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Do you think he likes his new Solar Branding?
I love the look in the eyes of @unclefatty666. It warms my heart. I Love the Blessing of doing this Work and the people I get to Sit Under The Sun with.
I hand-drew this design directly on Matt at the Hell City Tattoo Convention @hell_city in Phoenix, the best damned tattoo convention I’ve been to yet.
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La Botería es un local oscense con mucha historia en su interior.
Un lugar emblemático que tras más de 100 años cerró sus puertas en el año 2013. Dos años más tarde reabrió sus puertas sustituyendo las botas de vino por las botellas de albariño, las gambas o las ostras, entre otros. Una tapería gallega que, a pesar de todos los cambios en el interior, mantuvo la fachada centenaria y el nombre del local. Es por este motivo, el contraste de lo antiguo y lo nuevo, por el que nos decantamos por realizar una identidad que fusionase estos dos conceptos (bota vino + producto fresco gallego).
Con el mismo objetivo, para acompañar a la identidad de esta tapería, creamos el tagline “Bo Provecho” en el que mezclamos el gallego con el castellano (bo proveito + buen provecho).

La Botería is a place from Huesca with many history in its interior. An emblematic place that after more than 100 years closed its doors in the year 2013. Two years later re-opened its doors replacing the wine boots with the bottles of albariño (typical Galician wine), shrimps or the oysters, between others. A Galician tapería that, in spite of all the changes inside, maintained the centenary front and the name of the place. It is for this motive, the contrast of the ancient thing and the new thing, for which we praise ourselves for realizing an identity that was fusing these two concepts (wine bottle + Galician fresh product).
With the same target, to accompany to their dentity of this tapería, we create the tagline “Bo Provecho” in which we mix the Galician language with spanish (bo proveito + good profit)


Google’s new logo

It’s biggest update in 16 years, Google has rolled out a new logo, animation and scalable typeface. I’m personally digging the new look, it’s modern and fresh. What do you guys think?


Personal Business Cards Design by Kristina Nikaj

“The idea was born in Italy, where 90% of advertising agencies are doing only unpaid internships to young people released from design universities.”

Kristina Nikaj is a graphic designer based in Perugia, Italy. She is focused on graphic design, branding, art direction and print design. She’s a passionate traveler who loves cooking, but most of all, eating.