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“It’s not about adding diversity for the sake of diversity, it’s about subtracting homogeneity for the sake of realism.”Mary Robinette Kowal

take it in your heart (high school au)

harry is new and awkward and louis is not new and popular and both share a passion for so-bad-they’re-good horror films

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kk lmfao i posted two of them already but here are more haha

Free People jumpsuit

ZARA tunic + Steve Madden platforms

ZARA sweater+ brandy melville skirt+Stuart Weitzman heels

Anthropologie pants + Steve Madden platforms (and random tube top)

H&M dress + Stuart Weitzman heels

H&M denim jacket + brandy melville skirt & halter top + Stuart Weitzman heels

J.Crew clunky shades

and here’s a picture of taylor so you know what i smell like lmfao AKA the perfume i got lmfaoooo

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Separate scenarios for Xanxus and Squalo where they end up engaged to the daughter of a boss of a much smaller family. She can't imagine why they're engaged and is honestly a little wary around them - turns out, she was one of the few people who was actually kind to him when he was younger - like before the Varia younger. Also turns out that the guy's the one hwo made sure that this was set up because he remembered that. Thanks!

Admin Adelheid

- Ummm… I think I enjoyed the Boss cameos a biiiittt too much XD.


“Really now, Xanxus. Just when are you going to get your act together and give me a grandchild?”

Xanxus grunted in irritation and favored the Ninth a pointed silence by gulping down another serving of brandy.

Timoteo sighed. “I’m not getting any younger, you know?”

The Varia Boss sighed in irritation, still refusing to move from his reclining position in the chair beside his father, his chin resting on one hand. “What are you hounding me for, old man? I’m not you fucking Decimo. If you’re going to pester anyone to give you brats then pester Sawada.”

“Now, now, Xanxus. It’s true that I’ve chosen Tsunayoshi as my heir. But you are my son. It would be nice to see you have a family before I die.”

“Shut the fuck up, old man; you’ll live forever.” Xanxus growled back getting tired of the conversation quickly. It was a good thing Coyote caught the old man’s attention or Xanxus would have probably begun shooting people at random. He caught Tsunayoshi’s coolly amused smirk from beside him and glared at the stupid brat. “Shut your face, mother fucking asshat.”

Of course Tsuna won’t be Tsuna if he cowered over the Varia Boss’ mild exasperation. Ten years in the Mafia had unfortunately hardened the stupid brat and his smirk only turned even more insufferable as he looked over at the man from his seat at the head of the table. “It’s just baby making, Xanxus. How hard can it be?”

God he missed the times when the kid still cowered in his presence. “Why don’t you take your own advice and go fuck yourself?”

“Unfortunately, doing that and reproducing just isn’t possible.” The brat replied with an amused laugh that was shadowed by the familiar shadow of sadness lurking beneath those golden eyes. “Besides. I have yet to find a woman who can survive the life we’re living.”

“You’re still worried about that?” Xanxus snorted, knowing full well what the Vongola Boss meant. Living by the Cosa Nostra was not easy. Having another person inducted into it would be akin to sentencing them to death. Being his consort will constantly put that person in harm’s way. And despite being hardened by the Mafia life for so many years Tsuna was not one to wish such a harsh life on anyone else. “Tch. Give it up. You’ll have to sacrifice somebody for the sake of the Vongola’s line sooner or later.”

“Perhaps Xan-chan just isn’t interested because he already has someone else in mind~?” Byakuran purred at the Varia Boss like a malicious cat, carefully averting the discussion from dangerous paths.

Xanxus shot him a deadly glare, his temper tiptoeing the edge of his tolerance as usual where Byakuran was concerned.


“Vongola Decimo!”

“Oh God he’s here again.”

Xanxus raised an eyebrow at Tsuna’s annoyed face as the Vongola Boss hid his frown behind a wine glass before gracing the man who had called out to him from outside the circle of their security a short but graceful nod and then ignoring him. “The hell was that about?”

“It’s just that annoying person over there.” Tsuna mumbled.

Xanxus glanced over towards the little commotion blocked off by the presence of all their right hand men effectively staving off the approach of random people to their table and saw one of the minor Mafia Bosses who have just recently been accepted into the Famiglia. He narrowed his eyes as he recognized the man and took another long drink to disguise it.

“This one’s been very persistent.” Dino elaborated, snickering behind his own wine glass. “Ever since his Famiglia’s been accepted into the alliance he’s been in every party the Vongola’s ever hosted, parading his daughters and sons in front of Tsuna.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time another Boss offers their kin as barter in an attempt to get more power within the Family.” Enma replied solemnly, swirling the brandy in his glass broodingly as he stared at the contents with almandine shaded eyes. “It’s fairly offensive that they would try to even get involved in the Vongola’s politics this early.”

“Are those his children behind him batting their lashes this way?” Byakuran smiled impishly as he peered over at the direction of the minor Mafia Boss in question who was still struggling to approach their table. A round number placed in a wide alcove partially covered by drapes of dark champagne. “Dear me is that his wife? Don’t tell me he got everything started by marrying into money because I seriously think he didn’t marry her for her looks.”

“His operation is fairly small, we used his Family before for transporting some goods through his territory,” Yuni said blinking wide at the minor Mafia Boss in question who was still trying to get Tsuna’s attention from beyond their circle of bodyguards, his smile betraying his desperation in doing so. “I heard someone is trying to take over his acquired assets and he’s losing them faster than he could blink.”

“Oh?” Enma looked up with raised brows, intrigued. “Even though he’s already allied with the Vongola?”

“Even the Vongola’s name won’t help him with a group like that,” Yuni answered as she calmly transferred another colorful macaroon on her plate, carefully not looking at anyone else at the table. “It seems this group is kind of… mysterious. They appeared overnight challenging everyone in that territory.”

“He can’t even handle that much?” Dino shook his head in surprise. “That’s just so… pathetic. But I understand why he wants your help now, Tsuna.”

“It’s not that I’m withholding my help,” Tsuna sighed in annoyance. “But the man’s a fool, proud and greedy. He doesn’t just want my help. He wants me to marry one of his daughters too. Apparently agreeing to help him would be viewed by his Family as a proposal of marriage. I could gave ignored it but he was stupid enough to spread the rumor around extensively.”

“It’s true,” Yuni nodded. “He’s doing it on purpose and it’s so widespread now that other minor Mafia Bosses are starting to swear minor alliances with him thinking he’s going to become the Vongola Decimo’s future father-in-law.”

“I see,” Enma nodded slowly before his eyes glowed in amusement. “He must have started it off as a bluff but it probably got so out of hand that now he’s bound by pride to make it true.”

“Pffft ha ha ha, what an idiot!” Dino laughed.

“This is ridiculous.” Xanxus sighed in a snarl and stood up from the table; fed up from the stupidity of it all. He had no more reason to stay now that their meeting was over.

“Xanxus, going already?” Timoteo pouted in disappointment. It wasn’t often that he got to see his son anymore. “We’re not done talking. I was about to introduce you to Coyote’s granddaughter.”

“Tell him to fuck off.” Xanxus snarled as he began to walk off, headed for the space Squalo had vacated in preparation of following him. “I’m not interested.”

As he removed himself from the safety of the Boss’ circle and again entered the mass of guests from the smaller Famiglia he passed by the man who had been calling out to Tsuna earlier. The eager look on the man’s face was a little nauseating and was easily ignored. It also didn’t help that his sons, daughters and his wife were wearing the same eager, desperate faces.

He walked close enough to whisper in the man’s ear as he passed him by.

“Scum.” Xanxus as he stopped beside the man for a second. “I heard you had a daughter for sale.”

The Varia Boss smirked as he saw the man pale and sweat like a pig from the corner of his eye.

“Bring her to me― the one you sired from your mistress― and I’ll make your problems go away.”

As he left Xanxus was conscious of the stare from the man that followed him as he made his way through the crowd that had parted for him readily.

“Heh,” Squalo laughed and smirked as he followed after his Boss, his senses already spread around them as his body prepared to keep the man safe. “So you’re finally ready?”

“I’ve been ready for a long time, Shitty Shark.” Xanxus replied. “Make sure Mammon gets the papers ready.”

“Yes, Boss.” Squalo smirked knowingly. “Now what?”

“Now we wait.” The Varia Boss replied. “I doubt we’ll have to wait long, though.”

It came as a shocking surprise when your father came to you with the proposition. Crying and in despair and begging on his knees even as your stepmother and step siblings looked on hatefully. You asked for a few days to think about it before you gave your consent. A moot point since you knew you would have no choice anyway.

You couldn’t believe this was happening despite your request that he allow you to live peacefully as a civilian. You’ve been the apple of your father’s eye since you were his child by a woman he had actually loved. Your mother who been killed when you were seven and even though no one talked about it you knew she had been killed under your stepmother’s orders.

You had half a mind to escape and run away but…

“Miss, you have a visitor. He says he’s your… fiancé.” The maid was shaking and wary as she said so. “Do you want me to call your father?”

“Is he wearing something like this on his body?” you asked as you showed the maid the pendant you were wearing. The Varia’s insignia seemingly a black hole between your fingers. A present your father had been told to give you as a sign of favor from your new fiancé.

“Y-yes, miss.”

“Then let him in.” you ordered, trying to subdue the trembling in your body. “And get him some drinks. The ones we reserve for Papa when he visits.”

“Yes, Miss.”

You waited for him to come to you in the parlor, stilling your trembling hands and knees and fighting against the uncertainty and fear for the future you had thought you would be able to control. The moment he stepped into your sight your heart stopped and froze for a second the moment you looked into his eyes. His sheer presence swept into the room and surrounded you in a possessive embrace.

This… was going to be your husband…?

He was staring at you so hard. It almost made you step back and shrink into yourself in an attempt to escape such an intense gaze…

But you were a Mafia don’s daughter. Illegitimate or not you were still Mafia-born.

“Please sit down,” you nodded to him gracefully, inviting him to sit, determined to be a proper hostess. Only now noticing that his arms were laden with packages. “My maid should be bringing drinks. Is your men outside? You can invite them in.”

“I came alone.” he replied gruffly, still staring at your face.

That stopped and surprised her. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“I heard you needed to think about the engagement?” he got right to the point.

“I…” you were taken aback by the fierceness in that one single question.

“You can’t refuse.”

“I… Excuse me?”

“I will not allow you to refuse!” Xanxus knew he sounded strange but he couldn’t stop himself. As soon as he heard from your father that you might refuse him he couldn’t pull back.


He’d waited too long. Planned too hard. Wanted too much… The lackeys he had dispensed to harass your father’s territory. The effort he took to circulate those rumors just to make sure they would all end up echoing on his side of society confident that your father would never take you to the Mafia gatherings to introduce you to the Bosses as a bargaining chip. He was not going let you screw things up by refusing him! Not when all he’d wanted… All he’d needed was you.

He dumped all the packages he was holding at your feet and some of the contents spilled out. Your eyes widened at the sight of jewelry, expensive shawls and handkerchiefs… Even the finest wine…

“What… What is all this?” What does this all mean?

He ignored her question. “You understand what kind of situation your father is in, don’t you?”

You looked up in surprise only to see him still focused on your face. It was as though he were trying to burn your face with his eyes.

Xanxus took a step closer when you looked away wanting to hold you. Cage you. He could barely hold himself back. He’d been waiting so long… He was not going to let you slip through his fingers when he was this close to having you.

“I know I was only fooling myself when I thought I had a choice. I knew when I told my father that I was thinking about the proposal that I was just delaying the inevitable. But before I give my formal consent let me ask you one thing.” you met his eyes head on. Resolve and curiosity mixing in a gaze Xanxus had only been able to dream about all these years. “Why me?”

Xanxus’ scowl trembled a little as his mind went back to that winter after he turned eight. When hunger had driven him to desperation and despair. When he dove into hell and stole food expecting to be ripped apart by demons but instead met an angel…

“Stop! I said stop hitting him!”

“But, Young Miss! He stole your food!”

“No! I gave it to him! Leave him alone! See? He even forgot the rest of it because you chased him away! Now leave him alone!”

“You could have your pick of any of the other heiresses in the Mafia that belong to much more influential and powerful Families.” You continued pouring out your confusion, wanting to make sense of it all so you could at least stop being afraid, effectively pulling him out of his reminiscences. Grounding him back to his long awaited reality. “Even my sisters are all good choices. At least they are all my father’s legitimate heirs. I’m nothing but the daughter of a mistress. I’m not even allowed to attend Mafia gatherings. So why me? Why me when I have nothing to offer you but myself?”

Xanxus gritted his teeth against the words. There’s no way he could tell you that he was the same street rat who stole your paninni when you were seven. The same street brat you had saved from a royal beating and then given all your food to.

No. He had worked hard to be worthy of you after all this time. He’ll never be able to bear it if you started looking down on him too.

“Tch, who knows?” Xanxus looked away, attempting to gather his composure once more. “I don’t have to have a reason.”

Your eyes widened at the bashfulness he was trying to cover up. Despite his gruff behavior and dangerous aura. You looked at the things on the floor and understood them for what they are.


“Fine. I’ll accept these. But promise me,” you whispered and Xanxus looked back at you and was surprised at the same smile that had saved him so many years before. “That you’ll tell me someday?”

That was not fair. How could he possibly refuse you when you start looking at him like that?

“Tch. Fine. Someday.”


Squalo stripped his shirt off as he entered his bedroom, dropping the bloody piece on the marble floor carelessly as he went straight for the bathroom to look at his new wound in the mirror.

“Tsk.” He glared at the blood he was losing, not even paying attention to the pain in his shoulder.

It wasn’t really the pain that rankled so much as the fact that he had been acting so goddamned carelessly tonight. All because he wanted to forget the wary look on your face every time he was around. Son of a fucking bitch. Xanxus was going to beat him up if he comes back to headquarters looking like this.

But it was worth it. He had risen to this level of greatness to make sure your father would come to him for help the moment he was cornered. He had dropped those hints throughout the years to the bastard that he was welcome to seek out his help when things got rough. He had done all that while finding ways to catch even a glimpse of you…

And then a few weeks ago his time had finally come. Your father came to him asking help to get rid of some nasty competition taking over his territory. A much larger Famiglia trying to expand. And since your father did not have much money he conveniently offered you to Squalo.

And he could barely rein in his eager acceptance.

You were the only person who didn’t laugh when he declared he would become the Sword Emperor someday. You didn’t know him from squat and didn’t even move in the same circles he did but… you had gone to school with him back in Mafia Academy. The deal was sealed when he found out you were the one resupplying his first aid kit back in school because you’ve noticed how he always came back injured from training. The only reason he found out was because fucking Xanxus caught you doing it once.

So when he asked Xanxus for a temporary leave from Varia to lend his sword to your father his shitty Boss only rolled his goddamn eyes and kicked him out of the fortress snarling something about not coming back without you.

Fucking bastard knew too much.

“…That looks nasty.”

Squalo didn’t have to turn around to see that you had entered his room and was looking at him through the bathroom door. And despite what he had told himself he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the sweet concern in your eyes and longing made him swallow hard.

Were you staring at the scars on his missing hand? What did you think of it? Did he disgust you? Did you think he was ugly? Oh why the fuck was he thinking like some idiot teenager?!

“Why are you still up?” he asked instead. His tone sharp and gruff. His honor telling him it was wrong to speak to you alone like this. Not when you were being forced to be with him. “Did your father send you?”

You said nothing and he looked up again. Your eyes made something twist in his chest and he resisted the urge to rub at it. Even after all these years just the sight of you made him feel pathetic.

And then he almost jumped when he felt your hesitant touch on his hair.

“I… It would be easier to fix your wounds if your hair was out of the way…” you muttered as you took off the band that held up your hair and tied his hair with it. Squalo didn’t think this day would come. It felt like a goddamn dream to stand this close to you. A dream he had been chasing all this time. “There. Sorry for intruding. Let me just―”

He didn’t know how but his control snapped and Squalo found himself pinning you against the bathroom door. He didn’t care that his blood was staining your nightgown. He didn’t care if you were looking up at him with such wide, frightened eyes…

All he could think about was finally being able to hold you. Finally. His dream had come true.

“Do I scare you?” he whispered. His voice hoarse. His silvery blue eyes tracing the soft curve of your cheek. Pressing his hard body against your softness and feeling dizzy at the pleasure of it all.

You swallowed hard, feeling as though your mouth had been stuffed with cotton. This man was strong. He had a reputation for ruthlessness and brutality that was infamous in the world you were born in. You were afraid but… those eyes… They made it hard to refuse him…

“I guess it doesn’t matter,” he muttered, lightly touching his lips to yours and closing his eyes at the sheer pleasure of it. “You will want me. I won’t let you have another choice…”

“I sat openly weeping this morning at London Heathrow airport with my American passport in my hand. I wasn’t the only one.

The people who took the time to comfort me with sympathetic smiles and pats on the shoulder were almost exclusively people of color and of a faith that Donald Trump suggests we ban from entering our country. I watched their affection for Evangeline and saw the beauty in the interaction and realized the gravity of this situation.

It’s not just the audacity of Donald Trump and all the ugliness that comes with him, it’s that so many of my neighbors - my brothers and sisters -are desensitized to the constant stream of hatred and ignorance we have heard come out of his mouth with our own ears! It’s not the hype my friends. It’s not just the media, I watched him say these things just like you did.

I feel tried and convicted. I instantly understand how in abstract ways pertaining to entertainment and complacency, I was a part of it - there is no us and them.

It felt like it would have been so easy in that moment to just take a few steps backward out of terminal 3 and catch the train back to London and look at renting a flat with my wife and the little woman we’re trying to raise to believe in the goodness of all gods creation. But I know what my role is now in this, I’m an American folk singer… and a gay woman, who’s a wife and the mother of a daughter and Christian who believes that for me it was a refugee that changed everything… an "illegal” even.

Nobody needs to be moving to Canada! We need to stay here and hold down the fort. We need to revive the music, activism and volunteer culture that we saw in response to the Vietnam war. But this time we’re responding to climate change that will devastate those living in poverty, we’re responding to fight mass incarceration, racial profiling and the family destroying deportations that our “country of immigrants” is on the verge of imposing on our brothers and sisters - “Building the wall” sums up what we’re heading into plain and simple - wake up! I know I’ve certainly been sleeping… have you?

I plan to dedicate myself for as long as it takes to advocate for children whose lives are being destroyed by conflict, racism and greed. Let’s seek out those with a mission statement, or make our own plan, but act now.

There is no moral justification for turning your back on the needy, it will always be and always has been a risk to do the right thing. We aren’t going to be scared into “extreme vetting” and “bans” that leave children to drown in the sea.

Tell your daughters that Hillary Clinton didn’t fail. No way forward was ever paved with a sweeping victory but with back breaking struggle and sober retrospect. History will hold her up and so should we.

I’m awake! I’ve been shaken by the apathy and I’m comforted by the promise that God still hears the cry of the poor no matter how many billionaire real estate/casino moguls we elect to lead us down the super highway of “prosperity”.

The gate is narrow - of course we didn’t win.

Few and mighty doesn’t even begin to describe the battle cry of a just cause based in love.

Fuck this!
What are we gonna do?

- Brandi Carlile


also full ootd from the other day, gap sweater brandy skirt, h&m belt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (30 dollars from 100+!!!)
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Don Lothario/Brandi Broke. I'm sending anon because I don't need hordes of angry Simmers out for my blood, as no one else seems to have gone there.

Brandi/Don: 6/10 

my first reaction to this was “no one has gone there and for good reason” but the more i think about it i can kinda see it? like as part of a scenario where Don has been dumped by all lovers and is in an extra vulnerable state, and one of Brandi’s kids get sick and Don is the doctor on call and they end up hitting it off? i mean thats a heartwarming christmas movie right there, hotshot sworn bachelor doc realizes the important things in life. but to really work u have to have like a middle part where he is led astray again b4 seeing the light and rushing to attend Beau’s baseball game. yea i can get behind this, a solid 6!