brandon and talya

I feel like this is a really underrated scene. Brandon didn’t even let Talya tell him anything from the journal, because it didn’t matter. He knew that he loved her and that was all that mattered. Any secrets she had, he was willing to wait to hear when she was ready to tell them. Callie was so scared he knew about Liam and would judge her for it, but finds out that he’s different.

100 ways that the writers of “The Fosters” could break up Brandon and Cortney

1. Brandon realizes that he is in love with Callie

2. Brandon realizes that it is weird that he is in high school dating an adult with a child and an adult life

3. Cortney decides that it is weird that her boyfriend is in high school and she is an adult with a child and an adult life

4. Something fishy happens with Cortney and Eddie

5. Cortney dies suddenly

6. Cortney gets back together with Eddie

7. Brandon moves away for university

8. Cortney moves away for her job

9. Stef finds a legal issue with their relationship

10. Cortney cheats

11. Brandon cheats

12. Brandon finds out an unforgivable secret about Cortney’s past

13. Cortney does something endangering to Callie/Callie’s adoption

14. Eddie reveals something to Brandon

15. Cortney turns out to be Lesbian

16. AJ and Brandon have a heart to heart after AJ finds out that “Cameron” kissed whatever his name is (he is so irrelevant to me that i forgot, lol) about using people as a distraction

17. Dani appears back in Brandon’s life and Brandon has some epiphany about having problems with older women

18. Callie realizes that she wanted to be a “white knight” or whatever to protect AJ (because she met him on the streets and let him sleep at the drop in center) and Brandon realizes he is doing the same thing with Cortney

19. Cortney goes to jail

20. Mike convinces Brandon to break up with her

21. Jesus and Brandon have a heart to heart about girl problems and Brandon learns that he should break up with her

22. Mariana confronts Brandon about knowing about Idyllwild and convinces him to find a way to be with Callie

23. Something goes wrong with Mike and Ana’s relationship which parallels Brandon and Cortney’s.

24. A musical influence gives Brandon advice that convinces him to break up with her

25. One of Cortney’s friends has a heart to heart with her

26. Cortney walks in on a Brallie moment and knows she is in the way of something beautiful

27. Cortney’s family visits and disapproves of Brandon

28. Social services threatens to take away Mason because Brandon is spending too much time with him and is not a fit parent

29. Brandon prioritizes his future over Cortney and they break up

30. General personality disagreements

31. Cortney gives Brandon an STI and he leaves her for something connected to that

32. Brandon wants to go home but Courtney doesn’t want him to

33. Cortney tries to isolate Brandon from everybody he cares about

34. Someone’s Little Sister comes back and asks Brandon to tour

35. Brandon is scouted to play classical music full time at a big hall

36. Brandon cheats

37. Talya comes back to see Brandon and they have a heart to heart about why they broke up

38. Wyatt talks to Brandon

39. Cortney wants to get married and Brandon isn’t ready

40. Mason gets injured/ill and creates tension

41. Callie gets in danger and Brandon leaves to be with her

42. Brandon goes home to take care of his family still struggling with the situation with Nick

43. Brandon almost fails high school and realizes they have to break up

44. Money issues

45. The house is broken into and tensions are created

46. Cortney turns out to be a criminal on the run

47. Cortney turns out to be in witness protection

48. Cortney’s family member turns out to be ill and she has to leave

49. R and J tours and Brandon leaves her

50. Brandon cracks under the pressure of raising a child

51. Cortney falls out of love with Brandon

52. They realize they have nothing in common

53. They turn out to be related

54. Cortney gets tired of competing with Callie

55. Courtney finds Brandon to be immature

56. A dispute about how Brandon moved in without asking

57. Stef’s cancer comes back and Brandon leaves Cortney to be with her

58. While Callie is photographing an old house she runs into trouble (with Liam?) and Brandon defends her

59. Mat confronts Brandon about his relationship

60. Cortney is connected to Liam in some way

61. Cortney is connected to Vico in some way

62. Lou has a heart to heart with Brandon as to why he is dating Cortney

63. Cortney becomes an alcoholic

64. Cortney gets a higher position at the bar, creating tensions

65. Ana confronts Brandon about the dangers of being in a relationship with someone older

66. Brandon becomes an alcoholic

67. Sophia Quinn confronts Brandon about his relationships

68. Callie moves in with the Quinn’s and Brallie happens

69. While at a gig for Someone’s Little Sister, Brandon is inspired by his music

70. Cortney joins the army

71. Brandon joins the army

72. Mason breaks the two up

73. Brandon sees a couple with a child and realizes that could be his future

74. Cortney fears that Brandon is an unfit father

75. Cortney becomes abusive

76. Cortney sells drugs

77. Robert Quinn talks to Brandon about the problems of being with someone you don’t love

78. Robert Quinn talks to Brandon about how important it is to be with the one you love even if that seems impossible

79. Stef and Lena help Brandon find a way to be with Callie

80. Jude and Brandon discuss happy endings and Brandon realizes he wants one

81. Brandon and Callie end up in a life or death situation and feelings intensify

82. The girls from GU talk to Brandon about how much Callie loves him

83. Kiara talks to Brandon about what it is like to lose everything you want because of a bad choice

84. Something comes up about Daphne’s kidnapping her daughter that makes it so Brandon can’t be around Mason

85. Brandon turns out to be gay

86. Cortney turns out to be an immigrant and gets deported

87. Cortney realizes that Brandon is acting innapropreiatly

88. Cortney gets upset that Brandon is supporting her when she is the adult in the relationship

89. Gender role issues with Brandon watching Mason and Cortney working

90. Brandon runs out of money to support Cortney

91. They stop having sexual chemistry

92. They have nothing to talk about

93. Callie becomes pregnant somehow and Brandon wants to help her

94. Emma has a heart to heart with Brandon about wanting to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and parallel’s his own relationship

95. The Fosters move and Brandon wants to move with them (Fall Out Boy’s “Jet Pack Blues” plays in the background)

96. Stef talks to Brandon about when she knew to divorce Mike and this makes him break up with Cortney

97. They get married and Brandon leaves her at the alter because he knows he can’t marry her

98. Cortney says something homophobic.

99. Cortney asks Brandon to do something illegal for her

100. Brandon realzies he has to be with Callie.

So if i can write this in less than an hour with no writing experience, the writers can too.

Man do the Fosters/Adams Fosters really have a knack for cheating on significant others…
(Brandon on Talya w/ Callie,
Jesus on Lexi w/ Emma,
Lena on Stef w/ Monte,
Stef on Mike w/ Lena,
and Mariana on Mat w/ Wyatt)


Looks like Talya and Brandon are done in this sneak peek look at Monday’s all new episode of The Fosters!

‘Brallie is over’

I’ve personally never understood why people act like Brallie isn’t a main story arc … you don’t have to like it but you gotta at least understand that. Their relationship is not going anywhere. I mean, look at it objectively. What does every budding/growing main relationship have? That will they? Won’t they? That annoying back and forth. That never wanting the same thing at the same time. They want to be together, but they can’t so they attempt to move on:

  • Callie is with Wyatt. Brandon gets Jealous.
  • Brandon is with Lou. Callie gets Jealous.
  • Brandon fights for the relationship. Callie doesn’t.
  • Callie fights for the relationship. Brandon doesn’t.

And of course, with those other relationships, the show has shown time and time again that no matter who they’re with, they’re still each others first choice.

  • Brandon was dating Talya when he kissed Callie back in 1x10
  • Callie was technically still with Wyatt when she kissed Brandon in 2x10
  • Brandon didn’t say ‘I love you’ back to Lou in 2x21
  • And there will be other girls, and other guys but they’ll come and go, Brandon and Callie will always be each others constants.

I don’t know. I just don’t see how this relationship is just going to end when it screams endgame to me (or at least deserving of an actual shot). Not only do I find comfort in their back-and-forth but I’m kinda just trusting in the foundation the show has built with Brandon and Callie. I mean, their thing is talking! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Seriously. Their relationship is based on Callie’s ability to open up to Brandon about anything. (And have you met this girl? That’s huge). He’s shown as someone that Callie relies on. Whether it’s for emotional support (ie. talking to him about everything or going to him as Brandon put it ‘when everything goes wrong’) or in an actual dire situation (ie. taking the fall and getting arrested at the dance. (I have like 7 more instances but this is long enough so etc). I mean, if he loves her, completely and unconditionally, and she loves him. If other relationships aren’t an issue, distance isn’t an issue (2A showed us that Brandon and Callie can stay virtually no where near each other for an entire half-season and fall back together like nothing happened) then I don’t see what could potentially end this other than the obvious adoption. But like the writers/producers/Maia have always said, theres no reason why she can’t have it all. The family and Brandon. Adoption completely removes her chances of being with the guy she loves but being with the guy she loves doesn’t remove her from her family. And the Adams-Fosters are her family. But I just don’t feel like all of this was for nothing or for Brandon and Callie to just be ‘siblings’.


  • Brallie is legit on the poster
  • Promotional pictures & ABC photo-booths; there is always only two Foster couple shots. Stef and Lena: Main. Canon. Forever. And Brandon and Callie. (why would they put a temp. couple?)
  • Brallie is shipped by the writers/exec-producers.
  • Brallie is shipped by the majority of the cast (and their mothers, literally)


anon: Brandon and Callie’s relationship seems unhealthy to me. That doesn’t mean that I’m downplaying or belittling their experience. I just don’t support Brallie and they don’t seem to be in love to me. I think that Brandon needs to truly move on and Callie needs to stop crawling back to Brandon every time something bad happens and she wants to rebel. It’s fine for you to like them together and really see depth in their relationship, but I don’t and that’s okay.

Since I particularly liked the way you worded this - and I don’t feel like it was an attack on me shipping brallie but just your opinion - I am going to respond. I absolutely respect your opinion … about as much I disagree with it LOL. (Since you can’t feel my tone, I just want to say that I am in a good mood :D This isn’t angry and anyone is free to message me about Brallie) 

Brandon and Callie are unhealthy and toxic

For one, I personally do not believe that a relationship that is based on communication could ever be considered unhealthy or toxic. Brandon and Callie’s relationship is built on the foundation of their ability to talk to each other. Open up to each other. Trust each other. Tell each other everything and be completely there for each other no matter what, even - and most importantly - putting their feelings aside for the greater good (Callie’s adoption). They both ended it on separate occasions - Brandon even ending it before it could start up again - and that just doesn’t seem unhealthy or toxic to me. However, they’ve both had moments where they were too caught up in their relationship to think of the bigger picture. Brandon visiting Callie at Girls United (as he said, he was just checking to make sure she was okay since the last time she saw any of them, Stef and Lena were in court saying they didn’t want her back in their home at this time) He was worried about her being in a group home, period - but I agree, reckless as fuck. But I file that under standard teenage in love antics (he’s 16). Callie is also 16 and wasn’t thinking straight when Brandon explained to her why they couldn’t be together (because he didn’t want her to give up) and that same night got all riled up about him not being with her because of Lou. He literally explained but like a teenager, all she could think about it, that the thing that was between them was another girl.

Brandon and Callie should just move on

I think people need to stop looking at it like the writers are putting them back together over and over again but that Brandon and Callie are unable to move on because of how they feel about each other. The show has shown time and time again, these two will always come back to each other. That they are each others first choice. That Brandon broke up with Talya because of his feeling for Callie. That Callie was dating Wyatt to distract herself from Brandon. That after Brandon and Callie broke up and she began dating Wyatt again - even telling him that she loved him but immediately kissed Brandon the first opportunity she could (which you called rebelling but I’ll address that in a second <3) Then Lou. Then AJ. The relationships Brandon and Callie have gotten into outside of each other don’t work because of their feelings for each other. You’re saying they should move on because you don’t feel like it’s love but the two people you say don’t love each other, say they love each other. It isn’t just about me wanting them to be together, they ship themselves in both their apparent chemistry together and them actually wanting to be together.

Brandon should move on and
Callie is rebelling with Brandon

I think a lot of people believe that Brandon loves Callie completely, that its real on his end -  and he should move on - but it’s not on Callies. I couldn’t disagree more. Let’s forget the fact that Callie said I love you to Brandon FIRST, let’s forget that she has said it several times in conversations, with Sophia and the girls at girls united - the most recent one with AJ - when she really didn’t need to (I mean, this is a guy I thought she was interested in but she didn’t downplay or dismiss her relationship with Brandon like it was nothing. She didn’t say, oh yeah we had a thing, it was nothing or oh, me and him kissed once, nothing to worry about. She said: Brandon and I fell for each other when I first got here. We fell in love). But lets forget about what Callie has said verbally about Brandon. How about the fact that the only guy she has ever gotten emotional about … is Brandon. I’ve never seen Callie cry over Wyatt or any other guy but with Brandon? When they broke up, she cried. At the dance, she cried. When Brandon said he’s done, she cried.This is someone who is just using him to rebel? Why does she care so much then? I mean, in the interview with the social worker, she was quick to say her feelings for Brandon were real when she implied it wasn’t. Why would she care if it’s not real, if her feelings for him aren’t real?

You’re saying she goes to Brandon when everything goes wrong but I don’t see that as her ruining her chances that were already ruined at the time. When she kissed him in 2x10, that was because Robert wasn’t going to sign the papers and she thought she wasn’t getting adopted and like she said in 3x08; she thought she was giving up Brandon for nothing. That isn’t her rebelling, that’s her looking on the bright side of a really shitty situation.

Same with 3x09. She’s saying the judge isn’t going to let her get adopted. Her chances are already slim. Whatever happens with Brandon is because of their feelings for each other and a glimmer of hope they could actually be together, not her fucking up whats already fucked and rebelling.

(1. I hope I made sense. 2. I represent my own thoughts not all Brallie stans. 3. Sorry if there is grammar or spelling mistakes 4. You have your opinion. I have mine. I respect yours <333333)

Brallie In Every Episode

Season 1A

1x01: As soon as Callie walks into the room Brandon’s gaze goes directly towards her. / “Wh-wh-who’s this?” / “Well, nice to meet ya” *serves her lasagna* / “How’d you get him? The 99 cent store?” / Lena asks Brandon to show Callie around at school. / They go to the music room together and it’s the start of something new. it feels so right. to be here with you. / moving on / He plays her the composition he wrote. / Callie looks very uncomfortable when Talya comes into the room. / Brandon sees Callie leaving and chases after her- leaving his girlfriend. / Brandon skips his piano competition and goes with Callie to find her little brother. / They brush knees on the bus and it’s hella cute and underrated. / Callie explains everything to Brandon about how she ended up in juvy. / He’s protective over her at the house / “Hey, don’t touch her!” / “You know, but you didn’t have to come” “Yes, I did.” / They share a look while buckling Jude’s seatbelt that I will remember for as long as I shall live. 

1x02: Stef legit already knows brallie is a thing : “chasing after some girl, come on.” / Callie goes to the music room during lunch / “no, no you can stay!” / they flirt about Brandon being an innocent lil cinnamon roll / “yeah no you’re bad news” / Brandon finds out Callie plays the guitar / Callie tells Brandon about her mom passing away / He puts his hand on her knee (it’s better than it sounds) / Brandon straight up gives Callie his guitar / Brandon tells Talya she has no reason to be jealous of Callie (lmao u thought) / “woah woah you think Callie’s hot?” “you don’t?” *no response* / B is the only one who believes Callie didn’t steal Jesus’ pills / He helps her remember some guitar chords / it’s really cute and flirty and smiley / this whole scene makes my heart sing / they play piano and guitar together / Brandon legit blows off his girlfriend for her / nice.

1x03: Callie sees Talya and Brandon kissing / She’s so uncomfortable and jealous you can literally feel it through the screen / They have a cute convo on a tree / Callie knows him better than 90% of the ppl in his life already bye / “you seem pretty happy in the house- hot water not withstanding” / She’s makes him self reflect / Callie tries to give the guitar back / “no, it’s for you” / Brallie eye sex is born / cute smiles / “I guess you decided you needed more hot water, huh?” / a good episode. 

1x04: Tayla asks who Callie gets to dance with in Mariana’s court / plot twist of the century / never saw it coming / it’s Brandon / He has to reassure Talya that she’s his date / Callie has to leave the room bc the pure sight of them is gross / Stef is like “uh oh” / Stef tells Brandon that foster siblings can’t hook up / “there’s nothing going on between Callie and I” / lol for NOW / Stef literally saw this coming idk why she’s so mad / Brallie & Co go to dance lessons and it’s lit / Brandon has to put his hand on her waist / and they have to stare into each other’s eyes / eye sex take 2 / “connection is key” / Brandon looks Callie up and down when she’s in the Quince dress / he’s speechless / “you look… nice” / Callie switches partners and Brandon is like ‘but ur my gf wtf’ / “you need to tell your girlfriend to chill”…“she thinks I have a thing for you” (low-key brandon’s like ‘well do u?’) / “alright, you’re dancing with me” / and then they dance together / can it get better than that? / (yes, it can but at this point it was the best trust me) / “you have nothing to be sorry about” / “I broke up with Talya” “because of me?” / “I already know everything I need to know about you, Callie” / she runs away from him / it’s ok things’ll be a lil different come episode 12 / he chases after her so props. 

1x05: Brandon and Callie chat at the moms party / Wyatt walks in and B’s like ‘well shit’ / “what’s he doing here?” “I invited him” / and then he’s all jealous and protective / “don’t call me dude” / that sassy Brandon head shake bc the moms approve of Wyatt / I live for that head shake / “hey, what’re you doing with that guy?” / Wyatt fucks shit up, as per usual / Callie has to call Brandon to rescue her / “not your bro” / brandon is 10000% done w Wyatt and it’s been like one episode i love it / Brallie arguments are born / it’s only okay because they’re a married couple / so / “I don’t want you dating Wyatt because I don’t want you dating anyone” / Callie starts telling Brandon about Liam / “Well I’m not like him. I would never do that.” / all Callie can think about when Wyatt kisses her is Brandon standing down the hallway / good luck losing that battle girl.

1x06: this episode is so gross I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that much of Wyatt / I guess Brallie needed a cool down after their episode 5 confrontation u know? / that was a lot of emotions there for a hot minute / Callie sees Talya at Wyatt’s house party / “I told you you had nothing to worry about with me and Brandon” / “I should’ve realized that you were never into Brandon. He’s into you.” / yikes / petition to strike this episode from existence

1x07: Callie goes to get breakfast and discovers that Brandon has turned into the Ice Queen / cold shoulder af / “are you like not talking to me or something?” “no, why?” “I don’t know cause you’re kinda not talking to me.” / he literally thinks she brought Mariana to Wyatt’s party and got her drunk / Brandon / sweetie / You have a lot to learn / Brandon wants to walk home with bae / “I’m headed home, but you know I could take the long way” / What does that even mean / he wants more time w/ bae? / prbly / Brandon hears Callie screaming and comes running / “go home Wyatt” / ICONIC / B carries C’s bag / They walk home together by the beach / She tells Brandon more about Liam / hella Brallie bonding / my shit / my shIT / they share juice in the morning / he drives her to group / and waits there for her / Callie tells Brandon about Liam raping her / it’s the most heartbreaking scene of all time / He’s the first person she tells / that’s trust bitch / “oh, you can stay” / :) 

1x08: Callie is the only family member who knows Brandon’s nickname for his piano teacher / she compliments his music / and giggles at his joke / i’m fine / “she (talya) turned into a whiny, jealous mess” “-well maybe she had a right to be jealous” / damn girl / throwin shade / “idk she thinks we’re together. She just realized that she had it all wrong.” “Did she? I mean are you with Wyatt?” “Idk maybe. Not really.” “Then why would she think that?” “Your pizza’s ready.” / sweet, awkward little beans / “I don’t even think I’ve ever had the kinda pain he’s talking about” / oh honey / you’ve got a big storm coming / good luck w that.

1x09: Brandon and Callie talk about each other’s dates and pretend not to hate their lives / They found out about Stef being shot together / I still cry / Callie knew Brandon would be mad at the twins / she put her hand on his chest / Brandon and Callie pick out clothes for Lena / it’s a good moment / she knocks some sense into him / *whispers* “so don’t be a jackass” / the biscuits and gravy scene!!!!!! / “I just realized I don’t really know your story” / Callie tells him about her dad / “I’m sorry” “Not your fault” “It doesn’t have to be my fault, for me to feel bad.” / tucks. her. hair. behind. her. ear. / literally / byYE / her cute lil smile / i get chills every time / Wyatt reveals that he ships Brallie / she RUNS TO HIM / it’s actually more of a speed walk / but talya shows up and ruins it / wondering what would’ve happened if she didn’t literally keeps me UP AT NIGHT.

1x10: Brallie begins their tradition of sitting on benches next to each other / they talk about the trial / “But what about what he did to you? Don’t you think you deserve some justice?” / eye sex eye sex eye sex / Brandon comes to Callie’s room to talk more about the trial / Callie gets so mad about his optimism / it’s fine / she’s just venting / married couple again / Brandon agrees to Callie and Jude getting adopted / cute intentions but boy u fuckd up / “there’s enough to go around” / “you were kinda yelling at me last time we were alone” / “I wanted to thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself” / “I might not have gotten the justice I deserve, but… I know what I deserve now so” / eye sex / “you deserve to be happy.” / “you’re amazing” / *that lip thing Brandon does* / “and kind” / “and smart” / “and beautiful” / *Callie looks down and smiles* / lil cupcake / “and you deserve to have everything you want” / “don’t you?” / she KISSES him / I’m so overwhelmed / my heart is racing / this scENE KILLS / her hands are all up in his hair / she pulls away just to SMILE / their noses smush together / everything is beautiful in the world / they dance awkwardly next to each other a couple times / Callie watches him sleep / the entire fandom dies collectively.