branding iron,

Howdy, my name is Rawhide Kobayashi. I’m a 27 year old Japanese Japamerican (western culture fan for you foreigners). I brand and wrangle cattle on my ranch, and spend my days perfecting the craft and enjoying superior American passtimes. (Barbeque, Rodeo, Fireworks) I train with my branding iron every day, this superior weapon can permanently leave my ranch embled on a cattle’s hide because it is white-hot, and is vastly superior to any other method of livestock marking. I earned my branding license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day. I speak English fluently, both Texas and Oklahoma dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about American history and their cowboy code, which I follow 100% When I get my American visa, I am moving to Dallas to work in an oil field to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become a cattle wrangler for the Double Cross Ranch or an oil rig operator for Exxon-Mobil! I own several cowboy hats, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to America, so I can fit in easier. I rebel against my elders and seniors and speak English as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond. Wish me luck in America!


This identity I did for the first Destiny crucible tournament in Russia. I wanted to create something that have a vintage look, inspired by the old soviet space exploration posters.

PS: a small update, logos of all the teams.

2nd August, Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

The Romani genocide/holocaust, also known as Samudaripen, was the planned and attempted effort, during World War II by the government of Nazi Germany and its allies to exterminate the Romani people of Europe. 

Roma were branded with hot irons, women had their ears cut off and they made us wear a brown inverted triangle to distinguish us from the others. We were persecuted, deported to concentration camps, tortured, murdered, used us as human subjects for perverted experiments, thrown in specific “Gypsy Ghettos” because the Germans wanted “.. to toss in the Ghetto everything that is characteristically dirty, shabby, bizarre, of which one ought to be frightened, and which anyway has to be destroyed. and much more.

The Nazis even implemented an Eugenics research program, which had the purpose of “proving” that Romani people were an “inferior race” which was why Nazi scientists traveled within Nazi occupied Europe documenting the Romani communities. Roma were forced to undergo DNA tests and something similar to the “one drop rule” was applied – even if you only had a rather small insignificant % of Romani blood you were still seen as Romani and persecuted.

No one knows how many Roma actually survived this horror, since no one ever bothered to list the victims or survivors. A lot of historians were (and still are) very biased against Romani people so it’s especially hard to get clear numbers. Some historians estimate that the number of Romani victims lies between 220,000 to 500,000 and that is not true. The real death toll is as high as 1.5 million to +2 million. Up to 90% of Europe’s Romani population was exterminated by the Nazis.

The Romani Holocaust ended in 1945, yet it took until 1982 (37 years later) for it to be formally “recognizedthat a genocide has been committed, and even then it was only recognized by Germany. An apology to the Romani has never been received. The German government paid war reparations to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust but not to the Romani. The Interior Ministry of Wuerttemberg argued that “Romanis were persecuted under the Nazis not for any racial reasons but because of an asocial and criminal record.” when that is clearly not true and there are countless of articles proving this statement wrong. 

The Roma who survived the Holocaust were regularly accused of lying about their experience and were denied any help or recognition. It was not until the 1990s that Romani who had suffered the concentration camps were entitled to apply for proper compensation.

Roma have been killed because of the Nazi’s racism, traditional anti-Romani attitudes and a mixture of prejudice towards Romani people – we were defined “enemies of the race-based state”. Yet this is still continually erased from the history books or barely even worth a footnote. 

European countries continue to make no or insufficient mention of the Roma victims in their official position regarding the Holocaust when they should put some effort on making the Roma genocide widely known and recognized to serve as a counter force to the increasingly violent rhetoric and action against Roma because of them and through them.

Please read, spread and remember this. This history should not be swept under the carpet or forgotten. Please also respect that this day is not about all Holocaust victims like 27th January. It’s specifically about the Romani Holocaust victims who continue to get excluded from the topic of the Holocaust/WWII even 72 years after this horror ended. The reason why 2nd August was picked as the date is also exclusively related to the Romani victims and has something to do with the Romani Day of Resistance.

You assholes never send me music asks.
  • Alabama Shakes: Favorite female lead?
  • Arctic Monkeys: Favorite male lead?
  • Ben Howard: An album that reminds you of your favorite season?
  • Bon Iver: An album you could listen to on repeat for years?
  • Bastille: A song that brings back bad memories?
  • The Beatles: An artist you think is overrated?
  • Coldplay: A band you used to love but never listen to anymore?
  • Daft Punk: Favorite instrumental (no vocals) song?
  • Dawes: A genre of music you absolutely cannot stand?
  • Electric Light Orchestra: Favorite song to help you cheer up?
  • Elliot Smith: Favorite song to listen to when you're sad?
  • Evanesence: Ever done drugs and listened to music?
  • Fun.: Put your music on shuffle and list the first three.
  • Fall Out Boy: First album you fell in love with?
  • Green Day: A song that makes you feel rebellious?
  • George Ezra: A song that reminds you of a past lover?
  • Genesis: A band that your parents always played when you were little?
  • Hozier: Favorite brand new artist?
  • Iron & Wine?: What song would you want to be played at your wedding?"
  • Imagine Dragons: What song would you want played at your funeral?
  • Jack Johnson: A song you heard in a movie and fell in love with?
  • Joy Division: Your least favorite album by your favorite band?
  • The Killers: Name your top three songs of all time.
  • Linkin Park: Suggest a band you think I might like.
  • Led Zeppelin: Favorite album art?
  • Muse: Craziest music video you've ever seen?
  • Mumford & Sons: Favorite cover version of a song you love?
  • The National: A song you sing in the shower?
  • Nathaniel Rateliff: A song that never fails to make you emotional?
  • One Direction: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
  • Pink Floyd: You can go back in time to see any band you want. Who would it be?
  • Queen: You can meet any band member, living or dead, and hang out with them for 24 hours. Who would it be?
  • Radiohead: Favorite concert you've ever been to (or a band you want to see live).
  • Rihanna: A musician you respect, even if you might not like their music?
  • Roo Panes: Favorite acoustic version of a song?
  • Simon & Garfunkel: Favorite album movie? (Ex. Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Help!, The Graduate)
  • Skrillex: What's the strangest song you have on your Ipod right now?
  • Tame Impala: A band none of your friends listen to?
  • Taylor Swift: Name that one artist that literally makes you so angry you're willing to throw the damn radio right out the window to make it stop.
  • U2: A song or album that somehow got onto your Ipod but you have no idea where it came from??? Weird.
  • The Vaccines: What are your favorite lyrics? Quote them for me. Do they mean something special to you?
  • Vampire Weekend: A band or artist you follow on Twitter?
  • Vance Joy: An artist where you can never tell what the hell they're singing?
  • Weezer: Favorite oldschool band?
  • The xx: A genre/band you've been getting into that you never thought you would enjoy?

i hear a lot about how being gay shouldn’t be “defining” of who i am and i wonder about that. i’m told by straight people that they don’t endlessly shove it in my face, that their personality isn’t defined by it.

maybe they’re right. maybe i’m sensitive. every movie every ad every tv  - hey, maybe they’re the “good” kind of gay, that they appear clean, that they kiss and don’t tell, that they spend pride hiding.

maybe they’re right. maybe i would have been fine if i had just liked guys. if i hadn’t crushed myself into pieces trying to figure out the why of it, why i couldn’t just roll over and be done with it. maybe i’m weak and my personality fluctuated too easy: too many hey look at me you fucking gays too many stares and whispers too many “acceptance” speeches about threesomes too many times i bit my tongue and tried to swallow it. 

it’s interesting. if someone says “i was bullied, and it changed me, and now it’s part of my personality,” we understand that. i know this because i was bullied. sometimes i think i was deserving - i was mean, ugly, dressed messy. when i tell people i often get genuine pity, i get people comforting me. of course i’m shy. look at what happened when i tried to be friendly.

but when i say “i like girls and it’s a huge part of who i am” people roll their eyes. something so small! they wonder. so inconsequential. and i wonder what that’s like, to not have something like your own love ever challenged or questioned - to have something that’s major to me be barely a note in your life.

“i’m queer,” i say, reclaiming the word they used against me, using this thing that has weight and was once used to strike me, carrying with it a community full of bloody history, outing myself in a moment of bravery - using it as a branding iron, a red light in a dark room. 

she rolls her eyes. “but what else are you?”

unconventional things you can do to feel good:
  • listen to any of these songs through a pair of earbuds, turn the volume up, and get down bb. shake ya booty. throw your hands up. get your groove on in the mirror and give no fucks for 3 whole minutes [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • wear a matching set of lingerie or fun, festive boxers (you know the superhero boxers with the capes attatched? those ones) 

  • shave. your legs, your face, your armpits, shave it all off 

  • curl your lashes. you don’t even have to put on mascara. sometimes it’s the little things you learn to appreciate about yourselves 

  • pay for the customer behind you. it’s just something nice you can do while getting coffee. the customer behind you will appreciate it a lot and making others happy tends to make you feel happy too

  • make your bed- but not in the cleaning way. got a super nice matching pillowcase/sheet set? go put that shit on and make your bed feel comfy as possible. throw on all your stuffed animals and lay in one big cuddle puddle. bonus points for taking all the pillows in the house

  • power poses dude. do them! stand with your hands on your hips and chin up high! or if you’re sitting down, spread your legs out wide. make yourself look big. this one usually helps me feel more confident 

  • invite friends over for dinner. make the dinner together. even if you fuck up and it turns out burnt to a crisp and totally inedible, it’s gonna be super fun to make! (you can buy a cheap frozen pizza as a backup ahead of time)

  • change your hair up. cut it. dye it. curl it. crimp it. gel it. shave it if you’re daring enough! temporary dyes are always fun to play with if your hair is light enough. if not, find all the hair clips and pins in the house and stick them on ya! bonus points for going out to the McDonald’s drive thru with friends looking like that. It’ll be a fun time for you and your cashier

  • send your followers nice anons and then look back to see how happy they were to get it! this one is always super nice for everyone 

  • for those of you with longer nails: sharpen them. file them so that they look like cat claws and start ripping paper or drag them along your skin. it feels super weird but in a nice, ticklish way

  • teach yourself how to wink. smooch the mirror after putting on a bright shade of lipstick. twerk it. just have fun and be silly

  • get an eyeshadow palette (something cheaper) and make your brows look THICC. I mean HUGE and DARK. wiggle them in the mirror and take some funny selfies or snaps. send them to your crush and see what they say 

  • go to a thrift store with $10 and see what neat thing you can find! you can treat yourself with a brand new curling iron, clothes, a new blender, or even a fucking COUCH for just $10 if you go to your local goodwill. just go off and venture! you never know what cool items you’ll find and you won’t feel bad about getting it when it costs little to nothing

  • go to a plant nursery and pick up a few nice house plants. I bought 3 nice house plants for just 9 bucks when I was sad one day and now I have a bunch of fresh herbs that make my room smell awesome 

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

acoustic JAMZ

someone messaged me and asked me about my favorite acoustic versions of songs and i thought it would make a good post so here we go! i don’t typically listen to acoustic versions of songs because i usually like heavy music, but i have a few standouts that i can think of so i thought i’d share them with you guys!

click here for a youtube playlist!

i’m gonna break this into two (2!) categories, acoustic versions by the original artist and acoustic covers

original artist:

1. front porch sunrise (acoustic) - forever came calling

2. acoustic songs - real friends (this is an album and it’s p good)

3. jim bogart - the front bottoms (acoustic version by brian sella) 

4. jude law and a semester abroad (acoustic) - brand new


1. such great heights - the postal service (acoustic cover by iron and wine)

2. radio - lana del rey (acoustic cover by conan gray)

3. there for you - trove sivan and martin garrix (acoustic cover by caroline butler) (shameless plug of my own music)

4. new york, new york - frank sinatra (cover by dodie clark and thomas sanders)

(question from @coffeeeyes1015)

I was born on a child farm

by reddit user IamHowardMoxley

“There is no free will.”

Those are the first words I ever read. I woke to them every day for many years. They were written on a sign. The sign was hung above the opposite row of bunks in the Sleeping Barn. I have no memories from before the farm; I assumed I was born there.

None of the children there knew why we were here or where we came from…nobody even knew how long we had been at the farm. Some children aged. Some didn’t. I can’t remember much, but that’s what happens when you are not given too much to remember.

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Overnight Bread

So, this is a completely different approach to bread from my other bread recipe. It takes less physical effort/doing but requires two specific items to work.

A Dutch Oven

They’re heavy, and can sometimes be expensive although the Lodge (great cast iron brand) one that I linked to is like $40 on Amazon. I use mine all the time.

Large Glass Bowl 

Metal is reactive, so I personally don’t use it in my kitchen. Baking is chemistry and any variable we can cut out is one we want to.


  • 3 C flour
  • 1 1/2C water
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 2 tsp salt
  • splash of lemon juice

The yeast needs to be instant, however it’s not specifically necessary. You can leave it out if you don’t have any. However in colder climates, or if you want a lighter crumb (not as dense), you’ll want to add it.


Mix the water and flour in a glass bowl. Add in the yeast and lemon juice. Once that has been mixed, add the salt. If the salt is added right with the yeast it’ll kill the yeast.

Cover with a towel or cling wrap and leave it over night, or at least 8 hours. It can be left up to 10 or 11 hours but after that the yeast is usually spent.

When you’re ready to bake it, put the dutch oven in the oven and preheat to 450F for 1 hour. It’s not about getting the oven up to temp as much as it is about heating up the iron.

While it’s heating, remove the dough gently from the bowl onto a very floured surface. Gently fold in the sides to make a little ball (it’ll be a flatter ball). Set it on a floured piece of parchment paper and let it rise while the oven is heating.

Take out the dutch oven. Now it’s time to work somewhat quickly so the iron doesn’t cool too much. Put the dough inside, with the parchment paper, and replace the lid. 

Bake for 30 min at 450F, then remove the lid and bake an additional 15 min at 425F.

Let cool on a wire rack until it’s completely cooled. Slicing into a warm loaf ruins it.

Kick It Up A Notch

This is a great recipe for adding herbs. Mix them in with the flour and make a nice rosemary and thyme loaf.

Mixing in grains is another way to elevate this bread to something else. I like Bob Mill’s ancient grain mix. Just substitute ½ C of the flour. 

While it’s rising, adding nuts, grains or herbs to the top of the loaf, gives a great aesthetic.

Day 1.

I walk into my first shift as a veterinarian. My. First. Ever. Shift. My first ever shift as a vet and an emergency one at that (I also questioned why I decided to make being a new grad harder for myself). I walk in wearing my brand new, freshly ironed scrubs with my stethoscope hanging around my neck, my new name tag pinned perfectly on my top depicting that “yes, I am a doctor now” (despite the fact I do not feel like one) and my Mini Vet Guide tucked securely in my left pocket. I spent a majority of the day studying (read: freaking out followed by spending 3 hours laying in my bath reflecting on why I stupidly decided to become a vet), with a feeling of absolute and utter raw fear building in the bottom of my stomach. To say I was petrified was an understatement.

“Your first consult is here”, says the vet on shift with me. I swear if there were ECG leads hooked up to me in that moment, the trace would depict a sudden surge of tachycardia (on top of my pre-existing, anxiety induced tachycardia). I stare blankly at the computer screen, the consult note says “acute onset vomiting and diarrhoea”. In that moment, everything I know about vomiting and diarrhoea vanishes. Great. All I want to do is run. 

I walk out to the waiting room. “Hello, my name is Olivia and I am one of the emergency vets, I believe your little one isn’t well”. Introducing myself for the first time as a veterinarian to a client and patient has got to be the most surreal experience. I still sometimes feel like I am still a student in first year, learning the basics of anatomy and physiology. I still cannot believe that I have made it through those 6 grueling years and am standing here today in front of my first patient. 

I get a thorough history, perform my physical examination and explain to the owners that I am going to grab a blood pressure and temperature in the treatment room. I walk out the back, my patient in my arms, and feel like I am in another world. It is up to me to decide what to do with this sweet little dog. I have to decide if I want to admit to hospital, what to treat with and what the plan is going to be. It is all on me. I finally decide on my treatment plan, and it is announced that my second consult is waiting - a dog with a fishhook in his leg. Onto the next one. 

I have been thrown into the deep end working in emergency. I feel as though I am doggy paddling my way through it. I ask a heap of silly questions, I second guess myself constantly,  I do dose calculations 4-5 times just to be sure that I am not under or over dosing a patient. I constantly run my treatment plans past someone more senior. All I want to do, is the best I can for my patients. 

I survived day 1. I am now at day 22 and am still surviving. 

How the women's division has evolved

It started with:

• The brand of the division being called the Divas Division

• Women competing in bra and panties matches, evening gown matches, gravy bowl matches, eggnog matches, bunny matches, pillow fights, lingerie matches, bikini contests, and water balloon fights

• The era of the original Women’s Championship

• The retirement of the Women’s Championship and era of the Divas Championship

• The programming of Total Divas

Fast forward to 2016/2017 and we have:

• The retirement of the Divas Championship and birth of the new Women’s Championship

• Women no longer being called Divas and simply being called Superstars

• Smackdown women having their own Women’s Championship and all being involved in their storylines and being given decent screentime

• Women headlining and main eventing pay per views and their perspective brands

• Women competing in Iron Man matches, HIAC matches, steel cage matches, tables matches, ladder matches, No Disqualification matches, Falls Count Anywhere matches, Last Woman standing matches, and gauntlet matches

• A Netflix series inspired by women’s wrestling called GLOW

• The Mae Young Classic

And there is still so much more to come! There is still so much for the women of WWE to do! Let’s keep the revolution coming! May the progress continue!