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It’s been an incredible week for music, and we’re only at Wednesday, too. Countless artists and bands have unveiled extensive fall tour plans, and many have also regaled us with new album announcements. The Killers’ fifth album, Wonderful Wonderful, is one such treat, and it’ll be arriving later this year. It feels like much of the world has been waiting for new music from the beloved Vegas veterans. Waking up to a new single was cause for much excitement. The Brandon Flowers lead troupe are back with a funktastic jam named The Man that strays far from their old heartland rock sound. In fact, glamorous The Man’s confident swagger heavily reminds me of Arcade Fire crossed with Saint Motel. It’s a proper tune for strutting down the Vegas strip, or even dancing on the street in your best glitter dusted disco garb. 

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble 🎃 Black, green, & purple books
I’m finally home! Honestly this break isn’t much longer than my usual weekends since I still work, but I’ll take what I can get.
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- Anne Rice
- Cornelia Funke
- Shirley Jackson
- Jenny Nimmo
- Leigh Bardugo
- Sabaa Tahir
- Kelley Armstrong
- Ellen Schreiber
- Rainbow Rowell
- Kerry Lonsdale


Incubus - Stellar


              History is like gravity
      It holds you down away from me
      You and me we’ve both got sins
I don’t go care about where you’ve been
       Don’t be sad and don’t explain
         This is where we start again
                    Start again

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