branding wood

I finished my runes!

This project took a LOT longer than I anticipated (the carving alone took about seven hours… I don’t even want to guess how long I spend on sanding), but I’m super pleased with how they came out.  

A big thank you to @systlin for talking with me about Norse stuff and motivating me to finally finish these.  :)

Recipe of the Day: Spring Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo
Hello, spring! While flowers might be in full bloom in one corner of the country, winter’s chill may still have its stubborn grip in your neck of the woods. Our brand-new, creamy-as-ever springtime alfredo meets halfway, pairing the rich vibes of comfort food with the crisp freshness of in-season spring produce. [recipe in bio]

“Well my lover she has kisses of brine
To me it tastes just like
w i n e
On land there’s a rope, awaiting my throat
And a box that’s made out of pine” 

- The Bad Things “Death of the Inferno”

ON THIS DAY September 5th, 1720: Woodes Rogers brands Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, & Mary Read as pirates.

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