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Everyone needs something to get them through the day. This is Brandon’s something.


Finding the perfect dress is hard work.

Thank You.

Last night I was extremely thrilled to win the 10th annual Andy Kaufman Award. The show was extremely fun, the other contestants were so goddamn funny, and the overall experience was so humbling and jubilant that I couldn’t even begin to describe it. But I want to put it out there somewhere, without the detached irony in 140 characters about how the Seahawks lost too, and say thank you to everyone. Deeply, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

All of my friends who voted for the initial video submission, thank you. I was overwhelmed with support, and I wouldn’t have gotten to the finals last night without you. Last night Michael, Andy’s kid brother, talked to me after the award was announced and asked: “How did you get so many votes?” And I had to tell him I had no idea. It was just from friends and family. And it surprised me even more than it did him. I never could have imagined so many people would have come out to support me, and it was amazing.

Thank you also to the folks on my sketch team Bellevue, especially our director Brandon Gulya. If it weren’t for them I never would have found these characters, and probably wouldn’t have been able to find my comedic voice that I’m still in search of. But I definitely could not have gone up there last night wearing a plastic beak, a rubber glove on my chin and feathers coming out of my suit sleeves with ANY degree of confidence if Bellevue hadn’t helped me. Dr. Turkey is something I’ve thought about for a long, long time but it was Bellevue and Gulya who helped me hone it into something that wasn’t just turkey puns and inane gobbling.

And thank you to everyone at the show last night. And to the UCB community. And to the UCB. And especially Melinda Taub, one of the funniest people I know, who had to listen to me mull over this stuff for weeks. I am so very lucky.

Thank you to everyone. I am so full of joy and gratefulness. And now I think I’ll go for a walk and listen to R.E.M. It seems fit.


Fifty-One Nifty United States

Here’s a sketch children’s song I wrote for Bellevue’s show back in October. It’s based on a song I thought everyone sang back in elementary school, but then it turned out only myself and Claire had so we forced the rest of Bellevue to memorize all the states in alphabetical order. 

It was worth it.

Directed by Brandon Gulya and starring the entire team!

EDIT: I should add that this bit was conceived by myself and Chelsea Clarke while we were in holding for BROAD CITY (AIRS TOMORROW!)