Added the second ask just because i did the Caddy one, For future reference, suggesting multiple ones is Okay, but try to limit to 2 or 3 because it gets a little hard to manage.

On another news, The zombie girl is now named “Brandine”, mostly because it sounds a little like “Brain Dinner”, tough don’t worry, she doesn’t eat brains.

yoojuung  asked:

hey, i was wondering if you could help me out a little?? how do you make your gifs so sharp and hd? whenever i make gifs they never seem to look as crisp as yours do, even if i use a full hd video. it's especially difficult with videos from music shows, i can just never get them looking very good, so if u don't mind could you share some tips with me??

sure sweetie. i’ve been there already orz giffing music videos can be a pain in the ass sometimes ugh!! i use avisynth, here are the links + tutorial + annoyingly sexy brandinator’s voice. my gifs are “crispy” or “hd” because of its plugins. most of the times i don’t use any sharpen on photoshop, so i just use debilinear (one of the avisynth plugins) and topaz clean or denoise sometimes. if you need to know anything more don’t worry and just ask me okay? i hope i helped you <3

anonymous asked:

hey, so can you give me a lil help with avisynth? how do you gif a specific part? like the brandinator tutorial only shows how to work with the first 17 seconds of the video, but the part i want to gif is around 50-60 seconds and it'd take a lot of time to load all that in the resizer. pretty much my question is: how do you set up start and end time?

what i do is that i use vlc to record the segment i want to gif (which is like cutting it down to about 10 secs instead of doing the whole 3+ min performance), and then put that through avisynth instead.

i believe in the same tutorial, he also pointed out that you can trim what you want by putting values under trim (x,x). at the bottom, there is a slider thing when you open the code where you can see your video and you can toggle that to see which frames you like to use. after you do trim (x,x), you need to put the same values in an empty space to make sure that the program will catch that you want that scene to be converted to avi only. if not, it’ll just convert the entire cut which u definitely don’t want.

- topford