topford replied to your post “i love your gifs so much oh my god what are your sharpening settings…”

omg how do you put extra sharpening on avisynth?? i try doing that and it won’t work for me ;u;

aw, damn! i really have no idea why it’s not functioning for you, but I have a friend who can’t make the extra sharpening work as well :c I have no idea why it does this, mine works just fine. sorry i couldn’t help!! :< 

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your favourite gpx makers? and gif makers? :)

gpx - @monoka, @taenuts, @cytaoplasm, @jonginism, @chanyeollipop

gif - @brandinator, @taendelion, @suhocean, @waltzsofa, @taenine, @seolangel, @sebaeked, @chanys, @lawlliets, @1krystaljung, @seuhgi, @sowonis, @jngn-km.. honestly there are so many fav gif makers most of the people i follow make beautiful gifs i could spend the whole night mentioning them but im lazy rn lmao so check my blogroll c:


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Hi, this may seem like a weird question but can I ask how you got that gliding effect on your mama gif set? I don't know how to explain it but I've seen it on a few other gif sets now and I was wondering how to get it.

helloooo :) it’s ok anon!

to semi-quote my friend, Ricelord Rie (aka @seunghunny ), the gif looks nice because of two things: the quality of the video and the avisynth method. the other 10% is your coloring.

so basically, get yourself an interlaced video: 1080i or upwards (from a torrent, not youtube) and then avisynth your way through it. avisynth can be a little tricky and you’ll have to download a few extra things besides your usual photoshop, but it’s worth it. just head over to the avisynth master @brandinator he has super cool tutorials and is the nicest ;c

u can also go to Rie since she has more experience with avisynth and her gifs are amazing so i’m sure she’ll have more tips for you :) i hope you can successfully delve into this anon ❤

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stop talking about avisynth pls. bcs of you now everyone knows about and all gifs look the same.

and how this is my fault??? you wanted me to be like some people who pretend they don’t use it??? plus, brandinator always helped everyone who asks about avisynth, it’s HIS thing to begin with, if he didn’t want people to use it then he would shut his mouth and wouldn’t help anyone. i’m sorry if i’m not selfish and couldn’t care less if everybody is using avisynth now. i, as his friend, think it’s great to see how big his thing became even some people don’t appreciate his efforts enough. and btw i see so many people using avisynth and still standing out for making different gifs. it’s up to you if you want your gifs to look the same or not, and honestly none of this is my business, i just do what i think it’s the right thing to do lmao have a nice day