zero drafts+art

in the writing workshop i took during this past summer (2011), i learned about zero drafts and they changed my life. i am such a perfectionist and perfectionism mixed in with general “blech"ness is a godawful mixture. it prevents me from doing a lot of things; in the pursuit of perfectionism and a fear of not producing THE BEST thing/piece/whatever, i just don’t do anything, and get really annoyed with myself. when there are layers of this self inertia, it is difficult to get started on anything.

so, zero drafts. zero drafts are messy "i don’t give a fuck what comes of this” stream of consciousness or a collection of words to help jump start writing projects. while some times it takes a few weeks for me to remember about the magical world of zero drafts, when i do, it is amazing!

tonight, i did something different and used the concept of zero drafts for my art! feeling a little insecure with my art (especially after seeing who else is working on the feminist cards project - what awesome artists!) and mixing that with my general “blech"ness, perfectionism, and crazy life in general, i have been freaking myself out all week about creating FUCKINGINCREDIBLE masterpieces. so tonight, i drank some coffee and did a zero draft with my art! i opened up a fresh page in my BIG sketchbook, and just started drawing and writing concept ideas i had for beth ditto, and wow, i think i actually created a rad as fuck concept that i need to clean up and get to working on.

i really like playing with symbolism, crazy colors, drips, and playfulness, and i think once i clean up the ideas i have and put them all together, this result will be rad as hell.

obviously, i am going to post all the stuff here!

check out two sketches i made for the beth ditto card here and here.

tomorrow, i am going to be on the lookout for a cool canvas for it! i have a couple of canvases in frames, which is what i am looking for with all three of the cards - but i am going to seek out some more. i love old frame and painting on top of weird paintings/images. i am also going to think about what colors to use, which will be determined upon find the right frame and canvas!

<3 b

check out the feminist playing cards kickstarter page and the homoground website!


“Courage” by brandi lee

This piece is titled “courage”. It is a 5” x 7” scratchboard! It is a scratched illustration and I really love it and I hope you will love it to. It is for when you are needing to get over some fears and you need some encouragement.

Cost $20+ $10 shipping within the US ($20 total) and $14 internationally ($ 34 total)