So I have made the decision!

I will no longer have separate blogs devoted to different fandoms!

I used to do this so people could easily follow a blog with what they are currently into…

Although, now that I am’s a bit hard to put a bunch of different names on a business card! I have chosen my blog BLK-L to change to UltiMaL (or ulti-mal in some form) I will no longer be active on any other blog but this one.

I will always have those blogs up though for the past art to remain there!

Please excuse while I slowly start to change things over to this new brand name :3

This will also mean this will not be a Voltron only blog and I will be posting anything on here.  Which can be good or bad news for some of you  So I understand if you want to unfollow :3

But Voltron is what I will be mainly drawing at the moment

When I get into a fandom, I fall head first

So if you were already following BLK-L you are now following ulti-mal!

“UltiMaL, The Ultimate MaL Experience”  -Mr. Voltron Romance

Please help me reblog to let other knows “who the hell ulti-mal is and why am I following them xD

Thank you so much for your support!!