”

You froze. What? What? Were you hearing this correctly?

“Fuck.” He muttered, kicking the counter.

“Jeff I really don’t-”

“I’m gonna regret this.” He inhaled, swiftly moving over to you and cupping your face in his hands. Dry, floury lips were pressed to yours in an instant, shocking you. It took a few beats to register that this was actually Jeff, and press your hands against his warm chest. His heartbeat was fast against your hands, and his own hands warming your cheeks. The way flour met your tongue was kind of gross, but you couldn’t care in the slightest. His right hand moved to your waist, pulling you flush against him. His mouth opened hungrily providing room for your tongue, but instead you bit down on his bottom lip sensually.

He breathed what resembled fuck, and you smiled into his mouth.

“I concur.” You whispered, breaking off and resting your forehead against his. Both of you were breathing roughly and heavily, holding on to the other for stability.

“I guess this is better than Disney-world.”


The morning found Jeff’s arm slung over you, and the success of ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’ .

Vodka & Coke - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “I was wondering if you could do a Jeff x reader where they like each other and they’re at a pool party and all the guys and girls are like ogling so they’re jealous and finally confess”

“So I’ve been thinking…” The chestnut haired boy next to you fiddled with his short pockets.

“Oh don’t do that.” You turned to him sombrely. “Dangerous business. Difficult to get out of once you’ve started.” Keeping a straight face, you hit him playfully with the cold beer bottle in your hand. He chuckled.

“Well, I won’t disagree there, but I meant…” Jeff appeared to falter in his original thoughts, and instead added, “We should get in the pool. I mean we’ve already been here a while and it is a pool party.” His emphasis on the word ‘pool’ was pretty comical.

You raised you eyebrow, looking over at the hormone filled pool.

“Eh. Alright then.”

Downing the last of your beer, you swiftly pulled your dress off to reveal a flattering black bikini. Jeff’s eyes almost burst out of his sockets.

“Strip, then.” you laughed, tugging at his shirt. He shooed you away and took the shirt off himself, leaving only his red swimming shorts. You tried not to stare too much at the sculpted curves of his chest. You’d managed to conceal your crush for this long, you could last a bit longer.

“Race you in?” You pointed finger-guns at him.

“We shouldn’t really be run…okay, i guess that’s a yes.” Because once he had  started being concerned about safety, you’d already run toward the pool.

You jumped in and swirled the water around you a little.

SPLASH. Jeff bombed in to the water next to you, soaking all the parts of you that you had yet to submerge.

“Jeff!” You scolded. He grinned his signature pearly-white grin, setting your heart into overdrive.

“Sorry, babydoll.” He gave you a knowing smirk. You hit him hard at his use of the nickname you ‘hated’, but which you secretly adored.

“Don’t push your luck, Atkins.”

He splashed you. You splashed him back, resulting in a small, playful, water-fight where you muttered phrases such as asshole and try that again, i dare you while he just laughed manically.

“Okay, cease fire.” He held up his hands.

“Hold on, why do you get to call cease fire?” You crossed your arms.

“I’m older. And since I technically won, you owe me a drink.” Toyed Jeff.

“Fine. But only because I wanted one too.” Throwing your arms up, you began to make your way to the edge of the pool.


Inside, by the drinks, stood Hannah, the only person who did know about Jeff. She smiled sympathetically, seeing that you were wet from the pool.

“I see you’ve been in.” She laughed.

“It’s that obvious?” You joked. Grabbing two cups from the pile, you poured a small (rather large) amount of vodka in to each, and topped them up with coke.

“Getting anywhere? Anything happen?” She asked.

“Nada.” You sighed. “It’s just obvious he doesn’t feel the same about me as I do him.”

“Stop saying that! I’ve told you what Clay sai-”

“What did I say?” Clay popped out of nowhere, sidling up next to Hannah.

“That alcohol is bad for you.” You stuttered, throwing up a small wave before quickly leaving the house again. Clay had told Hannah that he had a suspicion Jeff liked you, but Clay didn’t know you liked Jeff.

On your way out, someone called you.

“Yo, Y/N!” Montgomery waved you over.

“You having a good time?” Marcus asked, smirking.

“Yeah, I should probably thank Bryce when I see him.” You nodded, sipping your drink.

“We‘ll thank him for you.” Marcus chuckled.

“Oh, thank you.”

The boys starting conversing about the party, but you were not paying attention because your eyes had drifted over to Jeff in the pool. He was on his own leaning on the edge, his muscular arms, dripping, rested.

You noticed a pretty, although somewhat plain girl looking over at Jeff. Her name was Chloe, you thought, you recognised her because she sat next to Jeff in history, and you sat behind them.

She was DEFINITELY giving him bedroom eyes, and you couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t as if she was stealing your man, because you weren’t together, and she had no idea how much you liked him, but that didn’t stop the intense jealously you began to feel.

“Excuse me.” You nodded to the boys, strutting back to the pool. Jeff made eye contact, smiling when he saw his drink. At least, you guessed that’s why he was smiling.

“Here, take both so I can get in.” you crouched and passed both cups to Jeff, then swung yourself in next to him, splashing slightly.

“Guess I deserved that.” He observed, handing you back your drink once he was sure you were safely in.

You sipped nervously, suddenly aware of your proximity.

“Y/N, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed everyone over there ogling you. Especially Monty.” you looked at Jeff to see him looking over in the direction of Monty, Marcus, and their posse. Truthfully, you hadn’t noticed, because you’d been too busy watching Chloe eye-up Jeff.

“Don’t be silly.” You spluttered, noticing that the alcohol was kicking in, and making you a giggly mess. Luckily, Jeff wouldn’t notice, because he was fairly intoxicated himself.

“I’m not, look at them!” He pointed an accusatory finger, definitely warranting a few looks from other people in the pool.

“They’d look up anything in a bikini.” You rolled your eyes.

“No, they’ve only been staring at you.” He declared.

“Careful, Atkins, or you might sound jealous.” You spat, beginning to get angry that he kept going on like he cared, when you knew he didn’t.  It hurt. A lot. He looked flustered.

“Fuck’s sake.” He shook his head, downed his drink, and threw it in the water somewhere. Then he turned to place his hands on the edge and haul himself out of the pool.

“Where the fuck are you going now?” You shouted at his leaving figure. But he ignored you.

“The fuck are you looking at?” You shouted around the pool at people who had been watching, Chloe in particular, before mimicking Jeff and pulling yourself out of the pool.

You found Hannah on a sofa with Clay.

“I need to speak with you.”

“Okay, what’s up?” Hannah could see you were drunk and upset.

“Not here.”


“Really, it does just sound like he’s jealous.” She shrugged.

“Shut up, Hannah. Don’t just try to make me feel better.”

“Boy world is confusing, but this one’s pretty easy to work out.” She placed a hand on your shoulder. “Especially after what Clay said.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“But he wouldn’t - I mean-” But Hannah wasn’t listening, she was staring at a spot slightly behind you.

“Y/N, can I speak to you?” Jeff’s voice sent a shiver down your spine.

“Go get him, girl.” Hannah whispered in your ear as she left.

“What?” You turned to Jeff, exhaling. The boy was exhausting and invigorating all at the same time.

“I was jealous.”

“Jeff jus- wait, what?” you’d prepared yourself for an entirely different conversation.

“I was jealous.” he repeated. “Those guys were looking at you in a way i wished they wouldn’t, but it wasn’t my place to say anything because we’re not- i mean- you know…” He played with the hem of his shirt awkwardly.

“Honestly?” You scrunched up your face. “I was jealous too.” You admitted. Jeff was taken aback.

“Jealous of what?”

“That girl Chloe from history was completely ogling you, how could you not notice?”

“She wasn’t?!”

You rolled your eyes. “So observant.”

Jeff bit away a smile.

“You’re so,” he shook his head. “You’re like, a force.” He pulled your hands into his.

“That made sense, Mr. McDrunkFace.”

You blushed at what you were about to do next, but you had to take the plunge.

“So, if we were both jealous, doesn’t that say something?” your hands were sweating in his.

“That we were both downing the Vodka & Coke’s?” He joked.

“No like,”

But he didn’t give you time to respond, because instead he crashed his lips to yours. Rightfully, he tasted like Vodka & Coke, and he was ever so slightly pruned from being in the pool, but he was perfect. He was Jeff.

“Let’s just let each other know next time we get jealous, yeah? Instead of storming off and making a scene.” You ruffled his hair after breaking the kiss.

“Yeah.” he chuckled, nodding bashfully. “Yeah.”

Qualified - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Jeff graduates from high school and another one about his graduation party afterwards?”      

A/N: I wasn’t sure if you wanted reader involvement or not so i just kinda went for it? Also as I’ve mentioned on previous writings I am English and we don’t do High School Graduation over here so apologies if it’s incorrect.

The day you’d been waiting for for four years had finally arrived. Graduation. You were over the moon to finally be leaving school and never having to see half these people again. For the first time, you could properly stretch your wings and do anything you wanted. Standing in line waiting for your name to be called was nerve-wracking.

“Jeffrey Atkins.” Called Principal Bolan. The boy you’d been crushing on for almost the entire time you’d been at Liberty High. The boy who barely knew you. One of the only people from high school you’d miss. Sure, it would be sad, but maybe it would also help you eventually get over him. He smiled that stunning smile and took his diploma. Damn. You thought as he looked around the room he caught your eye, but you were probably just hopeful. You’d have to savour that smile in your brain.

The names were called and called until;

“Y/N L/N.” You walked up to the stage and shook Principal Bolan’s hand. You saw your parents waving enthusiastically and smiled. They were as happy as you about graduation, seeing you grow and develop as a person made them feel amazing.


After the ceremony, you went to find your parents.

“Well done sweetie! We’re so proud of you.” They ran up to hug you and hand you a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Thank you guys, these are beautiful.” You inhaled the scent.

“It’s all over now, kid.” Your Dad shook your shoulder.

“I know, it’s weird.” You drifted off into your thoughts about the past four years, and what was to come. A tap on your shoulder interrupted your daydreaming.

“Y/N? Hey there.” Jeffrey Atkins. Even better close up.

“Oh, Jeff! Hi.” You tried to play it cool.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. L/N. I’m Jeff.” He shook your parents hands.

“Hi Jeff. Look, Y/N, I just remembered that we need to put some more money on the parking ticket, we’ll be back in about 10 minutes, you okay?” Your Mum was such a bad liar.

“Okay,” you laughed “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“So, anyway, I’m kinda having a last minute Graduation party… you in?” Jeff fiddled with the tassel on his hat.

“Woah, you’re inviting the whole year?” You couldn’t think why else you’d be invited.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He chuckled, soaking up your face.

“Okay, sure. Is there a dress code?”

“Just look as cute as you always do.” He smirked. You blushed. “Text me and I’ll give you the details.” He handed you a piece of paper with a number on it.

You just got Jeff Atkins’ number. Jeff Atkins just called you cute.

“Cool, thanks, I will.” again, you tried to play it cool, but you ended up grinning just a bit too hard. With a wave, Jeff left.


Obviously, you’d been to parties before, but you’d never been to a Jeff Atkins party. Honestly, you were incredibly nervous. As heart-fluttering as Jeff’s comment about the dress code had been, it hadn’t made your decision any clearer. So, you picked out something Hannah had complimented you on at school the other day, and went on your merry way.

It was exactly how you’d expected it. Kids-turned-adults holding their drink of choice, dancing, laughing, and generally being drunk. You’d managed to navigate yourself outside to the garden, where there was a large banner hanging reading; “HAPPY GRADUATION LIBERTY HIGH 20–”.

There were some beers and ciders over by a table where some people were playing beer pong, so you went and got yourself a drink.

“Y/N! Hey! You came!” There he was again. That boy who set your heart in motion.

“You sound surprised.” You sipped at your drink to hide your nerves.

“Well, I am, I mean, I just wasn’t really expecting you to come…” He scratched at the back of his neck, you could sense his discomfort.

“You didn’t want me to come.” You realised.

“No! No, that’s not it.” He shook his head violently.

“It’s fine, I’ve had a few pity invites in my time, I can leave.” You focused your eyes on the floor.

“Jesus, Y/N no, please don’t.” He reached out to grab your arm. “L-look, come play beer pong with me?” His hand squeezed your forearm slightly. “Please.”

“Jeff, feeling sorry for me is worse.”

He chuckled. “Where that idea came from I’ve no idea, and I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N, but pity is not one.”

“Fine.” You sighed, even if he was lying, it’s not like you’d see him again.

The beer pong table was mostly filled with guys, but Jeff stuck by you.

“Alright, team switch up!” Stated Montgomery. “Atkins, over here.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to try and beat me this time.” He smirked, before switching sides.

A few rounds passed, and then it was your turn. Versus Jeff.

“Give me your best shot L/N.”

You bounced the ping pong ball off the table, landing it in one of the cups. Your team cheered and you beamed as you watched Jeff down the contents of the cup.

“Nice play. Can you handle this though?” He teased, holding up the ping pong ball. You were beginning to feel a buzz from the alcohol.

“Try me, Atkins.” You snickered as he threw the ball, and missed. “Impressive.” You mocked.

“Fine. I give up!” He threw his arms up in faux frustration and left the table. Except, upon passing you, he grabbed your arm and pulled you with him.

“Where are we going?” You laughed nervously.

“It’s a secret. Don’t worry, I won’t take you to a hidden location and murder you.” He flashed you his winning smile, which you couldn’t help but feel eased by.

“This is…your room?” You purveyed your surroundings upon reaching the place, which was in the separate summer house type building at the end of the garden. Pictures of Jeff and his friends or family were pinned to a cork board, and there was various baseball paraphernalia. You sat on his bed, hand hovering over his duvet.

“Ding ding.” You could feel the nervous energy spurting off of him.

“So… why am I here?” You pulled at the bed slightly.

“Well, no one’s really allowed in here, so you’re special.” He shrugged, looking at his feet.

“But why?”

“Okay, so, because it’s graduation I thought - fuck it.”

Your eyes told him to continue.

“S-so, because I’ll likely never see you again, I have nothing to worry about when I admit that I’ve liked you for the past four years.” He stammered, playing with the hem of his shirt in much the same fashion as he had with his hat tassel earlier in the day.

“You’re…playing a prank on me right?”

He sat down beside you.

“Do these eyes look serious to you?” His stunning green eyes bore into you.

“I’m not sure?” You stuttered, nervous and excited.

His words from earlier rung in your head; ‘I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N.’ What did he mean? Was this it?

He leaned in ever so slowly, giving you the opportunity to move away if you wanted, but you didn’t. When his lips hit yours it was a long dormant volcano which erupted and set your whole body on fire.

“Am I being serious now?” He whispered into your lips after breaking away.

“Try again, I need to double check.”

After another few minutes of making out with the boy you’d wished for for so long, which felt like a dream, you stopped again for breath.

“Qualified to make judgement now?”

“Qualified in school and in Jeff Atkins’ lips. Check.” You bit your lip.

“Clay told me that word would come in useful.” He flipped a strand of your hair through his fingers.

“But fuck Jeff, really? I think that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had and you waited four years until we’d never see each other again to give it to me?” You hit him.

“Ow! Don’t put this on me, you could’ve made a move.” He hit you back.

“You pushed Clay to Hannah for so long, and you couldn’t even push yourself. Disgraceful.”


“You’re going to have to make up for lost time, Jeffrey.” You leaned in, and met the lips that made the smile you loved so much, once more.

Dreams Like Air - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Could you do a modern day gatsby inspired imagine (or mini series), where y/n is dating monty (aka tom buchanan kinda), and she had a thing with jeff (gatsby) in the past. And jeff tries to get her back. Thanks x”

A/N: I’m crying at this request I honestly am so in love with it, The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books ever and i don’t know if I could ever do it justice. May or may not have nicked some… can I get done for plagiarism? Let me know if you want a Part 2, I left the ending open.

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Stand Up - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Jeff imgaine where you’re Clay’s sister and dating Jeff. You’re Hannah’s best friend as well, and as you’re walking down the halls with them, Bryce smacks your ass or something and you defend yourself by being all kick ass and everyone congratulates you for standing up to Bryce.”

A/N: I changed it to Marcus as I did in a previous imagine, hope that’s okay, and i hope it’s what you wanted! I’m gonna say it works with this.

“Catch up Clay, I’m starting to think you’ve been walking around with Tiny Tony too much.“ Jeff laughed. Clay was lagging behind you and Jeff with his backpack looking like a tortoise.

“Remind me to stop walking to school with my sister and her boyfriend.” He sulked. You and Jeff snickered.

“Who else would you walk with?” Jeff mocked.

“Myself.” He muttered, making a ‘hurumph’ noise. You laughed at your boyfriend and brother. They had been friends long before you and Jeff had gotten together, so their relationship always made you happy.

Liberty High always seemed far more grand that it was, with long rows of windows and great doors, yet inside it felt so small. As you neared, Jeff’s hand intertwined with yours, Clay sidled up beside you.

“Hey!” Hannah called, running up to you. You’d been best friends longer than you could remember and were inseparable.

“Hey.” You beamed.

“I’m going to go to my locker to get my books, I’ll meet you back at yours?” Jeff leaned in to kiss your cheek. You nodded in response and continued down the hall with Clay and Hannah.

“What have you got first?” He asked.

“History, I know you’ve got Chemistry because I’m a good sister.” You snorted jokingly. You noticed Marcus Cooley coming your way with his posse and gave Clay a look. He knew the look well, it said; ‘oh god not these idiots’.

And everything was fine, up until he passed the three of you. He was close to you, which meant you brushed shoulders, and as you passed he smacked your ass and shouted, “You fine girl!”

Which really, was the end of it for Marcus. You were infuriated. The fact that anyone could do that and treat you like something to be ogled instead of a real structured human being just went against everything you stood for. But you knew the words 'equality’ or 'that’s not right’ didn’t ring any bells in Marcus’ head.

“Wow. Looks like you’ve got some nerve.” You scoffed, turning to face him with crossed arms. You saw Hannah doing the same from the corner of your eye.

“That ass is something else, it was a just a compliment, babe. You should be proud.” He ran his hand down his chin, smiling sickeningly.

“Your attitude is something else. You think you can just go ahead and touch me without permission?”

“No need to go all feminazi on me, I was just having a bit of fun.” You saw Jeff coming up toward you from the other side of the corridor, fuming.

“You know what’s fun? Seeing you squirm at the fact I called you out on not-okay behaviour.” You spat.

“Stop being such a priss and learn to take a compliment.” He laughed, but there was an undertone of discomfort. Clay was stiff beside you, he would say something, but he knew you had it covered. Jeff however, was almost bursting at the chance, fists clenched, the only thing stopping him was Clay’s restricting arms.

“I can take compliments alright, but I’m not going to be told that sexual harassment is complimentary. If I EVER see you touch ANYONE like that again you’re going to have more than words to answer to. Now put your tongue back in your mouth and take your creepy ass out that door.”

It was silent for a while. Marcus started at you with disbelief and everyone around had shock written all over their faces. Eventually, he turned on himself, muttered; 'whatever’ and stormed out of the double doors.

There were collective whoops and claps, mostly from the girls who you noticed empathising. Hannah was grinning so much she looked like a proud mum.

“You are so badass.” Jeff pulled you in for a hug, pride beaming out of him.

“I couldn’t resist putting that scum in his place.”

“I don’t know why anyone ever tried to cross you.” Clay laughed. Jeff pulled away and kissed you lovingly on the cheek.

“Hey,” a girl put her hand on your shoulder “thank you so much for what you just did. It’s something I’ve always thought but never had the guts to articulate. You’re awesome.” She smiled shyly.

“You’re awesome, never stop fighting the dicks and pricks.”

She thanked you again before rejoining her group of friends, and you felt intense pride for being the voice of such a large collective of people who’d been harassed and told it was 'only a joke’, and for making even the smallest difference.


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  • Carlos Williams


  • Randall Clevenger


  • Marcus Lovell


  • Joseph Frank Kennedy
  • Jesus Juan Hernandez-Cazares
  • Jack Shlesinger
  • James Davis
  • Reginald Andre Linthicum
  • Dontaze Storey
  • Salvador Zepeda Alarcon
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  • Barry Martin Koeningsberg
  • Annette Garcia
  • Daniel Balandran
  • Steven Hernandez
  • Chinard Kierre Winfield
  • Leroy Barnes
  • Marcus Lemmons
  • Susanne Antuna
  • Charles Antuna
  • Susie Young Kim
  • Marcus Smith
  • Richard Cabrales
  • Avery Cody Jr
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Woodrow Player Jr.
  • Jose Jimenez
  • Ezequiel Jacobo
  • Howard Gross
  • Jessie Long
  • Guillermo Saucedo
  • Mallard Frazier
  • Oran Eugene Douglas III
  • Darrick Collins
  • Trevion Richard
  • Juan Aguiar
  • Julian Nolasco
  • Dalton Rahman
  • Daniel Carlon
  • Emmanuel Alvarez
  • Mark Smith
  • Juan Carrizoza
  • Jose Ruiz
  • John Aguilera
  • Brian Macias
  • Charles Barrera
  • Albert Valencia
  • Steven Eugene Washington
  • Steven Bours
  • David Kerr
  • OC Deputy Terry Stepp
  • Mario Jaramillo
  • Lejon Robins
  • Alfred Puliot
  • Jose Flores
  • Oscar Morales
  • Stephen Clancy Hill
  • Anthony Aguilar
  • Dexter Luckett
  • Daniel Garcia
  • Zachary Champommier
  • Javier Joseph Rueda
  • Luciano Reyes
  • Pedro Santa Cruz
  • Donnie Butler
  • Tyrone Snell
  • Leonel Mateos
  • Manuel Jamines
  • Richard Mendez Vasquez
  • William Hainsbourgho
  • Kendahl Williams
  • Sylvester Taylor
  • Jesse Carrizales
  • Khalid Lanier
  • Victor Becerril
  • Stephen Willis
  • Ricardo Varela
  • Lonnie Graham
  • Christopher Jackson
  • Steven Vargas
  • John Cooper
  • Juan Castellanos
  • Victoria Roger-Vasselin
  • Bradford Sarten
  • Lejoy Grissom
  • Joseph Larson
  • Freddie Taffola
  • David Sandoval
  • Glennel Givens
  • Jamil Wheatfall
  • Bruce Seward
  • Idriss Stelley
  • Fernando Aguilar-Garcia
  • Michael Valdez
  • Evelyn Vargas
  • Pedro Calderon
  • Gregory Hooper
  • Richard Tims
  • Joshua Russell
  • Rashan Hill
  • Jihad Akbar
  • Fred Moraga
  • Rick Escobedo
  • Gregory Lewis
  • Homero Campos
  • Michael Vega
  • Robert Freeman
  • Kevin Smith
  • Glen Willis
  • Cherie Wallace
  • Cary Grimé
  • Terrance Mearis
  • Roland Tugade
  • Deon Whitfield
  • Durrell Feaster
  • Roberto Lombana
  • Rodolfo Cardenas
  • Jaden Soto
  • Cammerin Boyd
  • Timothy Diaz
  • Johnnie Nakao
  • Dyron Brewer
  • Zaim Bojcic
  • Floyd Strong
  • Andrew Washington
  • Michael Roehl
  • Jennifer LeBlanc
  • Dashonnon Jennings
  • Daniel Foster
  • Michael Moaratty
  • Thomas Patton
  • Frank Tranquilino
  • Jason Hoffman
  • Marcella Byrd
  • Gonzalo Martinez
  • Douglas Kim
  • Randy Reeves
  • Kendraey McCall
  • Brian Miller
  • Mitchell Gibson
  • Cecil Menifield
  • Yi Tzu Chen
  • Cau Tran
  • Tyrone Hughes
  • Michael Rosa
  • Martin Soriano
  • Juan Torres
  • Sinn Sor
  • Lazaro Muniz
  • Tom Neville
  • Israel Garcia
  • Joe Corrales
  • Ralph White
  • Chyraphon Komvongsa
  • Isaias Alvarez
  • Delfino Guerrero
  • Phillip Aguilar
  • Clifford Maxwell
  • Eric Foster
  • Oscar Tilghman
  • Garland King
  • Arturo Ortega
  • James Carrel
  • Gabriel Martinez
  • Michael Sanders
  • Reynaldo Martinez
  • Juan Zaragoza
  • Vong Her
  • Jerome Carter
  • Tou Yang
  • Katrina Campos
  • Kenneth King
  • Arthur Sanchez
  • Joaquin Figuerora
  • Pete Madrid
  • Douglas Merjil
  • Joel Perales
  • Brian O'Neill
  • Eric Andrews
  • Tyrone BrooksJamil
  • Wheatfall
  • Fernando Aguilar-
  • Garcia
  • Ernesto Donald Smith
  • Richard Sharp
  • Pedro Calderon
  • Rashan Hill
  • Jihad Alim Akbar
  • Fred Moraga
  • Rick Escobedo
  • Homero Campos
  • Michael Vega
  • Glennel Givens
  • Kevin Larson Smith
  • Cherie Wallace
  • Cary James Grimé
  • Terrance Mearis
  • Roland Tugade
  • Deon Whitfield
  • Roberto Lombana
  • Rudy Cardenas
  • Glen David
  • Paul Dean
  • Jaden Edward Soto
  • Cammerin Boyd
  • Johnnie Nakao
  • Dyron Mandell Brewer
  • Zaim Bojcic
  • Floyd Neamiah Strong
  • Ezell Ford


  • Jackie Archuleta
  • Damien Steil
  • James Larue
  • Roman Rael
  • Ismael Mena
  • Jack Jacquez


  • Dennis Kissel
  • Bryant Davenport
  • Mack Lucky

District of Columbia:

  • Odell Smith


  • Andrena Kitt
  • Joseph Golden
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Donovan Brooks


  • Ray Austin
  • Surafel Assaminew
  • James Williams
  • Robert Jenkins
  • Anthony Fortson
  • Ervin Maynard
  • Ernest Merritt
  • Stanley Bates
  • Buddy Merck
  • William Lloyd
  • Roman Khaimov
  • Tessa Hardeman
  • Chuck Visa
  • Corey Ward
  • Marty Logan
  • Pablo Pano
  • Kelvin Brooks
  • Kevin Koester
  • Derrick Brown
  • Dwight McKelvie
  • Lynette Jackson
  • James Eppinger
  • Jairo Gomez
  • Jeffrey Roman
  • Walter Gay
  • McKinley Pruitt
  • Traven Robinson
  • Efren Hernandez-Ayala
  • Snapper Mitchell
  • John Brown
  • Kenneth Walker
  • Ab-Raheem Muhammad
  • John Franklin Brown
  • Snapper Mitchell
  • Efren Hernandez-Ayala
  • Traven Lewis Robinson
  • McKinley Pruitt
  • Walter Gay Jr.
  • Jairo Govea Gomez
  • Jeffrey Jerome Roman
  • James Edward Eppinger
  • Lynette Gayle Jackson
  • Dwight McKelvie
  • Derrick Fernando Brown
  • Kevin Koester Sr.
  • Kelvin Brooks
  • Demetrius Tremayne Hillery
  • Pablo Gutierrez Pano
  • Marty Logan
  • Corey Ward
  • Chuck Vicha
  • Tessa Hardeman “Teesee”
  • William G. Lloyd
  • Buddy Merck
  • Stanley Bates
  • Ernest Lee Merritt
  • Ervin Bernard Maynard
  • Robert Edward Jenkins
  • James Thomas Williams
  • Surafel Assaminew
  • Ray Charles Austin


  • LaJuanzo Brooks
  • Alicia Pierce
  • Julie Riggs
  • Myron Goodall
  • Pierre Jackson
  • Luis Diaz
  • Joseph Frustaci
  • Angel Perez
  • Phil Hayes
  • Robert Winters
  • Henry Wolk
  • Brandon Haywood
  • Billy Smith
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • Timothy Crotty
  • Rodney Craig
  • Gus Kukulas
  • Jocie Butler
  • William Robinzine
  • Sidney Rogers
  • Joseph Yetter
  • Bogdan Fryzlewicz
  • Frank Redd
  • Miguel Palomo
  • Hector Leyvauan Salazar
  • Mary Onderdonk
  • Louis DecQuir
  • Michael Walker
  • Jerry Love
  • Donnell Strickland
  • Edward Siepak
  • Vivian Siepak
  • Randall Wright
  • Qing Chang
  • John Depoy
  • Jadzia Bobek
  • Tremell Celestin
  • Marnie Burrell
  • Michael Pleasance
  • Richard Specker
  • Marcus Bell
  • Randall Varno
  • Dan Schroeder
  • Jeremiah Humphrey
  • Pablo Ortega
  • Julie Riggs
  • Curtis Collins
  • Myron Goodall
  • Luis Diaz
  • Greg Saulsbury
  • Maurice Milligan
  • LaJuanzo Brooks
  • Alicia Pierce
  • Julie A. Riggs
  • Curtis Collins
  • Myron Goodall
  • Pierre M. Jackso
  • Angel Pérez, Jr.
  • Phil Hayes
  • Henry Wolk
  • Brandon J. Haywood
  • Billy Kash Smith
  • Rodney Craig
  • Gus Kukulas
  • Ocie Butler
  • Sidney Rogers
  • Bogdan Fryzlewicz
  • Frank Redd
  • Miguel Palomo
  • Hector Leyva
  • Mary Jeanne Onderdonk
  • Louis DecQuir
  • Michael Walker
  • Jerry Love
  • Donnell Strickland
  • Edward Siepak
  • Randall David Wright
  • Qing Chang
  • Jadzia Bobek
  • Tremell Celestine
  • Mamie Burrell
  • Bruce Carroll
  • Richard Specker
  • Luther Mitchell, Jr


  • Bruce Carroll
  • Harold Ward
  • Rudy Escobedo


  • Anthony Rosario


  • Kjeston Rodgers
  • Leslie Cox


  • Deandre Brunston
  • James Brissette
  • Edward Lee
  • Marcus Jones
  • Charles Cheatham
  • Leo Brady
  • Wayne Smith
  • Gerard Glover
  • Raymond Ferdinand
  • James Billy
  • Reginald Miles
  • Michael Foley
  • Dennis Crawford
  • Frank Livaudais
  • Dwayne Lopez
  • Ellery Fernandez
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Leroy Drawsand
  • Paul Willis Johnson
  • Ray J. Gonzales
  • Tina Pigott
  • Adolph Archie
  • Lydia Madison
  • George Williams
  • Jermal Hudson
  • Danielle Britton
  • Corey Horton
  • Tiera Tassin
  • Charlene Price
  • Regina Okoh
  • Noah Philson
  • Regetter Martin
  • Cheryl Lewis
  • Delores Mack
  • Willie Daniels
  • Stephanie Murray
  • Michelle Foster
  • Lionel Harris
  • Kim Groves
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Wanda Ford
  • Sandra Warner
  • Henry Calvin
  • Karen “Peach” Ivester
  • Sharon Robinson
  • Cuong Vu
  • Ha Vu
  • Ronald Williams II
  • Sandra Williams
  • James Wilson
  • Lola Porter
  • John Green
  • Christopher Lardner
  • Rob Staley
  • Lawrence Louis
  • Calvin Robinson
  • Erik Daniels
  • Joseph Rideau
  • Sylvester Scott
  • Brandon Jones
  • Dewitt
  • Kenny Strother
  • Vergil Braud
  • Stanley Brown
  • Joseph “Shotgun Joe” Williams
  • Jenard Thomas 
  • Roland Alexcee
  • Raymond Robair
  • Henry Glover
  • Danny Brumfeld Sr
  • Matthew McDonald
  • James Brissette
  • Ronald Madison
  • Anthony Hayes
  • Ronald Goodman
  • Kirk Lewis
  • Terrence Harold
  • Gerald Arthur
  • Herman McMillan
  • Adolph Grimes III
  • Richard Scearce
  • Chris Blevins
  • Shedrick Godfrey
  • Brian Harris
  • Michael Hitzman
  • Jamyrin Points
  • 3 Unknowns


  • Bert Bowen
  • Thomas Shea
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Laveta Jackson


  • Zachary Adrian
  • Abu Jeilani
  • Martha Donald
  • Chris Anderson
  • Shaun Askelin
  • Louis Barrett
  • Charles Berry
  • Theodore Bobo
  • Franklin Brown
  • Christopher Burns
  • Walter Burks
  • James Cobb
  • Steve Cole
  • Walter Collins
  • David Croud
  • Rocco Dandrea
  • Roger Davis
  • Benjamin DeCoteau
  • Efrain Depaz
  • Lorenzo Doby
  • John Doyle
  • Brian Feist
  • Dominic Felder
  • James Fye
  • Walter Gordon
  • Artis Graham
  • William Hayek
  • Sean Hayes
  • Jesse Heller
  • Larry Hill
  • Richard Hiltner
  • Renardo Holmes
  • Frankie Howard
  • Kerry Howk
  • Maria Inamagua
  • Dale Johns
  • Thomas Kantor
  • Stanley Larry
  • Fong Lee
  • Kenneth Lessley
  • Richard LeGarde
  • Gerald Lehn
  • Basee Lor
  • Ryan Mosher
  • Tycel Nelson
  • Eric Netters
  • Perry Parks
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Mark Richards
  • Johnnie Rogers
  • Calvin Sam
  • Alfred Sanders
  • Barbara Schneider
  • Sal Scott
  • Demitreus Sesler
  • William Shotley
  • Abdullah Simmons
  • Mark Sinclair
  • Lloyd Smalley
  • Gregory Stampley
  • Jenni Stebleton
  • Michael Truchinski
  • Hosie Walton
  • Lillian Weiss
  • Michael Wessels
  • Gerald Whitten
  • Anthony Williams
  • Courtney Williams
  • Kesha Williams
  • Scott Winder
  • Ki Yang
  • Thia Yang
  • Raymond Ziegler
  • Zachary J. Adrian
  • Chris Anderson
  • Louis W. Barrett Jr.
  • Franklin J. Brown
  • Walter C. “Wally” Burks
  • Charles Craighead
  • Roger L. Davis
  • Benjamin DeCoteau
  • Lorenzo Doby
  • Martha Donald
  • Dominic Felder
  • James C. Fye
  • Steve Gundersno
  • Bill Hogetvedt
  • Sean Hayes
  • Jesse Heller
  • Renardo A. Holmes
  • Maria Inamagua
  • Kieber Jacome
  • Darwin Vivar
  • Abu Kassim Jeilani
  • Kenneth Lloyd Lessley
  • Ryan Dwight Mosher
  • Eric Von Netters
  • Perry Parks
  • Johnnie B. Rogers
  • Alfred Charles “Abuka” Sanders
  • Barbara Schneider
  • Demitreus Sesler
  • Abdullah K. Simmons
  • Jenni Stebleton
  • Michael Harold Wessels
  • Anthony M. Williams
  • Courtney Williams
  • Ki Yang
  • Raymond Ziegler


  • Willie Johnson
  • Michael Brown
  • Kajieme Powell
  • Vonderrit Myers

New Jersey:

  • Alfred Moton
  • Richard Nordstrom
  • Joel Torres
  • William Gainous
  • Curtis Good
  • Pablo Burrios-Salas
  • Boangeres Mota
  • Darryl Clayton
  • Gregory Alli
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Michael Newkirk
  • Eric Quick
  • Jose Ives
  • Justin McCarthy
  • Robert Jacovelli
  • Nicholas Barrett
  • Michael Simmons
  • Jelani Manigault
  • Santiago Villanueva
  • Dominick Galliano
  • Gail Galliano
  • Christopher Galliano
  • Gary Williams
  • Tina Williams
  • Jason Remillard
  • William Davis
  • Cindy Lee
  • Bilal Colbert
  • Shuntez Everett
  • Randy Weaver
  • Keion Williams
  • Warren Lee
  • Emil Mann

New York:

  • Marvin Fulford
  • Marcos DeJesus Alvarez
  • Santiago Urena
  • Michael Romero
  • Wilson Alba
  • Juan Aponte Huerta
  • David Glowczenski
  • Yuekor Yuen
  • Silverio Del Rios
  • James Wilson
  • Rashawn Sharif Moody
  • Dante Pomar
  • George Perez
  • David Guzman
  • Rashawn Moody
  • Donte Pomar
  • Juan Huerta
  • Jamal Blount
  • Leroy Smalls
  • Thomas Cipolla
  • Timothy Stansbury
  • Desean Cathcart
  • Russell Wimbush
  • Renardo Powell
  • Stephen Seignious
  • Melvin Sylvester
  • Othniel Askew
  • Calvin Washington
  • Juan Vasquez
  • Jose Mateo
  • Ousmane Zongo
  • Alberta Spruill
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Floyd Quinones
  • Etzel Faulkner
  • Anton Goldenburg
  • John Lagattuta
  • Allen Newsome
  • Wilson Alba
  • Eric Hines
  • Sean Bell
  • Timur Person
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Patrick Bryan
  • Georgy Louisgene
  • Patrick Dorismond
  • Eric Garner
  • Kymani Gray

North Carolina:

  • Michael Sipes
  • Rigoberto Briones
  • Patrick Howell
  • Charles Moses
  • Gilbert Barber
  • Gerald Abney
  • Ronald Tew
  • Lethaniel Glenn
  • Luke Cardenas
  • Mark Moore
  • William Lewis
  • Charlie Crowder
  • Tarik Rodgers
  • Laquinnis Dye
  • Garfield Brown
  • Steven Pearson
  • Tino Coppotelli
  • Tommy Bennett
  • Ronald Surrett
  • Christopher Woods
  • Eric Barnes
  • Robert Guy
  • Kenneth Suggs
  • Gary Rummer
  • Sherman Glenn
  • Eugene Boseman
  • Bill Drye
  • Christian Griggs
  • James Rutherford
  • Ratmir Gasanov
  • Jaime Bonilla
  • Matthew West
  • David Buchanan
  • Everett Davisson
  • Brandon Burnett
  • Francis Cortez
  • Jason Webb
  • Floyd Houser
  • Alex Daughety
  • John Myers
  • David Summers
  • Quentin Reed
  • Antonio Miller
  • Dominique Hurtt
  • Erica Stevenson
  • Antoinette Griffin
  • Kenneth Terry
  • Jonathan Ferrell
  • Sidney Templeton
  • Allen Grimes
  • David Baker
  • Billy Oxendine
  • William Rochelle
  • Ricardo Garza
  • Teyreze Odoms
  • Antonio Pryce
  • Phillipe McIver
  • Heather Fredell
  • Harold Ledet
  • David Ridge
  • Robert McPherson
  • Donald Kennedy
  • Batrone Hedgepeth
  • Arvie Fudge
  • Nyles Arrington
  • Rodney Watson
  • Ronnie Boles
  • Curtis Dixon
  • Milton Gaines
  • Navon Ligon
  • General Martin Grant
  • Ronteze DeLoatch
  • Robert Morgan
  • Hugh Locklear
  • Lee Dunn
  • Yalonda Patterson
  • Jamie Bonilla
  • Norman Dove
  • Edmond Banks
  • Jason Boston
  • Jessie Davis
  • Jeoy Grindstaff
  • Danny Johnson
  • Tywain Neal
  • Jeremiah Presnell
  • Mark Thomas
  • Rigoberto Olvera
  • Jerry Hendricks
  • Ronald Poole
  • Douglas Hutchinson
  • Charles Potts
  • Jack Crooks
  • Joseph Brown
  • Damon Kearns
  • Warnie Patton
  • Donald Mosley
  • Movell Davis
  • Jackie Gearheart
  • David Sivak
  • Carolyn Boetticher
  • Joseph Hoffman
  • Henry Brown
  • Malachiah McQueen
  • James Cooper
  • Daryl Howerton
  • Kenneth Fennel
  • Vinson Harris
  • Peyton Strickland
  • Gilbert Alexander Barber


  • Calico Markies Smalls
  • Jermaine Sanders
  • Craig Bickerstaff
  • Steve Moore
  • Joseph Finley
  • Jeffrey Hopkins
  • Ricardo Mason
  • Malcolm Hoyle
  • Ricardo Mason
  • Joseph Pearly Finley, Jr.
  • John Crawford


  • Austin Haley


  • Kendra Sarie James


  • Neil Begin
  • Scott Mackelvey
  • Barron Wright
  • Kermith Sonnier
  • Brian Weaver
  • Eugene Griffy
  • Kenneth Walker
  • Michael Ellerbee
  • Bernard Rogers
  • Andrea Umphrey
  • Damian Jordan
  • Charles Dixon
  • Dion Hall
  • Johnny Santana

South Dakoda:

  • Albert Six Feathers


  • Tony Wayne Johnson
  • Jose Vieira
  • Timothy Terry
  • Aubrey Hardcastle
  • Robert Meadours
  • James Gross
  • Ramon Bautista
  • Ricardo Moreira
  • Luis Torres
  • Jose Vega
  • Jimmy Madeley
  • Jack Stuart
  • Serafin Olvera
  • Victor Meza
  • Oliver Hampton
  • Michael Goodman
  • Esau Marin
  • Catalina Rico
  • Marcus Alexander
  • Waseem Jung
  • Daniel Damian
  • James Fields
  • Mario Romero-Mejia
  • Christopher Menifee
  • Damarcus Celestine
  • Leonard Mosqueda
  • Salome Garvajal
  • Alfred Gamble
  • Thomas Monce-Grissom
  • Arthur Magana
  • Katrina Sarkissian
  • Edgar Vera
  • Washington:
  • John T. Williams
  • Robert Thoma
  • Anthony Shuster
  • Joel Silvesan
  • Vandy Thepvongsa
  • David Walker
  • Robert Thomas
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Joshua Morgan
  • Shawn Maxwell
  • Guadalupe Martinez
  • Nelson Martinez-Mendez
  • Rosa Hammer
  • Robert Harrison
  • Adam Alexander
  • Gary Burow
  • DeOntrel Davis
  • Cristino Vargas Mendoza
  • Eugene Culp
  • Dennie Trujillo
  • Rick Camat
  • John Steinbaugh
  • Samson Bounthisane
  • Herbert Hightower
  • Randal Dobbins
  • Chauncy Jones
  • Willie Smith III
  • Ricky Sampson
  • Lawrence Owens
  • Duong Pham
  • Ryan Rozsonits
  • Damian Henderson
  • Robert Robison
  • Desseria Whitmore
  • David Fesili
  • Jason Tucker
  • Harold McCord
  • Crystal Judson
  • Timothy Cullison
  • Cristino Mendoza
  • Kevin Woo
  • Joy Miller
  • Murray Morrison
  • Diane Stults
  • Samuel Page
  • Richard McCartor
  • Gregory Garner
  • Gary Fitzpatrick
  • Mylo Harvey
  • Stephen Edwards
  • Dalton Culp
  • Steven Davis
  • Larry Adams
  • John Buckendorf
  • William Pio
  • Connie Pearsall
  • Kareen White
  • Carnell Porter
  • Norman Pribnow
  • Vince Boutillier
  • Gerardo Martinez
  • Brock Loshbaugh
  • Abdul Ali
  • Mick Morgan
  • Kyle Sheets
  • Russell Whitaker
  • Christian Fairbank
  • Michael Okarma
  • Lonnie Davis
  • Patrick Folk
  • Steve Grieves
  • Richard Jones
  • Marylou Jones
  • Miles Schulmeister
  • Devon Jackson
  • Tyrone Thomas
  • Kelly Loomis
  • Phillip Roberts
  • Steven Covyeow
  • Susie McDowell
  • Elaine McDowell
  • Andre Waldon
  • Arien Weaver
  • David Roehr
  • Daniel Delfierro
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Adam Boston
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Charmine Sneatlum
  • Randy Piotrowski
  • Mauro Montez
  • Phillip Montgomery
  • Terry Nelson
  • Brian Jim
  • Edward Post
  • John Patrick Steinbaugh
  • Samsong Bounthibane
  • Herbert Hightower
  • Chauncey Lee Jones
  • Ricky Owens Sampson
  • Lawrence J. Owens
  • Duong Pham
  • Ryan Allen Rozsonits
  • Robert Ian Robison
  • Desseria Whitmore
  • David Taiese Fesili
  • Jason Tucker
  • Harold McCord Jr.
  • Crystal Judson
  • Cristino Vargas Mendoza
  • Timothy E. Cullison
  • Kevin Dale Woo
  • Joy Saunders Miller
  • Herbert Roland
  • Murray J. Morrison
  • Diane Katherine Stults
  • Samuel Page
  • DeOntrel Marcelle Davis
  • Richard L. McCartor Jr.
  • Gregory Garner
  • Gary Fitzpatrick
  • Mylo Harvey
  • Shawn Howell
  • Dalton Culp
  • Larry Adams
  • John Buckendorf
  • Gary Dean Burow
  • William Pio Jr.
  • Kareen White
  • Carnell Porter Jr.
  • Norman Pribnow
  • Robert Lee Thomas Sr.
  • Vince Edward Boutillier
  • Vandy Thevongsa
  • Gerardo V. Martinez
  • Shawn Jerel Maxwell
  • Abdul Ali
  • Mick Morgan
  • Kyle Sheets
  • Russell Whitaker
  • Adam L. Alexander
  • Christian D. Fairbank
  • Marylou Jones
  • Anthony James Shuster
  • Steve Grieves
  • Devon Jackson
  • Rosa Hammer
  • Nelson Martinez-Mendez
  • Tyrone F. Thomas
  • Herbert Roland
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Kelly Loomis
  • Joshua Morgan
  • Joel Silvesan
  • Phillip Lee Roberts
  • Steven Covyeow
  • Susie McDowell
  • Elaine McDowell
  • Andre Waldon
  • Arien Lee Weaver
  • David Terry Roehr
  • Juan Manuel Rodriguez
  • Adam E. Boston
  • David John Walker


  • Darrien Hunt
  • Dillon Taylor


  • James L. Knee
  • Gregory Velasquez
  • Michael Moreno
  • Brian Lamb
  • Timothy Whettam
  • Jose Cesar Contreras
  • Dontre Hamilton 
  • Derek Williams
  • Michael Bell


  • Travis Posselt
  • Randy Lee Linder
  • Michael Owens
  • Travis Posselt
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Luis Vazquez
  • Justin Adams
  • Robert Dick
  • Bruce Weigel
  • Steven Smith
  • Shawn Eli Armajo
  • Collin Pulford
  • Laurie Martinez
  • Casey Shields
  • Thomas Clearwater

This is nowhere near the complete list of individuals killed by law enforcement. Please feel free to add on names!