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I took it upon myself to write up the words from Brandon’s beautiful little soliloquy in ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’. Nothing is more touching and immersive as actually listening to it with all the little ambient sounds and Brandon’s sing-song storytelling voice, but the story is just as captivating to read as it is to hear:

“My mother and father spent most of their lives in Henderson, Nevada. The small, dusty sidecar of Las Vegas. Henderson was just like any other town in America, only with slot machines in the laundromat. It was 1990, and Vegas was boomin’, baby!

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The Killers Cover ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Wishes’ Title of Christmas Compilation

Given that it is already Friday in New Zealand, The Killers latest, and perhaps last, (RED) Christmas Single and new Christmas compilation album are now available.

Contrary to some reports and speculation, ‘Don’t Waste Your Wishes’ is the title of The Killers’ Christmas compilation album while ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ appears to be the final Christmas single.

Presumably, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ is a cover of the 1943 Bing Crosby classic and appears to be available for purchase separately from the compilation.

You can listen to a snippet of Brandon Flowers’ spoken intro on ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ by previewing the track on iTunes New Zealand.

festivefrodobaggins  asked:

I think I'd throw a random Dizzie question into your inbox since they're celebrating their 2 year anniversary today. What are your theories on their plans today? :)

Darcy has been intensely secretive about Lizzie’s birthday and it’s driving her mad. He’s hinted that she should prepare herself for something major. Lydia, Jane, and even GiGi have refused to discuss the matter and then they all smile in a way guaranteed to make Lizzie’s stomach flop over like a pancake that doesn’t land back in the pan. She’s brushing her teeth and estimates that she feels 30% nervous and 70% excited. She crawls into bed and is almost asleep. Her birthday begins in 19 minutes. Darcy is already asleep, his hands tucked under his pillow. It’s a quirk of his. She never expected this—to be madly in love with the way someone sleeps.

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