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Hi there! I love your blog! Huge favor to ask... Do you have the full size photos you posted on the Brandon in Suspenders post?! I don't have hardly any of those photos and Brandon in suspenders is pretty much my favorite thing ever! I don't know if you could post them, but if you could you would make my whole life! I know it's a BIG favor but I'd be so grateful! Thank you so, so much!

Hi anon ;) aww thank you so much <3  sorry it took a while to answer your question, I’ve been doing university work and other stuff. 
Of course I can post the full size photos from the brandon in suspenders photoset and I know Brandon in suspenders is so hot XD I have loads of photos of him in suspenders so I’ll just add them all to this post for you. Its a long post, hope you enjoy them :)

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Top 5 Brandon outfits!

Alright, he had some fabulous outfits through the eras. Here are my top 5:

5) Embrace it, he´s the master of suspense suspenders - Brandon in suspenders


4) Getting (p)laid - Brandon in plaid shirts


3) Take a bow, it´s a tie - Brandon with a bows and ties

2) Grown man - Brandon in the leather jacket

1) Brandenim - Everything jeans-ish

And here, some honourable mentions:

Spaceman, mon armour!

Since this is from a video shoot, I didn´t include this in the upper section

Tom Cruise would be proud - the Vince - Shirt

“No owl was ever harmed to make these!" - fab´n´feathers

Stars and Stripes - a true American. The Star -Shirt

B/W and Stripes - what a Hot Fuss flashback!

And last but not least - from da hoodie & Brandon in sweaters

I hope this answered your questions! ;)