Who calls who JoJo?
  • Kakyoin:Hi, I'm Kakyoin, and I'm with my JoJo, Jotaro. Now, I know his last name isn't Joestar, but he is part of the Joestar tree. And often I do let the name JoJo slip. Ok, more like on purpose. Because Jotaro HATES being called JoJo.
  • Caesar:Hey, my name is Caesar and my... JoJo, is Joseph. I call him Joseph, JoJo on occasion, when we're on friendly terms, which is only 10% of the time. Other than that his name is shit head, jerk, or fucker.
  • Dio:Hello, my name is Dio Brando and I'm with JoJo. The Original, Jonathan. As for the other two I never call JoJo by his name. Unless I'm pissed off at him, but usually I just like to torture him and make his life miserable.

Some Evil Queen AU!Ronya doodles, feat. her pet-faceless Blue (name wip lmao….), Ronya’s beloved kitten, @mekesari ‘s Mek, and Ronya’s blood-thirsty retainer, @zlosopher ‘s Brando. I doodled more of these lil scenarios, but didn’t clean any of them out yet… maybe in the near future! Really starting to dig this AU pfft.

I’m 50/50 about the scenario in the last picture(s)… Most likely the new queen has been assaulted by either her countrymen / enemies. Boiling water to the face, a more physical an assault, perhaps something to remind her of her past trauma – nonetheless, the verdict for violating a queen is and always will be death.

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the devil himself!! this asshole KICKED and BURNED his adoptive brother’s dog and then STOLE the dude’s body?? (i find it hilarious when people say dio’s body is beautiful!! like that’s not his!!)

he’s an awful father!! he let giorno’s mother live because he felt she was abusive?? what kind of reasoning is this?? i mean yeah giorno wouldn’t be here, but HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING THAT BOY INTO!! what a hypocrite?? 

what were his goals?? what was the point of all that bullshit he put jonathan through?? like his dad wasn’t paying for his shit and letting him stay in his house. he’s so ungrateful??

i hate him, his mullet, and his ugly antics! i bet he smells awful!
☆Starboogie Man☆ Mr. Funktaro & The Stardust Groovesaders
"Hello, I'm Mr. Funktaro. Would you like my stand [P-L-A-T-I-N-U-M-S-T-A-R-O-F-T-H-E-D-A-N-C-E-F-L-O-O-R] to save you from your non groovy life? Stardust Man...

Mr. Funktaro is here to save your non-groovy life.