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Do What You Love, Love What You Do- A Workshop by Fashion Denver’s Brandi Shigley

I attended an amazing workshop entitled: “Do what you love, love what you do” and was inspired by the the people I met and things I learned.

Brandi Shigley was responsible for this gathering of aspiring entrepreneurs and she shared with us her own story of accomplishment through hard work and a positive can-do attitude.  Not to mention brilliance, style, personality and spunk.

Currently she owns and heads Fashion Denver, a boutique in the Golden Triangle district near the Denver Art Museum and Central Public Library.  Her business also provides consulting services like branding and web design to launch local artists, designers and aspiring retailers like myself.

Through workshops, events, markets and acumen for PR and media, Brandi fuels a local renaissance.  Showing us how we can both make money and enjoy a profession.

Although mostly a busy and sometimes packed seminar to attend, for my night an intimate group of three hopeful businesspeople shared their backgrounds and aspirations as well:

One of the participants, a former corporate lawyer, shared with us her story of how she had tried many paths in the legal profession, but could not find one that made her happy.  She had always sewn and had a problem finding yoga and workout wear that fit her style and body the way she wanted it to.  Like many now successful entrepreneurs, she took an issue she faced in her daily life and is working to turn it into a business…

We also got to hear from a young woman who had worked in Retail Merchandising all over Europe.  After studying in Italy during college she was able to secure work with Abercrombie & Fitch and several other clothing companies and set to opening stores for them in many exciting places.  Now she wants to sell clothes of her own design, using what she has learned from years of being an expert in why people buy.

We sat comfortably in the “Social Shopping” environment Brandi has set up at Fashion Denver.  Seated in an overstuffed couch, chaise lounge and upholstered club chair we relaxed casually around a coffee table overflowing with resources. 

From there we worked through Brandi’s printed and demonstrated curriculum while weaving our questions, backgrounds and own business ideas into the fabric of the content.

I left the workshop with a feeling that I could actually do what I have dreamed.  Like Brandi told us: “sometimes you just need someone else to tell you that you can do it."  She did that with this class and is doing a great thing by Denver in the process.

For anyone looking to start a business or just do what you love.  Brandi Shigley has a good idea how to get you started and I would recommend this class any day!

Fashion Denver: May 2011 First Friday Celebration of Spring

I rolled over to the Fashion Denver May 2011 First Friday Celebration hosted by Brandi Shigley earlier this month and had a lot of fun meeting new people and playing in the majesty of a Denver Spring evening.

Lot’s of Double Dutch was hopped while the sun was still shining:

External image

Above, Brandi spins the ropes while a Double Dutch Veteran shows us how it is done with tricks, spins and a lot of smiles.

Below, the master takes the ropes and prepares for Brandi to jump in:

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Later, with sunlight waning, some custom bicycles in the “chopper” style stopped by Fashion Denver.

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A young and hip family cruising the Spring evening on their way to the Santa Fe art district.

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Then we moved across the street to play so Four Square, I have posted a video here.

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As the night cooled and the Four Square came to an end we moved indoors, surrounded by local fashion and local fashion plates:

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A great experience, another great event by Brandi and a memory from Spring 2011!