Møller/Barnekow by Rasmus Erixon & Tobias Möller / Béhance

Møller/Barnekow is a fictional well-established sandwich bar that for many years have been offering high quality sandwiches and salads with locally produced ingredients. They have now chosen to expand their range, and will offer high quality wraps. To buy a wrap in folded paper easily gets messy and greasy and is hard to eat in a simple way. Møller/Barnekows packaging for wraps is easy to open, carry with you and eat from it on the go.


SUPERSEX420 - careful

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50 Tacos Branding and Interior Design by Estudio Yeyé

“50 combinations of tacos will show the variety of our gastronomy and culture, seeking a branding that will represent the contemporary Mexican folklore in different ways, leaving behind the typical Mexican stereotypes of hats and cactus, and really show what we see in the streets of our country.”

Estudio Yeyé - Killing Helvetica with a machete since 2010. Based in  Chihuahua, Mexico, Estudio Yeyé is focused on graphic design, branding, print design and illustration.

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