Name: Anything Goes Apparel / Martyn Brown Illustration


Description: ‘Flipped’ design for Anything Goes Apparel. Brand new summer range featuring this design and more available now!

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Takeo Calendar & Diary 2015 —‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ by Shine Visual Studio /

Takeo is a paper company that believes that all works of artistic creativity begin with the blank slate we call paper.

Every year Takeo gives away a gift set to their clients, and for the year of the sheep 2015, it came in the form of a diary calendar. The design introduces the aspect of the sheep year using the age-old “Baa Baa Black Sheep” nursery rhyme as a basis.

The lyrics are brought to life through abstract designs according to an artist’s interpretation, creating a compilation that includes a set of Chinese New Year Red Packets with good wishes and a diary calendar. A fusion of Western elements and Asian influences to usher in a new year.


SKY+ デジタル - Make Love Tonight\

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It’s almost 5 A.M. and I finally decided on a personal logo! As you all know (or may not know at all), I’ve been doing several freelance graphic design work: mostly magazine layouts, publication materials, and logo designs–but I haven’t really established a ‘personal touch’ to my works. A few months back during a school presentation for a campaign where I did all of the graphics, a classmate of mine pointed out that my designs don’t have an identity to them. So, I decided to brush up a little on creative design, and I found this very informative article on Personal Branding, which is why I’ve been racking my brain as of late for logo ideas. I’m not really a design veteran, but better start early, right? 

Basically, I wanted my logo to be as minimal as possible, which reflects my style and love for minimalism, and I wanted it to have a ‘creative mess’ feel, which is also why I decided to apply blotches of gray watercolor. As for my chosen palette, I’m still not that convinced with #3A3A3B (gray) and #F56F57 (salmon), but for now it’ll suffice since it’s my current favorite color combination. Aaaand, is it just me or is gray complementary to every color there is? I think it looks good with everything! But also kinda want some mustard and gray lovin’–what do you think? 

Side note: If any of you guys need any help with creating your own personal logos, do hit me up! Comments and suggestions are also very much appreciated! 

(Now that it’s over and done with, I really need to get some sleep, lol.)

Cowboy Verve by Todd Klassy
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A cowboy and his horse pull a calf from the corral to be branded on a ranch near Cleveland, Montana. ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>blog</a> ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>facebook</a> ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>twitter</a> ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>website</a> ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>youtube</a> ▪ my <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>e-mail</a> © 2015 Todd Klassy. All Rights Reserved.


Little Goldie Branding by Belinda Love Lee

Little Goldie is a one stop shop for all of your one of a kind, crafted, children’s toys and decoration. Sonali, the shop owner, and I worked with the key words of fun, imaginative, timeless and whimsical to create the overall Little Goldie branding. And I must say I think we’ve achieved quite a cute and stunning little set!

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50 Tacos Branding and Interior Design by Estudio Yeyé

“50 combinations of tacos will show the variety of our gastronomy and culture, seeking a branding that will represent the contemporary Mexican folklore in different ways, leaving behind the typical Mexican stereotypes of hats and cactus, and really show what we see in the streets of our country.”

Estudio Yeyé - Killing Helvetica with a machete since 2010. Based in  Chihuahua, Mexico, Estudio Yeyé is focused on graphic design, branding, print design and illustration.

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