Design studio A Friend Of Mine has created the dentity and packaging for Bibelot, a specialty bakery in Melbourne. Contrasting the monochrome tile patterns with bright colours, really makes the identity pop. 

One Directions Brand, Brand Colour and OTRA

Ok so first I’m gonna do a quick run down of One Directions use of colour in their brand.

The basic palette is pretty simple: White, Red, Black

This however changed into just White and Black recently, they don’t use red as a primary brand colour anymore. I did a palette of all the album covers plus Drag Me Down to illustrate this. Note that the palette is not for the image itself (corporate imagery is a whole other post in itself) but for the logo and typography on top of the images.

So they started out with red, black and white then went to red and white and are now monochrome with black and white primarily

Now for the Merchandise it’s also mostly red/white/black with the exception of the perfumes who have their own colour palette. This is partially because perfume packaging tends to be in pastel colours and also because their target audience for perfumes is girls and perfume for girls apparently must always have pink packaging or else they wont buy it (buh outdated gender roles and lazy marketing). But what you can see is that the shades of pink they are using are becoming less pink and more peachy. Between Us is a peach as opposed to pink and I’m liking it! It seems more mature and serious compared to the other ones.

Then we had action1D in wich they had to adapt to the main organisation action2015 which they did very cleverly. They had to adhere to action2015′s guidelines (click on the link to see the guidelines)  and just add the 1D logo. It works well for them.

This Is Us was also a special thing that came with it’s own promo and campaign and they substituted the white with a beige in the designs. I personally thought it was a bit too much, but then I like the less is more approach.

Ok onto my favourite part of this post and that is the tour design! 

My favourite thing One Direction has done design wise is the OTRA Tour art direction. The colour scheme is so on point. And the entire thing was directed by Studio Moross with Kate Moross leading the charge. A pretty popular design blog called It’s Nice That even had a post about it, you can find it here. So needless to say that if design blogs are posting about it it’s quality material! You can see that the colour scheme for UAN, TMH and WWA are all kind of the same as the brand colours. And then BAM comes in OTRA and kills them all. The OTRA art direction and design is kinda like the Drag Me Down of 1D tours if you’re looking at it as a graphic designer.

So in summary it’s looking very good for the future of 1D brand colour wise! Excited to see what they do with that next. I’m thinking album five will be black and white primarily like four and they will add some colour via images/photos. 

Next is Merchandise from UAN to OTRA