brandon boyd is love

The signs as incubus songs
  • Aries: Redefine
  • Taurus: Black Heart Inertia
  • Gemini: In The Company Of Wolves
  • Cancer: Wish You Were Here
  • Leo: Sick Sad Little World
  • Virgo: Make Yourself
  • Libra: Megalomaniac
  • Scorpio: Summer Romance (Anti Gravity Love Song)
  • Sagittarius: Warning
  • Capricorn: Love Hurts
  • Aquarius: Brandon Boyd's entire solo album
  • Pisces: Ben Kenney's entire solo career

A few months ago, I spoke to Brandon Boyd at a show in Hollywood. We talked briefly about his visual art (look up his Ectoplasm series. It’s really amazing. I have three prints…) I almost wish though, that I had talked to him about his tattoos. They are some of the best I have seen in person. Just beautiful!

Sons of The Sea, Brandon’s new band played in Los Angeles tonight. Give them a listen “Come Together” is sexy and lovely.


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