Jojo: -cough- Well, that’s a bit complicated and…Dio says corny like in one of those cheesy romcoms I like watching.

The short version is that Dio’s friend Pucci resurrected me because, in his words, he’d never seen Dio miss anybody the way he missed me. I remember waking up in some field, soaked to the bone and very aware I wasn’t supposed to be alive.

When Dio approached me…I don’t know, I just felt compelled to hear him out. His apology was genuine. I can’t describe the relief I felt being able to be near him without having to fight. We didn’t uhhh get together immediately, that took some time and a lot of work overcoming our previous history. Dio was a faithful companion and dependable father to our son though. What can I really say? We fell in love eventually.

PS Dio cried when I proposed.